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Today's kitchens are clean and clear of unnecessary items. For a modern look, these spaces must be clean but also impeccably tidy.

So ended the accessories and tools lying around on the work plan, to also avoid exposing the shelves too many objects and produce an impression of disorder.

smart storage Tip a practical kitchen where it's nice work

Italian furniture functional kitchen design

But at the same time, today, more than ever during the last fifty or sixty years, the kitchen is an essential area of ​​the house where you pass regularly at least a few hours every day. And this is quite normal given the desire that we have to eliminate, at least partially frozen meals and replacing them with fresh and good for health.

smart kitchen storage Tip: investigate the optimization of interior space

trick smart storage cabinets modern kitchen

How to reconcile these two wishes, one of the always impeccable cuisine and healthy meals and delicious homemade? We seek the answer to this question and investigate the subject of clever storage tip for an aesthetic but also functional and adapted to our food needs cooking!

Tip with smart storage shelf under the worktop in a kitchen design in Montreal

trick smart storage shelves kitchen integrées

The kitchen on the top photo is part of a house decorated by Hubert Taschereau at Gepetto in collaboration with Laure Guillelmi. Belonging to a family passionate vintage design, the interior space is part of a house in Montreal that is missing yet no practical and modern storage solutions. Among them, an open shelf, hidden below the kitchen worktop, is intended to house a microwave oven.

clever storage cabinet for dishes in a design house Alexander Adducci

astice clever dishes kitchen accessories storage

This interior belongs to a house built in the state of Illinois, USA. He was decorated by Alexander Adducci and it is equipped with clever and practical drawers for storage of utensils.

Example of practical drawers for well-organized contemporary kitchen

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Because, to develop good contemporary cuisine, one must need to find room for all the tools that are there. Deep drawers, fitted with separators, are essential in today's homes.

kitchen cupboard Storage: Modern shelves allow us to gain more space

Storage clever kitchen drawers colone

Equipping its sliding shelves cupboards is another good way to gain more storage space.

Contemporary kitchen furniture with integrated lighting

smart contemporary kitchen storage cupboards

To be functional, deep furniture need an integrated lighting.

Tip smart storage design kitchenette in a house in Phoenix

d closet'angle agencement cuisine pratique

To take advantage of all the available surface of an L-shaped kitchen, use a modern corner cabinet.

Drawer for functional kitchen corner cabinet

storage of'angle idee amenagement cuisines modernes

Fortunately, today there are plenty of furniture and functional drawers like that!

How to store your small appliances?

designer kitchen practical storage cabinets

The fast healthy meals often involves the use of many accessories and appliances. In contemporary interiors, they are often hidden in a cabinet.

How to organize her kitchen by mobilizing all corners of the inside

Furnishing functional design kitchen storage

Tip smart storage for small kitchen tools *

storage ideas functional kitchen tools

If you do not like exposing small kitchen accessories to the eyes of everyone, you can try this idea of ​​clever storage of assigning them a place in a drawer. In the picture above, an illustration of this trick in a design location in Portland, USA.

Tip smart storage for kitchen worktop

Layouts modern kitchen worktop integrated

The company SieMatic offers another smart storage tip that provides additional opportunities for optimization of space in a kitchen: an integrated band in terms of work that completely closes with a lid.

Idea kitchen worktop modern design with storage

clever trick modern worktop storage

A great idea for storage of kitchen knives, jars of spices and all the tools needed every day!

functional and practical kitchen with integrated storage in the work plan

kitchen storage integrated Workplan

We find a similar example of optimization of space in this white and wood kitchen is equipped with a built-in storage in the work plan: a larger size, it contains a modern coffee machine.

Idea organization working tools in the kitchen in a drawer design

idea kitchens malignant storage drawers practices

Speaking of instruments and small food preparation accessories, here's another clever storage solution: drawers dedicated to these instruments invented by Mike and Dolores Rose in Lubina Kitchen Company. The company offers similar ideas for storing dishes and other containers.

space saving furniture and trick smart storage for small kitchens

clever kitchen accessory storage trick

To gain more space, you can install such storage on a cabinet above the worktop.

Landscaping small kitchen idea for organizing closets

Malignant customized kitchen cabinet storage trick

In the same spirit, this handy piece of furniture for small kitchens that doubles the storage space available while allowing us to have all the accessible objects.

Storage of kitchen accessories: take precautions

kitchen knives trick door storage

The storage of kitchen knives is very important viewpoint of the safety of children and the rapid preparation of meals. We mentioned recently in this article.

clever work plan contemporary kitchen

kitchen design ideas functional storage

In this kitchen by Michele Allman, located in a house in the state of Texas, the United States, we used a trick: a bin installed in the space below the work plan has himself an opening. Excellent way to facilitate cleaning of the work plan!

Cooking and compost using a compost bin hidden underneath the work plan

idee modern trash work plan kitchen

In the picture above, we see a functional solution and widespread in the US, as in some countries in Europe: the compost bin installed directly in the work plan.

Storage, modern functional kitchen and well organized

trick smart kitchen storage furniture Italian design

Photo modern kitchen minimalist style equipped with practical storage

kitchen storage clever trick island modern design

* Jory Brigham Design Workshop