The impersonators of stars who have lived in the past –

The impersonators of stars who have lived in the past

alikes of Louis XII Putin stars

More than 7 billion people living on earth and it is not surprising that many of us have a look-alike. The doubles have a strong physical resemblance but no family relationship.

And if we go back a little to the past there is a good chance that we find more people who are similar but do not even know.

Some Internet users conducted their little worried and found pictures that prove the most celebrated people of our time may be look-alikes of some characters from the past. Look at them Celebrity lookalikes!

The lookalikes of stars- here Will Farell and Ulysses Androutsos

Celebrity lookalikes Farell Androutsos

The kings of Spain Felipe IV Kings and Mark Zuckerberg

alikes Felipe IV Zuckerberg stars

Millard Fillmore and Alec Baldwin

Celebrity lookalikes Fillmore Baldwin

Thomas Hobbes and Dustin Diamond

alikes of Hobbes and stars Dustin Diamond

John Brown and Charlie Sheen

Celebrity lookalikes John Brown Sheen

Rose Wilder Lane and Maggie Gyllenhaal

Celebrity lookalikes Lane Gyllenhaal

Louis XII and Vladimir Poutine

alikes of Louis XII Putin stars

Joseph Pulitzer and Dustin Diamond

alikes Pulitzer Diamond stars

Paul Revere and Jack Black

alikes of Revere Black stars

John Cabell Breckinridge and Matthew Perry

alikes satrs Breckinridge Perry

Cab Calloway and Prince

alikes satrs Calloway Prince

Aubrey de Gray and Rasputin

satrs lookalikes Gray Rasputin

Bob Dylan and Adam Samberg

alikes satrs Dylan Samberg

Gregorius IX and Sylvester Stallone

alikes satrs Gregorius Stallone

John Locke and Adam Browdie

alikes satrs Locke Browdie

Christopher Loyd and John Calhoun

alikes satrs Loyd Calhoun

Douglas MacArthur and Bruce Willis

Willis lookalikes satrs Mcarthur

John McIntire and Will Ferrell

alikes satrs McIntire Ferrell

Brad Pitt and Hermann Rorschach

Pitt lookalikes satrs Rorschch

Brad Pitt and Isaac Stevens

Pitt lookalikes satrs Stevens

William Shakespeare and Paul Giamatti

alikes satrs Shakespeare Giamatti

A soldier of the Civil War Etar States and Nicolas Cage

alikes satrs soldier US Cage

Rudolf Steiner and Hank Azaria

alikes satrs Steiner Azaria

Gene Wilder and Stéphane Bern

alikes satrs Wilder Bern

David Wilkie and Rupert Grint

Wilkie lookalikes satrs Grint

Nicolas II of Russia and Medvedev

alikes stars Nicolas II Medvdev

George Patton and Donald Trump

Trump lookalikes Patton stars

Trotsky and Andrew Garfield

alikes stars Trotsky Garfield

Vincent Van Gogh and Chuck Norris

alikes stars Van Gogh Norris

Oscar Wilde and Hugh Grant

alikes Wilde Grant stars

Darwin and George Carlin

Carlin lookalike star Darwin

Johnny Depp and Thomas Tallis

Depp lookalike star Tallis

Nicolae Grigorescu and Orlando Bloom

Bloom lookalike star Grigourescu

A stranger from the past and John Stewart

Stewart lookalike unknown star

An unknown lookalike from the past and Eddie Murphy

Murphy star lookalike lookalike

Conan Christopher O Brien and Marshall Harvey Twitchell

double star Obrien Twitchell

Joaquin Phoenix and was a young man in the Louvre

Phoenix lookalike jeunne star man

Trent Reznor and Napoléon Bonaparte

Bonaparte lookalike star Reznor

Alexander Severus and Eminem

Severus double star Eminem

Justin Timberlake and a criminal past

Criminal lookalike star Timberlake

John Travolta and his unknown past lookalike

lookalike unknown star Travolta look-alike

Claude Monet and Keanu Reeves

Reeves lookalike stars Monet

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