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And to think that everyone thought to have been among the last witnesses have known what it was like an incandescent bulb! With the tide of LED, we had already got used to consign the incandescent bulb in a museum room, taking in a corner of his memory the school filament bulb of Edison, and all the materials testing that preceded the modern tungsten.

It seems also that a type of filament that still works in some of the early bulbs is made of bamboo fiber.

the return of the incandescent bulb

lamp filament industrial style

But the light bulb has not said its last word; The last few years a revolution in the design of the lighting, with the arrival in said lamp filament strength. This is relatively low consumption bulbs, between 30 and 60 watts all the same, like in form and in the path of the filament to the first attempts to produce artificial light.

various models

different filament lamps models

If you have already had the opportunity to see the inside of an old radio, or if you have a modern high-end amp, you are familiar with the design of transistors, and the complex structure that supports the filament. contemporary design filament lamps resemble to some of them, these transistors, with the reflective portion of the top of the bulb and less.

a transistor of air

Retail bulb filament

These lamps can be used in the form of suspensions or in the composition of a bright bunch, note that they are often used in small groups, and that their primary function is not so much light that provide an interesting development because that fits a modern, but rustic, vintage or industrial.

bouquet of light

incandescent bulb bouquet suspension

The cable used in the provision of an incandescent bulb Edison type, or filament lamp, must also follow the rule vintage, of course. It is for this purpose in the textile trade cable available in a variety of colors to heal the details until the end. See our photos.

elegant orange textile cableCable filament lamps baladeuse

for styles

incandescent bulb country style setup

classic reinvented

incandescent lighting kitchen

the additional lighting of the decor

incandescent bulb scale arrangement

for a contemporary style

incandescent lighting arrangement

or rustic, ranch-style

incandescent bulb arrangement ranch style

incandescent bulb arrangement rustic style

incandescent bulb chamber suspensions

incandescent bulb vintage style

Vintage design lighting

eclectic kitchen lighting

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