Black and wood Kitchen: modern and elegant –

Black and wood Kitchen: modern and elegant

black kitchen island and wooden modern design

The black kitchen and wood, elegant and modern, becomes a very modern choice for interior decoration of our homes. We devote this article. The time when it was feared the dark for decorating our homes is over.

Today, the color trend is the most used by specialists in interior design.

black wood kitchen Infinity Richard Johns

black wood furnishings and kitchen design

Black also settled in our kitchens. Convenient and easy to maintain, this color goes perfectly with the wood. The design kitchens creators are soon realized: they offer us today the design ideas black kitchen and wood original and modern, like the Infinity kitchen on the image above.

Black and wood Kitchen: endless possibilities

Photo Black kitchen and wood Layouts

The harmony between black and wood offers endless possibilities for development and kitchen decoration. Wooden furniture and decorative elements in black in the all-black kitchen, complete with elements made of wood ... the choice is yours!

Black and modern kitchen with wood industrial look

map dark wood kitchen and interior design

For those who wish to install a black kitchen and wood in their homes, here are some tips for design specialists. First, if you choose a very dark black color, you can emphasize the walls of your kitchen that you can leave in a more neutral color. You will also have the opportunity to complete the black look dark with light wood elements, giving a Scandinavian look to your kitchen, as you can see in our gallery.

Black and wood design with modern decoration Kitchen

model black wood kitchen and modern style

The black kitchen and wood, especially when it is open to other spaces in the house, can also be supplemented with a simple, modern design decoration. A proposal for a similar decoration is on the image above. We must not think that the black kitchen and wood bring a very dark look to your home. On the contrary, it could make the contrast between the different colors more pronounced in the presence of sufficient light.

black and open wood kitchen

black wooden kitchen and modern furniture

Regarding the light precisely, it is advisable to arrange your kitchen so that the light output can enter them in abundance. If space does not allow you to have one or two large windows, consider creating enough artificial light sources. In fact, lighting is a key element in the development kitchen and this is even more true in the case of black and wood kitchen. Properly informed, this type of cuisine attracts attention and even change shades depending on the time of day. Finally, to end with the lighting, you can opt for a black kitchen and lacquered wood, the surface will reflect light.

Beautiful black and wood kitchen with large window

Black gloss wood kitchen design

The black color is perfect minimalist style and therefore, the modern design type of cuisines. But we also know that thanks to its adaptability to all colors, it can give a modern look with vintage-style kitchen furniture. Harmonized with the wood, the color always gives a stylish and modern air we like to see in our kitchens!

Deco interior wooden kitchen and Black

dark wood furnishings and kitchen

Black wood and industrial-style kitchen

black lacquered kitchen modern wood

Kitchen cabinet in black wood and modern design

black and equipped kitchen design wood

Photo of black and wood kitchen with bar

black kitchen with wooden bar

black kitchen furniture and wood modern style

black design wood kitchen

Black Kitchen and diesel by Scavolini

black wooden kitchen design ideas

black lacquered wood kitchen with effect Macassar

Black lacquered wood kitchens

The black wooden kitchen and is perfectly complemented by decorative elements in red

black wood furnishings kitchens walls

black wood kitchen Taos by Caple

wooden kitchens with black

Black and wood kitchen with center island and large window

dark wood kitchen with island

black and light wood modern kitchen

white black Scandinavian cuisine

black wood kitchen Phoenix by Moray kitchens

black wooden kitchen develop

Idea development for small black kitchen and wood

little black wooden kitchen bar area

Idea management and black kitchen decoration and wood by Scavolini

central island of black wood kitchen

Black and wood kitchen with decorative elements in white

white fitted black kitchen walls

black kitchen with wooden table and black stools

black wooden kitchen chair design center island

black kitchen with center island wooden and metal elements

kitchen center island black wood equipment

black kitchen with wooden worktops and center island

coating wood kitchen black furniture

black wood decor kitchen walls

black modern wooden kitchens

black wooden kitchen equip

lacquered black wood kitchen design

Black wood lacquered kitchen island

kitchen with black wood furnishings island

dark wood furniture equipped kitchens

Design wood walnut kitchen

red black kitchen decorations

white decoration for dark wood kitchen

Contemporary black kitchen wooden furniture

black contemporary kitchen wood furnishings

oak kitchen black wood decoration

modern dark wood kitchen

black kitchen island plan woodworking

decorative wood kitchen white

kitchen Boix nuts black furniture

Black American kitchen and wooden loft

black modern kitchen with wood

black lacquered wood decor kitchen

how to develop black kitchen

solid wood black modern kitchen

white kitchen with black wood

Wood central black kitchen island

wood furnishings and black kitchen

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