Deco cocooning for a welcoming home –

Deco cocooning for a welcoming home

deco cocooning lounge cushions

With this dossier on the deco cocooning, we reveal a few secrets to creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in your home. As we know, the word "cocooning" comes from English and means in the world of interior design, a comfortable and welcoming decoration.

This type of decoration can be accommodated in the cold months and warmer periods, with different accessories. Indeed, the decor pampering is best characterized by the use of accessories, fabrics and materials characteristics. Here are some secrets that will allow you to decorate a perfect cocoon house.

Example cocooning decor in natural colors with comfortable chair

deco cocooning cozy deco armchair

First, the decor cocooning is characterized by the accumulation of blankets and throws. Our advice about them: choose natural materials and choose them according to the time of year. For example, in winter you can use fabrics like wool. During the warmer months, it will be posible to replace them with lighter fabrics such as linen. Side color, bet on natural tones, bright or dark, as in the picture above.

Pillows, essential element of the decor pampering

Deco textile pampering ideas

Second characteristic element of decoration cocooning: the cushions. Feel free to accumulate on the bed or on the couch in the living room. Again, you can vary the look of your home with the seasons. During the warmer months, for example, you could choose the covers in white or beige cushions, easily replaced by brighter colors in winter.

Deco idea pampering salon with carpet

deco cocooning modern accessories

Carpets are also an important part of decoration cocooning. Whether large or small, they will help you create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in your living room, in the bedroom or in the kitchen. Our tip for a harmonious deco cocooning: consider the possibility of associating the color of the carpet in a room that another element of decoration, such as cushions, rug or curtains. To complete the decoration of your cocoon house, consider using furniture or wood accessories. They are another typical element of decoration cocooning and contribute to creating a welcoming decor, especially when they are accompanied by natural fabrics.

nice deco lighting for pampering bedroom

deco cocooning Scandinavian design room

During the summer evenings or during the long nights of winter, so be sure to play with the lighting in your space with cocooning atmosphere. Choose a discreet and pleasant light from lamps or bamboo pendant lamp, for example. In the bedroom or living room, consider using candles, especially if you like romantic evenings for two.

Living room with fireplace and cocooning atmosphere

mountain style living cocooning atmosphere

Those who are lucky enough to have a fireplace can also enjoy this as decoration. In winter, the fireplace would be a source of light and pleasant warmth, and in summer, it could still be part of the decor pampering if it is adorned with some simple accessories such as country of flowers, for example. On the above image: a beautiful example of decoration cocooning with fireplace.

interior decoration idea with pampering

deco style country living room design environments pampering

The cocooning style decor is perfect not only for your primary residence, but also for a country house or a small mountain chalet. With its natural look, somewhat pretentious and welcoming, it allows you to create a perfect setting that will charm your family and friends. And now you can explore all ideas for a cocoon house by viewing our selection of pictures:

Deco ambiance salon pampering Nu Interieurontwerp

decoration salon pampering atmosphere

decorating idea for pampering parlor

Deco house pampering salons

Cozy room with cocooning decoration

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cozy interior decoration and accessories with pampering

decoration fairs designer armchairs cocoon

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Deco idea and colors for a cozy atmosphere

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Area with mountain style decor and pampering atmosphere

deco mountain cocooning atmosphere

Deco lounge atmosphere for pampering

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Deco pampering bedroom

house style rooms pampering

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deco cocooning rooms adults

Idea accessories Deco style pampering

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Deco pampering room zen

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Salon Deco and cocooning

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Example home pampering

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Deco style and pampering salon

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Accessories Deco design pampering

bedding bedroom decor pampering

accessory lounges'ambiance cocooning

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