Vintage furniture kitchen: 30 photos of very stylish islands –

Vintage furniture kitchen: 30 photos of very stylish islands

Vintage rustic wood kitchen island recovery

Vintage is a style currently popular. Clothes, hair cuts and accessories with old became super popular among young people and they do not seem to have enough.

But if you think that vintage clothes are cool, wait until you see the beneficial effect that vintage furniture may occur on the interior design. Examine our ideas on vintage kitchen island and find a great inspiration to perk up your kitchen in this unique style.

Vintage Furniture: kitchen island great raw wood

furniture-vintage island sturdy wooden kitchen

Whether you want to completely renew the kitchen or just add a small island, so much charm, the following ideas are appropriate and you probably will appeal. The vintage style can manifest in many different ways and is particularly versatile talking furniture. A vintage furniture may mean an old dresser that you found in the attic in the cottage and you have transformed so unrecognizable functional islet. It may adopt a rustic setting when it is designed in plain solid wood or reclaimed wood. Add handles or iron towel holder forged to complete the country look. For a chic country style island you can paint a white wooden block or a pastel color of your choice. Consider all ideas of styles, patterns and colors below.

Island-violet vintage furniture in the rustic kitchen

Vintage furniture island kitchen wood painted purple

Some islands have only a work plan and more like an old table, but they are, they too, unique charm. Others offer a lot of open storage space hidden or increasing their functionality. The work plan of the material is also very important. Its finish usually depends on how you will use the island. Do not place freshly baked dishes on the wooden worktop and always use a cutting board to chop your vegetables. If you have an untreated wooden kitchen worktop, you can feed it by soaking edible oil, for example sunflower oil, and polish it until the wood has absorbed the the entirety of the oil, and be polite. This is an operation to renew 3 or 4 times a year, depending on the intensity of use.

great retro by Allessandro Capellaro Design

island kitchen retro design Alessandro Capellaro

Island chic vintage peeling paint

island kitchen vintage white peeling paint

Furniture unique vintage, wood and metal island

great island kitchen storage vintage

Plain old wooden table transformed into functional islet

Vintage wood kitchen cabinet island Recycling Cart

beautiful island in aged wood

Vintage furniture island kitchen super aged wood

white vintage kitchen with island and stools

Vintage furniture-island kitchen old table

Super nice kitchen with Italian design island by Cesar

Vintage furniture island kitchen design Cesar

solid wood worktop

white vintage kitchen island solid wood plane

Former island with extension

vintage kitchen expandable raw wood island

Traditional kitchen island retro kitchen

Vintage chic white furniture island kitchen

Vintage furniture island kitchen wood wheels

vintage kitchen cabinet island country chic

furniture-vintage island elegant kitchen

furniture-vintage gray island kitchen storage

Vintage furniture rustic wood island kitchen iron

Vintage furniture-island kitchen old table

Vintage wood kitchen stool former island

Vintage furniture elegant white kitchen island

vintage rustic furniture island kitchen storage

ebony kitchen island

vintage classic kitchen island

vintage kitchen expandable raw wood island

island kitchen table vintage wood

metal wood kitchen island

modern rustic kitchen island

island kitchen table vintage

Vintage wood kitchen island

furniture solid wood

Vintage wooden kitchen furniture

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