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Heytens curtains – elegant, contemporary and practical

Heytens room yellow curtains

The curtains not only serve the practical purpose of protecting you from strong light or protect your privacy from the outside world. Curtains can and must also be elegant decorative elements that create a cozy atmosphere.

Heytens The company understands this and since 1974 Heytens curtains We offer interesting and contemporary models of original design.

Heytens elegant multicolored curtains

Heytens modern curtains elegants

With recognized expertise in the field of clothing, Haytens is a brand that offers decorative solutions for all types of windows - curtains, blinds, Japanese panels etc. The Heytens curtains are made from high quality materials that meet the personal needs of the company's customers. Haytens also offers customized models according to your wishes regarding color, material and style of your curtains. At Haytens you could have a consultation by decorators home, let samples to help you choose, taking measurements, delivery, installation and maintenance. Let's see some of their models:

Luxury curtains Heytens

Heytens curtains original design

living room decorated with modern curtains

Heytens curtains brown shades

contemporary curtains in red

curtains Heytens red elegants

Curtain design beige shade

curtain elegant beige shade Heytens

Curtain transparent brown for bedroom

curtain transparent brown shade

gray design curtains for the living room

contemporary design curtains Heytens

white curtains with red floral motifs

design curtains floral Heytens

modern and interesting Curtains

original design curtains interesting Heytens

curtains elegants Heytens grounds

Heytens linen curtains design

gray silk curtains Heytens

modern neutral shade curtains Heytens

curtains deco dining room Heytens

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