Gift original man for Christmas: lofts!

Christmas gift ideas men

This year, find an original gift for Christmas man enjoying these ideas and products quite interesting that we spotted on the web! We know you love your man and you want to make it a nice surprise for Christmas.

Yes, but ... as every year, you're struggling to pinpoint the ideal gift and you keep looking, again and again, until the time ahead so you start to panic you. In 2015, to say stop this bad habit and get ready for the party by making all your gift shopping ahead ... Okay, okay, if not all, at least those for your closest people, who ask also the most time.

Gift original man for Christmas: a mirror inspired by the Batman movies

gift ideas original mirrors man

In our selection of today we focused on four categories: gadgets ideas smartphone, objects for our (big) boys, gifts atterissant directly from space and kitchen fun accessories. You have to find what would correspond more to the taste of your man.

Gift Idea original man by Nerf Guns

Christmas gift idea for man

We start with the objects for big boys and this idea of ​​weapon Nerf Guns. Speaking to an adult audience, Nerve has developed a type of weapon blaster, powerful enough to shoot at a speed of 70m / h! It is easy to load and dsipose a working party to facilitate cleaning. She arrives home accompanied by 12 chargers that will be included in the price.

Gift original man for Christmas: the pen 6 in 1

Original design gift pen man

Among the ingenious objects of the same class, we also offer a pen James Bond which contains 6 different instruments. It can quickly become a stylus for touch screen, used as two kinds of screwdriver as spirit level, a ruler and, of course, as an ordinary pen!

Gift original man: a projector smartphone

Gift man-original-christmas-projector-smartphone

As usual in recent years, in the category of gadgets for smartphone, we find lots of interesting ideas. We stopped on this projector smartphone that can transform any room into a mini cinema room. Thanks to its small size, it is easy to carry and you can enjoy them wherever you like!

Original gift man paper airplane with RC

original idea-gift-christmas

What boy does not love playing with paper airplanes? Power Up is a clever system that lets you use a smartphone as a remote control for such an aircraft. And to say that things have not changed since our childhood!

Original gift man for Christmas lamp projector constellations

Men gifts original ideas

If your man is passionate about the space you have available to you full of creative opportunities for a Christmas gift. First, there are the different types of lamps and projectors that recreate a nightlife. They reproduce exactly the view of the starry sky in your living room or your bedroom.

Gift original man rotating globes of Mars, Titan, Moon and Earth

original Christmas gifts for man

If you do not want to bet on a lamp projector, why not try with a globe? But beware, not about to pick a globe of the Earth would be too traditional and friendly. Instead, select a globe with the constellations, a bedside lamp reproducing the Death Star or better yet, a globe from another planet: Mars, Titan and the Moon. To you to decide!

Original Man gift idea for the end of year festivities inspired Star Wars

star wars christmas gift original man

Finally, here's a gift idea for the category "kitchen accessories". If you have the chance to live with a man who loves to cook occasionally or who is willing to help you in preparing meals, why not reward him for his kindness by filling his Christmas present by the barbecue tongs, inspired sabers from Star Wars? Remember to look at the rest of our original gift ideas for Christmas man here:

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