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What square haircut degraded for you?

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Want to change your look ? Adopt a gradient square haircut! A woman hairstyle trendy and lightweight, ideal for hot days, which is available in several stylish variations and many stars have tried lately.

Here is everything you need to know to succeed such a haircut this season!

The square haircut degraded, a hair trend for spring and summer!

square haircut degraded hair-trend-Bob

Think adopt the gradient square cut? Congratulations on an excellent choice! Long or short, smooth or wavy, gradient square is an extremely easy to maintain feminine hairstyle. Also known as the square of name Bob, this trend cut suits all face types and all hair colors. But there's more, since the hair cut can be edited in many ways to bring you a result that fits your personal style and the shape of your face.

The square cut, feminine and timeless

square haircut degraded fringe-brown hair

The square cut hair is a woman hairstyle that involves cutting the hair around the head, above the shoulders or in the short version of the square, at the ears. It is a way of wearing her hair has become very popular in the early 20th century and which is reminiscent of women's independence movement.

square haircut degraded short hair blond

Since, this hairstyle has continued to be popular among women, being adopted at different times in history, with stars like Mireille Mathieu, Uma Thurman, Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba, Beyoncé, Emma Watson and well more besides !

square-degrade-hair shoulder-length, blond-brown

Recently, the long square, short and diving, just add the gradient haircut. This is a modern interpretation of the timeless woman hairstyle which we reveal the details below.

How is made the gradient square haircut?

square haircut degraded volume-blond hair

In his version cut degraded Bob Square adds more volume to our manes. In fact, to listen to the hairdressers, the technique of gradient square hairstyle is to make some shorter strands, while keeping the rest of the hair in the form of the classic bob. This gradient square hairstyle comes in long or short version, with wavy hair, curly or smooth, with or without fringe ...

square haircut degraded tousled-hair red

Whether you have blonde hair, brown or red, you can opt for the gradient square haircut. Eh yes ! The popularity of this hairstyle is explained partly by the fact that it is easy to wear with any kind of coloring, including shading. So a good idea hairstyle woman for those who like to follow the latest fashion trends!

What kind of square haircut degraded for you?

square haircut degraded hairstyles-black-woman-skin

A major advantage of the gradient square cut lies in the fact that this hairstyle can be customized according to the morphology of the female face. Square long layers, short, with bangs, side parting with ... what is the best version for you?

The thousand and one way to provide a gradient square short hair


The short gradient square haircut is, as the name suggests, a hair at the ears. It is a perfect look for hot days. Well defined, it bring you ultra sexy look. And it can be worn with a center parting or side!

Hair-cutting-edge-woman bob-assymetric

A smart and dynamic version of this degraded cut is asymmetrical square. It necessarily seduce those who like to experiment with their hair!

The square haircut degraded long for those who prefer a natural and feminine look

Hair-bob-degrade-blond hair

The degraded oblong hair seduce those who want to change your look without separating from their manes. Again, this is a woman that can cut shape as you like.


Made the whole length of the hair, the cut will give a rebellious look. To dare if you want lots of volume! Otherwise, you can always bet on the square haircut option gradient blur that has the advantage of giving movement to the hair. Nice option for those with fine hair and dream of a star mane!


Moreover, the square Bob or Bob for short, long or medium-length is ideal for those who have a square face. Feel free to add a slightly wavy effect to soften your facial features!

The square cut Bob degraded version with fringe

bob-degrade-hair-short-hair blonde

To further customize the gradient Bob haircut, it was also the option to acquire a fringe. Because, yes, this gradation hairstyle allows all kinds interesting interpretations: with ultra-short fringe (also called micro fringe) or, conversely, with a long fringe, carried on a part of the face ... Not to mention the right fringe option that accompanies typically the square haircut degraded.

Hair-square-degraded shade-blond-woman

Unlike Bob classic with cutting gradient with bangs, you do not risk ending up with a helmet effect. All this, thanks to the typical flyaways this look!

More ideas to bring the gradient square cut!

Hair-square-degrade-bob-short woman

We said, Bob cut gradient square conquered the fashion catwalks and French and Hollywood stars. And rightly so, because it changes according to our desires!

square-bob-hairstyle-degrade-blond hair

Today, nothing is easier than reinventing her look with a gradient cut. Wear it with a blow dry hair smooth effect or opt for a tousled effect. A look to try necessarily by those who have decided to offer a blonde coloring patina!

square haircut gradation bob-disheveled-wife

For summer days, try a Bob Square deteriorated with slight undulations. With or without fringe, this look your guarantee beachy look, in other words, effect range. Nothing better for a mane with honey blond coloring, such as Drew Barrymore (on the photo above)!

square-degraded hair-loops-red-woman

Wear curly hair gradient Bob? Why not ! With or without fringe, this is an ideal hairstyle for those who want to stay stylish while following the latest fashion trends. The proof with this picture of the pretty actress Christina Hendricks and her curly red mane.

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