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The loft kitchen space is a complex and sometimes difficult to arrange. That's why Snaidero wanted to launch these 3 suggestions. Kitchens lofts are usually completely open spaces must meet several requirements.

Most homeowners and renters want them to be well organized and practical but also that their design is customized and tuned with the atmosphere of the rest of the apartment. All this is not always easy to achieve, given the constraints of the inner surface to form and the individual needs of each resident. Here are 3 kitchens lofts designed by designers of Snaidero Italian manufacturer that have impressed us with their design.

industrial-style loft kitchen

kitchen loft deco modern design

Our tour begins with an interior of industrial style. is well known: in recent years, industrial-style decor conquered many lofts owners. This is also the case of this accommodation. To be in harmony with its design, the kitchen was adorned with metal surfaces and light wood. They are accompanied by lights inspired by the atmosphere of the old factories and brick walls and concrete. The vintage furniture of the corner of complete meal perfectly this artistic cuisine.

modern design loft kitchen

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Our second picture captured modern interior style. At first glance, it is not too far from the industrial style decoration we have just seen in the image above. But these are just small details that make all the difference. Here, the vintage furniture is replaced by tables and chairs with a more modern and sophisticated air. These furniture communicate with the rest of the decor instead of out in focus. Fixtures and surfaces are also much less daring: in fact, they almost give a feminine touch to this beautiful kitchen.

loft kitchen with urban décor

deco loft modern kitchen

It ends with a hundred percent urban kitchen, with a bar and a few touches of bright colors. This space is dynamic and open to the influences of many different styles. These are symbolized by a set of accessories: suspended luminaires in gold, a wall decoration that reminds us of retro wallpapers and small objects from various countries of the world. Remarkably innovative, these three areas can serve as inspiration for those considering the installation of a kitchen in an open housing. Here now all the details in images:

loft design by Snaidero Kitchen

Pictures loft kitchen

Photo of loft kitchen by Snaidero

deco idea of ​​loft kitchen

Modern kitchens and loft decor

Photo deco loft kitchen

Loft design with modern kitchen

loft kitchen design

Idea deco loft with industrial cuisne accessory

idee decoration loft industrial style kitchen

loft design kitchen Image

modern loft kitchens

Kitchen design with loft

Layouts deco loft kitchen

Layout loft kitchen

kitchen furniture arrangement

Deco loft kitchen wall

deco style loft kitchen

loft decorating modern kitchen

Layouts modern deco loft kitchen

loft decor with modern kitchen

Layouts deco interior loft modern kitchen

deco interior kitchen loft modern style

deco style loft kitchen

loft industrial kitchen decoration

kitchen loft industrial style decoration

Cabin Layouts kitchen modern lofts

deco interior loft kitchen

Layouts open loft kitchen

Photos and design: Snaidero

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