The shaded hair caramel – for a gradient of brilliant colors –

The shaded hair caramel – for a gradient of brilliant colors

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If you look closely, you may notice that we are more and more women who wear their hair illuminated by the shadow effect. Indeed, this technique is growing trend nowadays thanks to how to make our most beautiful and possible natural hair.

As in the hair sweeping, shaded hair comes in different shades, depending on the color of our hair and the result to be obtained. In the following article we will talk about the caramel shaded hair, ideal for sunny summer days.

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Now when we go to the hairdresser you can choose between several types of coloring. Among the best known include the flash, the locks, the sweep, tone on tone, tie and dye and shaded hair. But before you color your hair, you must ask yourself if you really need. And if the answer is yes - that want to get as a result? If you want to cover an early white hair, then it would be better to opt for a lightening technique and color gradient. The shaded hair Caramel is just a good solution.

What is the shaded hair caramel and why do you like it so much?

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The shaded hair caramel made us all fall for its naturalness and shiny. This partial shading technique colors the hair in various shades, starting with the root and the ending of the hair. The result obtained is a nice gradient melted and glossy. The colors are not too distinguished from one another, for the final harmonious and natural color. Or, for a caramel shaded hair must be played between brown and blond shades.

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But how then do a shaded hair caramel?

For a first time, we recommend you to entrust your stylist. This will guide you better in your choice of color, to achieve the desired effect. Then if you feel confident, you can perform a shaded hair at home thanks to kits sold in specialty stores or department stores. Before buying always take into account the base color of your hair.

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Let the caramel shaded hair is by discoloration starting from the hairline. It applies shades forming a molten gradient. The discoloration is an important part. It provides a beautiful color and to prevent your hair turn yellow over time.


Many people wonder what is the difference between a caramel hair and a sweep shaded hair caramel. Indeed, these are two very similar techniques. As we mentioned before, the shaded hair lightens step by step hair from root to tip. It forms a beautiful color gradient. In this case, the boundary between different colors is a bit more visible to the eye as for the hair sweep. The latter aims to darken or lighten the hair dye or bleach fine hair strands. It is known for its effect "sun".


How to maintain your hair colored at the shadow?

The coloring itself will take you 2-3 hours of your time. Regrowth occurs naturally, thanks to degrade and the roots are never too visible. For maintenance, simply visit your colorist every 3 or 4 months. Meanwhile, remember to moisturize your hair using a special mask and hair of essential oils.

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Avoid using hair straighteners or curling, as well as a too regular hairdryer. Also remember to cut the tips of your hair to prevent fork effect.

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The shaded hair hair is the ideal technique to showcase all types of hair and faces. By selecting this you will get a natural effect back from vacation that we all adore!


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