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Layouts contemporary kitchen worktops

Need ideas for your kitchen worktop? We have 65 suggestions to offer modern surfaces in this kitchen photo collection. Work plans for contemporary cuisine are made in classic and modern materials, some of which are natural and some artificial.

Among these materials, there are glass, wood, stainless steel, Corian, porcelain, stone and concrete. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, these materials have advantages and disadvantages that we propose to discover quickly here.

Photo modern kitchen with glass worktop

transparent photo kitchen worktops

Glass is a material that has begun to use relatively recently in the manufacture of kitchen worktops. Among its advantages, there is the fact that its transparent surface will allow you to create a very interesting decor. In addition, since the glass is non-porous, worktops that are made are very hygienic. To complete all this, they are also easy to clean and resistant to heat. But beware: this kind of surface is more exposed to scratches made by cooking utensils and repair may be more difficult and quite expensive.

Photo black kitchen of modern design with stainless steel worktop

antivactériens photo kitchen worktops

Metal work plans (stainless steel, zinc and copper) are a classic and very practical solution. Like glass, metal is a non-porous and easy to maintain, which tolerates well enough heat (zinc is more vulnerable to heat and must take into account the peculiarity of the metal if you opt for a kitchen plan which is manufactured). In addition, each of these metals also give you an added advantage: stainless steel - shiny surfaces, copper - a beautiful patina and zinc - an antibacterial effect. As for disadvantages, know that these metals are vulnerable when exposed to scratches and can react in contact with acidic foods like lemon and vinegar.

Photo kitchen with island worktop and solid wood

acaht kitchen decor Wooden working plane

Wood surfaces are another option for those who love the kitchen with classic and welcoming decor. They give you full customization possibilities with different types of wood and are very convenient for all activities related to the preparation of meals. The disadvantages of this kind of work plans for materials related to the fact that they require more careful maintenance; in addition, the surface must be waxed regularly (due to the structure of the wood and its exposure to bacteria).

Photo modern kitchen with central island and concrete work plan

photo kitchen concrete work plan

Finally, consider the work plan options in concrete and stone. Their major advantage is their durability and heat resistance. These surfaces may also be resistant to liquids and stains if they have been treated with specific products. Side disadvantages, there is the fact that the stone and concrete are porous materials. This means they must necessarily be treated and sealed properly to give you the best results.

interactive work plan idea for ultra-modern kitchen

deco modern interactive kitchen worktops

Glass, stone, porcelain, wood or metal, the worktop may take various shades, heights and thicknesses. So to identify the best option for the decor of your kitchen, start with this collection of images of surfaces for modern and varied work plan:

porcelain work plan for kitchen design by Inalco

photo kitchen island china

kitchen idea with white worktop

porcelain work planes deco modern kitchens

Kitchen decoration with stone worktop

image modern imitation stone work plane kitchen

Kitchen design: idea wood worktop

natural worktops deco contemporary kitchens

Worktop in stainless steel kitchen with island style

Layouts plan hygienic work and modern kitchen

Kitchen decoration with black granite worktop

ideas granite map wood kitchens

Map Wooden working with space for waste

trash Workplan intergree kitchen

Modern kitchen decoration ideas with white and black surfaces

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concrete work plan for kitchen center island

Concrete kitchen work plane

white kitchen with Corian worktop

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Surface stainless steel worktop and modern kitchen

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Idea of ​​modern cuisine white

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Worktop glass and original kitchen decoration

glass kitchen worktops Contemporary decoration

laminated worktop and kitchen decor

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kitchen Photo: worktop with stone surface

modern kitchen decor imitation stone worktop

Contemporary kitchen with worktop in natural materials

Nature deco kitchen worktop

Idea of ​​modern kitchen with furnishings in white and wood surfaces

idee deco modern kitchen working plane

Map of modern wooden work with remote area

worktop deco trend remote kitchen

Modern kitchen island and wooden counter

Modern wood decoration work plan

white marble worktop and kitchen center island

deco marble kitchen worktops

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color white kitchen island worktop

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equip its white wood kitchen worktop

beautiful kitchen laminated worktops

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kitchen with modern deco work plan

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black kitchen worktops

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modern corian kitchen counter

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