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Wearing clothes: dare to expose your pretty clothes

wearing apparel space saving idea suspension

Arrange a small apartment or a small room is not always obvious. Have a nice cabinet can be practical, but sometimes cumbersome. What best solution for storing these clothes?

We have the answer: wearing clothes. A small price and easy to manufacture, it invites the interior to maximize space and to expose your pretty clothes. Check out our gallery of interiors furnished with a bearing in a modern, minimalist style.

Wearing wooden clothes with two shelves

storage idea garment bearing chamber

When you shop, you do not think too much of the fact that the clothes are exposed. In this way, they are highlighted and our attention is attiréesur them. Although folded clothes lose their charm. A coat reveals its beauty when worn or when exposed!

Wearing black clothes

wearing apparel black design idea modern suspension bed

A wearing clothes is true space saving. You can opt for a bearing hanging from the ceiling or wearing classic. The price is small and varies depending on the materials. There are wood, plastic, metal, bamboo and so on. Choosing the most environmentally friendly and natural, it's wood and bamboo.

Bearing original clothing with shelf and drawer

wearing clothing design idea wood storage room

If you want to make yours at the base of bamboo or wood, this is not difficult. Just to have a large smooth surface of the desired length. Esuite, you must decide if you want to hang on the wall or put on the floor by adding feet.

Wearing wooden DIY clothes, hanging from the ceiling

laying wood original design clothes room

Choose to store wearing her wardrobe, you will gain your favorite clothes always at hand. In addition, they will bring a decorative touch to your room. By installing one or more small shelves, you can store accessories, bags and a few pairs of shoes. See all his clothes exposed facilitate your choice of light for the day. Finally, it is in this way that the seamstresses prefer to store their clothes.

Wearing traditional dress in black with wheels

wearing white black clothing design storage idea

Wearing metal roller wearing apparel idea dressing room not expensive

original bearing suspended ceiling on garment design room decor wall suspension

Wearing integrated wall door garment dressing wood furnishings design idea steady bearing chamber design garment DIY idea with wood room design scale wearing clothing white design idea storage room wearing black ceiling design suspended accessory storage design idea mat wearing white room idea suspension wearing apparel design wood wall decoration idea suspension Dressing idea white wood furniture design clothing design

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