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20 ideas and tips for planning your closet

Planning closet dressing tips-storage furniture

You have launched a large closet and furnishings you would like, now, to learn more about the optimal storage? You just moved, and you wonder what kind of cabinet will best suit your space?

With our selected proposals below, learn how to convert a closet effectively and convenient!

Check out our ideas for efficient cabinet planning and practice

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Consider the available space. To choose the wardrobe that best suits your needs, you must consider the nature of the objects that will be stored in the closet and space in the room. Dare to use the corner of the room in order to install your closet and save space!

closet design - how to optimize the space available

development kitchen cupboard wood drawers shelves

Your closet furnishings in each room is essential to preserve a tidy apartment. To save even more space, choose furniture with storage cupboard up to the ceiling.

closet and dressing cabinet planning

dressing room closet idea development

Each cabinet is composed of a high part less accessible, used to store items that are used little, and a lower part, which is accessed by stooping. In wardrobes and dressing cupboards, it is often used for storing shoes.

How to organize the objects in a closet?

dressing closet cabinet design

Between these two parts, design your closet should be reflected depending on what you want to put it: shelves for dishes, wardrobe bar for clothes, etc.

Select the material for your closet design - steel, wood, plastic - and lighting

development kitchen cupboard furniture-modern steel-wood drawers

Regarding materials, steel cupboards are particularly strong and they reflect the light. More expensive, but much more elegant, are closets in several models depending on the wood used: pine, mahogany, maple. Finally, plastic and PVC cabinets are recommended for children's rooms.

What light for my closet?

wooden closet design tips idea

Do not forget lighting closet is essential to consider to make your closet design as the number of compartments.

How to organize a modern wardrobe closet?

development wardrobe closet-dressing trick-storage

One of the most frequently asked about the development of closet door on dressing furniture and their organizational issues. That is why we decided to share with you some tips and tricks for dressing closet always well organized.

dressing closet kind Landscaping

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You have a dressing closet and storage space you dreamed. And yet, this piece does not seem better organized than your previous storage. How to remedy this?

closet design small space

Small dressing room wall

Did you know there are a few simple principles, the application will help you organize your closet cabinet? The first: clothing and accessories must be simple to store. So select compartments of your closet taking account of this principle. You will see, it will facilitate the organization of your business and you will find them more easily!

Idea of ​​dressing furnishings

Landscaping closet wall

You have a lot of clothes, and yet every day, you have trouble choosing what to wear? In this case, try to arrange your clothes differently. Instead of grouping by type of clothing, pair them with ways to bring them together. You will have ideas ready to test the next time!

closet furnishings: choose materials

closet loft space planning

We love the cupboards closed because they allow us to give our homes a more organized look. But since the bins and open boxes are often more practical, why not use them inside of his closet with doors?

dressing arrangement with shelves and drawers

wooden dressing Landscaping

Similarly, opt for open shelving for everyday clothing to be as accessible as possible. Examples of this type of clothing are shirts, tops, blouses and jeans.

Small gray wooden cupboard

Built in gray wood

To enjoy even more space in your closet or dressing closet, double the number of rods organizing them on two levels. This means that you will have twice as much room for your shirts, pants, jackets and dresses for you!

Small dressing room wall

planning advice closet dressing room deco

Be sure to offer you specific storage space for items such as shoes, scarves, belts ... They will be much easier to find if they have their own place in your wardrobe!

Closet with sliding doors

Folding wooden cupboard

Think also of dividers for drawers and other closed storage. As the specific arrangements for certain accessories, separators will help you gain more space and to find your business more easily.

How to maximize space in a closet with doors?

closet dressing room layout

The door of the dressing room closet is often empty. Think of interesting ways to use this space. You could hang hanging cupboards or pegboard. The hanging cupboards are practical for small items we like to keep under his eyes to find them more quickly.

Storage Tips dressing closet and wardrobe

Modern steel closet

As to the pegboard, the act of a modular storage consisting of a board with holes and small sticks. These can serve as hooks and coat hooks; they can also become media for a small shelf.

Benefit from a closet dressing functional layout and organized - mission possible!

dressing room and its furnishings

Follow these principles and you will benefit from a much more functional wardrobe closet furniture. And, if you find these effective tips, why not apply to the rest of your closet too?

well organized closet Photo

kitchen cabinet planning

A closet can be anywhere

Office under stairs

Nice closet for your books

Landscaping closet with books

The kitchen also needs a tidy closet

Built landscape well into the kitchen

The material of your closet and its compartments are very important

wooden cupboard with compartments

Built tidy kitchen Storing the kitchen cupboard
Development of'espace sous l'escalier
Furnishings and closet'intérieur plastic closet Facilities for children fabric closet Landscaping

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