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Decoration wedding rustic: over 50 original ideas

wedding decoration ideas country

Organizing a wedding in the spring or summer and looking for a theme for this very special day? We propose to choose the wedding rustic decoration! In this article we offer a selection of more than 50 photos on the theme of country wedding and ideas for a nice decoration, totally original and cheap.

Decoration country marriage idea for a beautiful reception table

country wedding reception table decoration idea

What really characterizes the countryside wedding decoration is all that reminds us of nature and the countryside. The decoration that can bind to the country wedding theme is flowers, cheerful and full of freshness. It highlights natural materials: fabrics, paper, wood and glass. Here's how you can use these materials for decoration on the campaign theme.

decorating idea rustic wedding a special day campaign style

Wedding decoration rustic pine cones

For a rustic wedding decor, can be used with elements inspired fairgrounds, such as paper and fabric garlands. For example, one can use garlands triangular pennants in white or various colors or flower garlands or luminous balls. For outdoor country style weddings, we can still serve pretty hanging lanterns, decorated strips, like those shown in the images below.

Marriage kind and chic country decor

wedding table decoration chic table

The rustic wedding, with a decoration around the theme of the campaign, is often accompanied by glass or wooden objects. This decoration is not pretentious. Moreover, it is ideal for couples seeking ideas for a cheap wedding party. We opted for chairs and wooden tables with a rustic look or for Recycling objects.

Pretty wedding rustic decorating ideas and kind table

country chic wedding decoration

Wedding table whose country design can be made on a white tablecloth or put out and all around so we can see it, can be a rough wooden table that will make us think inside the rustic houses. For there to be something other than just the table, we could make a table runner that can easily carry oneself with flowers, lace, white paper, green or any other color that suits that of rest of the decor.

country wedding: decorating idea for table centerpiece

rustic wedding decoration ideas centerpieces

One might add elements such as black slate or wooden boards to indicate table numbers and names of guests. For a final touch, we opt for candles, like those shown in the image above. If you love yourself, you can make most of the decorations with your friends or your family. You can also find rustic decorations of wood, glass and fabric for wedding table sold on etsy.

decorating idea for Nature table and rustic wedding

table names for country weddings

Glass objects are an ideal complement for decorating table a chic rustic wedding. Glass jars can become pretty vases for a beautiful table decoration while green bottles can serve as an ornament chairs for guests.

Rustic Wedding: rustic décor idea for table and wedding hall

Rustic country decor ideas wedding

Like the rest of the decoration, the flowers of rural marriage are not exotic. Roses are always a classic choice and current. Moreover, one can choose any kind of plants that make us think of the campaign, such as daisies, cosmos flowers, carnations, hydrangeas and or why not sunflowers.

Nature marriage to a country table decoration

kind wedding table decoration champetre

Finally, for the installation of a bar or to the corner of the wedding urn can be used Recycling objects: an old door and an old wooden table with a vintage look could become a counter to store desserts or drinks and even used for the deposit of wedding gifts! As for the wedding altar, once again, we can use natural materials and interesting old objects to climb this sacred place where the priest pronounce the words that you will remember for life.

Rustic Wedding Decorating Ideas

wedding decoration ideas country

The wedding rustic decoration is a natural decor for the wedding rustic is an event that takes place under the stars. The nature invites within it everyone and everyone feels invited by her. Man and nature are one, at least that's the idea of ​​such a party. The celebration of love is a gesture of gratitude to God who has met the happy couple.

Table decoration with flowers country

wedding tables wedding deco campaign

The country decor is humble and majestic at the same time. It must be humble in order to express our respect and love for nature and God. It is majestic as it is natural. Nature is majestic. Any smells, any color, any tree is the incarnation of the divine on earth! The tenderness and sweetness that prevail in the general picture is explained by the pastel tones of the flowers that usually is chosen for this type of event.

interesting decoration idea wedding rustic table

wedding table decoration idea champetre

The lighting bodies have a very important role in the decoration as in the evening it can get dark outside. For the party continues, we must decorate lights. Small bulbs are among the luminaries preferred the most because they illuminate discreetly and growing black space transforms into a magical place. Like fireflies individually glow in the dark, small lamps, although they are in large numbers, sparkle and light up the romantic flame of love in the soul of the happy couple and the guests.

Decorative tree with lanterns

Wedding rural nature decoration ideas

Candles are another way to illuminate the space. Stored in candle holders placed on the table or scattered around without underestimating the danger exists when you put the fire in the nature, they bring light and heat. They enliven the atmosphere with their playful flames. They energize the atmosphere. They tease the timid and the bold burn. They grow fate to her game.

Original ideas wedding decoration

Nature table decoration wedding

A wedding is preparing well in advance. When you want to organize it in the open, you take the chance or the risk of having or not having good weather. For this, there must be large awnings to shelter there in case of surprises caused by weather vagaries.

country wedding and decoration for outdoor party

Nature deco tables Peasant Wedding

In conclusion, let's remember that everything in nature can serve your cause, namely the wedding rustic decor. All trunk, every branch, every petal, every plant or smells can help transform a blank space or at least natural in a place of celebration of this memorable and unique day of marriage. Celebrating unity and love in a natural context, you honor the divine beauty on Earth. There is nothing more beautiful than to unite with nature glorifying human love.

Make a kind wedding table decoration

Wedding decoration campaign tables natures

Without claiming to have been exhaustive on the subject, we would like to invite you to discover our proposals for a country wedding decoration contemplating the photos below. These, we hope strong, can be a great source of inspiration and of great benefit in this line of thinking. Feel free to be creative without any way to harm nature and its living creations.

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