luminaire suspension OLED new generation by Selux

modern luminaire OLED suspension

When we think of decoration exhibition, we must never forget the importance of light. A luminaire suspension for example, can be a very original decoration and completely transform the atmosphere in a room.

By choosing light fixtures, you must think about the decor and design of the room but also to the ceiling if you opt for a luminaire suspension like the one you'll see in this article. This is a luminaire made using a new technology.

new generation OLED luminaire suspended by ART + COM and Selux suspension luminaire OLED deco

This luminaire suspension is just beautiful! It is a new generation luminaire suspension with OLED technology that really has nothing to do with LED technology. The texture that comes through Selux and ART + COM is named Manta Rhei because his movements reminiscent of the movements of the line on the bottom of the ocean. The frame consists of 140 small and thin like paper pieces arranged rectangular OLED modules which emit at any time a consistent light. They seem to float in the air and give the impression of movement. It's complicated but it works and it's beautiful. The luminaire is flexible suspension is adaptable - it can be extended as much as you want. And this is only the beginning, promises the producer - soon there will be a whole family of kinetic lighting. The future is here!

The luminaire design recalls the movement of a line on the bottom of the ocean suspension OLED luminaire lounge

This design lighting is perfect for a large living room or even a restaurant or bar Deco OLED lighting design

The luminaire suspension is modular and adaptable OLED lighting original design

The modern luminaire consists of 140 rectangular modules OLED lighting design Selux