Pink Kitchen: opt for a modern and feminine decor

pink deco kitchen ideas

The pink kitchen is back and it is becoming more likely in the mode of the interior decoration. And there really is not surprising because after all, what could be more feminine than a kitchen full of beard candy shades, flashy pink and fuchsia?

But the pink kitchen is a beautiful kitchen - it is practical, functional and very elegant. So how to decorate his kitchen in pink while avoiding clichés? If you share the idea that pink is a more appropriate color for decoration girl room decor for kitchen, it may be time to change his mind by showing you these beautiful kitchens pink which will certainly inspire you.

modern kitchen with pink accents in blue

pink deco kitchen idea

If the decor of your kitchen, the color white predominates, then there is plenty of room there to infiltrate your personality including incorporating a pink tinge. What you can do, for example, is to opt for stools, chairs, sofa or kitchen backsplash flashy pink to harmonize the space. The pink carpet is also a good idea to give a decoration touch of warmth.

pink and gray wooden kitchen decoration

idea gray pink kitchen

But if the flashy pink is a bit too strong for you, then how about for a softer hue - the color of sweet ice and especially if it is a retro or vintage atmosphere? Accentuate the kitchen island or storage shelves by putting them in pale pink and leave the rest to blend into a white cream shade. also Opt for blinds and pink accessories, if you like, to make the atmosphere more cheerful.

minimalist style kitchen in pink

Pink elegant modern design kitchen

Let us now leave aside the minimalist style for a moment. If you like floral motifs, so why not use them in the decor of your kitchen? Choose wallpaper, curtains or kitchen backsplash with floral patterns in pink shades. Complete the look with glasses and bright pink plates or a small carpet behind the kitchen island or under the dining table in pink.

pink kitchen with stainless steel accents

pink elegant design kitchen

Pink cotton candy will provide a welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen and awaken your childhood memories. Used in small doses, this particular shade of pink is very beautiful, but do not turn your kitchen into a giant pink box on the right using an accent wall. So you can easily change the decor when you're tired.

Deco lacquered kitchen with pink accent wall

Contemporary design pink kitchen

If you like flashy colors, but you do not want a full kitchen decorated in flashy pink, then use just a few touches of that color in the decor is a very good alternative. The kitchen in gray and white will become much more alive with one or two stool or backsplash bright flashy pink. The result is a welcoming space where you can prepare meals or invite your friends.

pink and gray kitchen design

pink deco elegant kitchen

If you are one of those of you who love pink shades, floral wallpaper and candles in the boudoir, a lacquered kitchen in pink and gray is exactly for you. In this kitchen, the lights can be crystal, but keep everything else simple and minimalist. Let the walls white or a neutral shade to prevent the jumps too decor eyes. Here are more original ideas for the pink kitchen photos:

kitchen decoration ideas Pink

pink kitchen design ideas

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modern kitchen decoration idea

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pink lacquered kitchen design

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pink lacquered kitchen design

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