white kitchen counter: 52 elegant ideas with white marble

white marble kitchen counter

There are also some beautiful materials that white marble - it has a unique character and has a rich history in the decoration of the kitchen and bathroom. But the question that comes immediately to mind about white kitchen counter Marble regarding its maintenance because it is a brittle material and difficult to maintain.

Because marble is a natural product, it will naturally evolve and change over time and it is this fact that will help you decide whether you want a kitchen with marble worktops.

white marble kitchen counter

kitchen counter white elegant

If the marks of time on your kitchen counter white are not really a problem for you, then the marble is the perfect choice. Marble is rich in calcium stone, porous, has a relatively low absorption resistance and is susceptible to expansion and contraction. Water left on the surface of the marble counter will infiltrate so quickly in its pores and that is why it is very important to avoid up spills and clean as soon as possible. The spots remained on the surface of the marble play on the stone composition and can only be removed by a professional polish.

Kitchen with center island, white countertops

white kitchen countertop design

As for finishing the marble countertop, you can choose between polishing and lapping. Polishing creates a smooth surface that reflects light, while running on the contrary, gives a matt appearance to the surface. It may be preferable to lap the white marble surfaces for polishing creates a glow that makes it easier to see all the changes and defects caused by acid. So a nice, matte white surface may be the best option on the worktop in the kitchen.

Gray modern designer kitchen with marble countertops

kitchen counter white deco gray

Some people believe that the white color of the work surface can see better if the surface is clean, which is by no means true. The larger the area is dark, the easier it is to spot potential tasks including fingerprints. If you do not want your kitchen counter changes over the years and if you do not have time to maintain it properly, then you should definitely look for other alternatives than white marble.

Beige Kitchen modern design with white marble counter tops

counter beige kitchen

But if you are determined to go for the white marble, then it is very import to always seal the work counter before using. Sealing products are many and you should choose the best for you. To reduce the appearance of prints, go for the break like finish. Also, to reduce the appearance of spots, always clean spills quickly as oily and colored liquids can rapidly penetrate the surface of the marble. And finally, be sure to use a neutral cleaner and non-abrasive to keep the surface clean. The white marble countertops are beautiful and eternal but it is important to take care.

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