Subject design trend: the cinema projector lamp –

Subject design trend: the cinema projector lamp

buy a projector lamp interior industrial style cinema

Today we present you ideas decor with lighting design models and trend: cinema projector lamp and floor lamp tripod.

Both types of lamp tripod will allow you to create an original and full of character inside you inspiring images that we have selected for you!

Cinema Projector Lamp: decorating ideas in industrial style

industrial lamp cinema projector inside ideas

Currently, one can find several movie projector lamp styles: modern or vintage, classic size or small size. The most popular and most sought after models are those with a height between a meter and a meter and a half in silver, black and natural wood. powerful enough light sources, these lamps are characterized by a style combining modern and vintage elements. This is why they fit extremely well with several types of interiors.

Cinema projector lamp and modern decoration

projector lamps lounges modern furniture

The modern design of lounge is a first type of setting where the movie projector lamp can be used. There she is often asked in a corner, next to a chair or sofa, for example. The black color or metal lamp is particularly suited to modern living rooms in white, black and white or gray. To showcase your lamp in such a setting, we recommend you to free space around it as much as possible.

Contemporary decor and lamp projector cinema trend

lamp projector cinema lounges contemporary design

The design models of this type of lamp, such as those offered by Mojo living, can also decorate a contemporary space. The contemporary decor is characterized by more flexible lines and softer colors that the modern style, you could use a movie projector recent model which forms finer and more elegant than those of vintage lamps. We present an example of the cinema projector models on the image above.

Cinema projector lamp decoration and industrial and vintage style

lamp decor vintage projector leather lounges

The lamp vintage cinema, meanwhile, registered a very successful way is in industrial interiors and in rooms with a vintage touch, or in those decorated with bohemian chic. Given its size, this lamp easily turns into focus of such decor piece.

Scandinavian interior design with movie projector lamp

Deco lounge Scandinavian cinema projectors

This image offers a good example of decoration with a movie projector lamp in a Scandinavian design furniture. Note the wall of white painted bricks that highlights the beautiful forms of the black lamp. The big black box placed next to the lamp, and both black and white armchairs bring balance to the interior design, allowing to harmonize the cinema lamp with the other elements in the room. Finally, the geometric shape of the tripod echoes the patterns of Scandinavian carpet installed in the part of the room which makes room office room.

Tripod floor lamp vintage decoration and industrial fair

modern streetlights industrial decoration

The lamp stand is a design object whose shape is reminiscent in many respects, that of cinema projector lamp. Like the latter, it lumianire may be highlighted in an elegantly simple, at least, free of unnecessary objects. This type of fixture is made mostly of wood and metal, which makes it suitable for interiors in modern and contemporary style, as well as for Scandinavian minimalist design spaces.

Tripod design and modern living room lamp

lamps living room design modern furniture

This modern design room is a good illustration of how we can use the lamp wooden tripod. The white color of the lamp easily blends with the two areas in this large room. On one hand, this white lamp marries painting one wall of the room and matches the color of the columns and the small table end table. Moreover, it combines beautifully with the part of decorated living room with white furniture.

Decoration ideas with tripod floor lamp and lamp theater projector

decoration lamps tripod projector lamps vintage movie

Real design objects, the movie projector lamp and the tripod floor lamp offer opportunities for the creation of artistically decorated and full of character. Discover the collection of interiors decorated with these fixtures here:

Idea lamp modern cinema projector

cinema projector lamp contemporary exhibitions

contemporary lamp tripod projector lounge

contemporary lounges tripod projector lamps

Cinema Projector: decoration idea in industrial style

Deco cinema projectors ideas industrial interiors

Decorating Ideas with small cinema projector lamp

cinema projector lamp small design object vintage

modern design objects: black tripod floor lamp

modern design object lampposts black tripods

minimalist design object: the black cinema projector

Deco black cinema projectors object

Tripod projector lamp Design

design lamps modern lounges

vintage style tripod lamp

Tripod lamps modern decor vintage objects

Lamp projector cinema in vintage style and contemporary decor

Interior decoration lamp projector contemporary vintage

tripod and modern living room lamp

tripod lamp modern living room decoration

Tripod projector lamp and deco modern lounge

lamps and spotlights tripods modern lounges

modern office furniture lamps

lamp modern deco white lounges projectors

minimalist interior deco lamps

lamp decor industrial design cinema projector

lamp decor cinema projector black and white lounges

theater projector lamp decoration painted brick wall

lamp design blue wood lounges projector

decoration design studio lamps

Tripod floor lamp modern pictures room design

gray design lamps salons

Wood floor lamp deco design boho chic lounges

trépie lamps interior design

Deco cinema projector lamp black saloon

streetlights Deco cinema lounges

streetlights and spotlights inside home decoration idea

design lamps proejcteur design home decor ideas

lampposts and industrial design object decor

Scandinavian decor bathroom black lamps

indoor lighting fixtures vintage projectors

decor modern cinema lamp salons

interior lamps modern cinema projectors

how to decorate inside industrial style black lampposts

industrial decorative lamps and spotlights

Projector lamps and furniture Office lumianires vintage

interior industrial design modern fixtures

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