California Scan: manual for a natural, luminous effect –

California Scan: manual for a natural, luminous effect

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With the arrival of summer we consider increasingly to change your look and look after yourself. We would all have a "holiday return" even before parties.

That is why we must think of the color. We all know the effect that the sun on colored hair. That is why in this article we will show you this trendy technology that is the California scanning.

What the California scan and what are its biggest advantages?


First, you must know that this staining technique has been around for very long. It was however, forgotten in time but today is back fast. The main purpose of this color is to get a return from holiday effect. This hairstyle has a bright, natural effect, which even the sun does not spoil. It is also suitable for women with long hair than those with short hair.

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What is the technique of California scan?

The purpose of the California scanning is to lighten hair. Which must choose a color that is at least one or two shades lighter. a scan can be made on its natural color or directly pursue a new coloring. To this is added the coloring with low oxidation in the base of the hair. Then, we must stretch with the comb to mix the two colors in the most natural way possible. We must emphasize on the tips the lightening products and after about twenty minutes, the job is done!

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How to maintain your California scan?

This does not require a lot of time. To keep your hair, simply go to the hairdresser 2 to 4 months to accentuate your colors. As the coloration tends to dry out the hair, we recommend that you regularly use a moisturizing hair mask.

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The main objective of the scan is to illuminate your hair. That is why it is important that it be done well. You can perform this type of coloring at home but it's pretty risky. So, ask at least consult a hairdresser. We must realize the scan on the parts of the hair around the face and on top of the head. It is important that the locks are naturally melted.

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Initially the California scan is supposed to be for blondes. But today many brown and perform this type of coloring. The main objective is to have dark roots and light ends.

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By choosing the California scan you will avoid damage to your roots if done on your natural hair. Lighten your hair strand by strand is a real innovation in the hair so you do not damage your hair.


The other advantage of the California scan is that it is ideal for women who have just had white hair. This one will cover imperfections in a small stroke.

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Here are our tips for your Sunlight scan:

First, know that the California scan will not have the same effect on short hair than long hair. Indeed, if you have the hair too short, reflections will not be visible enough. To have the desired effect zebra, keep in mind that you should always choose a color of at least one or two shades lighter.

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Although this new technique tries to preserve your healthy hair, it is nevertheless not recommend to apply more than 3 times a year. If your roots grow back too quickly, then make small adjustments.

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And here a curious novelty: Did you know that there is a sweep henna? But beware ! Never use henna after coloring!

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