Moucharabieh – all on the piece of art and trendy decor –

Moucharabieh – all on the piece of art and trendy decor

Inside moucharabieh majestic luxury hotel

The latticework is a kind of fence from Islamic architecture lining the windows with mesh sizes, mostly wood but also in concrete, complex geometric shapes, used for ventilation in rooms or wet areas.

The meshes, so to speak, or rather the holes - oval or square - shaped like stars, crescents or lozenges, are thus accelerate the wind passing by them and this way it dehumidify the space.

Moucharabieh in the decoration of a large oriental lounge

moucharabieh large oriental lounge decoration

Although the origin of the word and the primary function of the latticework are rather prosaic, its appearance remains and will remain for us all, mysterious, elegant and magical. The word means moucharabieh where you can drink the water and the first function of this kind of display was to place and keep the water in the shade if not cold, at least cost.

Moucharabieh in a design room Oriental and chic

moucharabieh room chic oriental design

The function of the latticework is multiple. It is used for ventilation, as we have already mentioned. Meanwhile we took the opportunity to steal the person - who is behind it or makes it - accidental or prying eyes of people outside. It also serves to reduce the brightness directly entering through the window and protect the heavy heat from the strong sun. It serves well, without this service is perceived as less important to look nice.

Inside a stylish oriental restaurant

moucharabieh chic interior oriental restaurant

The latticework so fascinated that he quickly integrated into the interior design: in the paneling on the glass and as an ornament on the furniture. There are even wall charts which follow the picture shows the ornament characteristic for the architecture of the Orient. Take a look also look at the carpet, do not you recognize the outline of a typical oriental design?

white latticework in complete luxury apartment

white latticework complete luxury apartment

The eastern parts moucharabieh can, alone, frame windows without glass arched exceeded broken, the typical oriental architecture.

Interior oriental design in green and salmon colors and wood

moucharabieh eastern interior house green wood salmon

Stretching from India to Spain, this decorative element helps people and embellishes the inside and outside of their homes or hotels where they stay.

luxurious lobby: grandeur and beauty

moucharabieh luxurious grandeur beauty lobby

The typical ornament in question here, brings an exotic touch to the different furniture and decorative objects. In an apartment furnished in a minimalist style, this oriental embellishment revives more places and furniture.

Ornate furniture moucharabieh in living room with city views

moucharabieh furniture city view living room cupboards

This table is a true piece of art. In a modern and sometimes banal furnishings, a work of art in this way can change the total look of the place and even his style. A small moucharabieh object can help transform the place into an original Oriental design instead.

Coffee table moucharabieh way: a work of art

moucharabieh coffee table work of'art

Consider these decorative art objects, for example. If you incorporate them in a furnished place in an ordinary way, they could - on or not - bring, besides their incredible oriental style shadow keys on the whole place and engage the well to a game of shadows and lights.

Oriental lamps and lanterns

moucharabiehs oriental lanterns lighting elements

The next cabinet will not invite in any kind of style, design or interior decoration. This is, in fact, a master - work. It is obvious that the technique used woodworking, reminiscent of development moucharabiehs, is more than control. It is mastered to perfection because it results in a very refined realization of wood.

majestic and precious furniture


These shutters in traditional Eastern undoubtedly represent one of the ornaments for windows, corridors and balconies, the prettiest that can exist in the world. This mathematical perfection that represent various geometric shapes or spiral rows symmetrically always fascinated.

Traditional moucharabieh for ventilation and protection to buildings

moucharabieh serving traditional building ventilation protection

Another type of mathematical composition - this time lozenges, arranged in parallel rectangles and squares - so-called spirals Ulam. It completely covers the vacuum arc exceeded slightly broken, our attention and causes our admiration.

traditional wooden latticework square spiral

moucharabieh traditional square spiral wood

Bunk diamonds that look like cubes if we change the point of perception make up the example design. This complex design ensures better protection of places against heat and moisture.

Moucharabieh traditional oriental wood whose function is ventilation

moucharabieh traditional oriental fan wooden

The shape of the arc at the eastern and moucharabieh type of ornament that fill half the original furniture located to separate the living room from the dining room, alone determine the style of the house shown in the image that is you presented below. It is the same for arcs making the communication of the different pieces and a few other little oriental style, on a broken arch, we see a set of light and shadow which there was talk a little higher.

wooden oriental element enthroned in the living room

moucharabieh oriental wooden seating element

The eastern mesh is the mesh of choice. But nothing prevents to introduce the "Cubism" and modernism in the perfection of traditional art. Instead of choosing traditional mathematical figures for its window mesh, the architect can you "mesh" differently, in a completely revolutionary way. Thus, odd shapes can substitute for more familiar forms.

Protection wall windows from direct light

white latticework windows front wall protecting from direct light

Instead of placing grilles or shutters ornaments, you can adhere to a more modern solution - the sun visors for cars type of stickers. With a latticework type of drawing or other more Western style, you can make an aesthetic touch without the need for an architect or carpenter wood for it.

Parisian apartment with ornate wall windows

moucharabieh modern Paris apartment for sale

A composition of the kind, such as which is presented below, surely require an iron frame. Today, of course, cutting yet no longer made by hand. The machines come to replace the genius and human dexterity.

white latticework and wood framing inside an apartment located on terrace

white wooden latticework framing interior terrace

White and wooden latticework on terrace with view

white wooden latticework on terrace with view

Here's how to take a building in an original way to protect against direct light and heat.

contemporary architectural work with modern moucharabieh

moucharabieh contemporary architectural work building

This protection classic oriental ornaments can be made of metal or concrete. Thus, you give a young and contemporary look to your building.

contemporary architectural building moucharabieh ornaments

moucharabieh ornament contemporary architectural building

To give a contemporary look while emphasizing the architectural values, here's what aesthetic and protective solutions can help you.

moucharabieh modern ornaments Building: contemporary architecture

moucharabieh ornament contemporary architecture building

In this case, as in the following two examples, this protection makes it possible to place the corridors outside the closed portion of the building.

Eastern design Building Coating

moucharabieh coating oriental design building

Eastern design Building Coating

moucharabieh coating oriental design building

Modern Moucharabieh: Western architecture

modern European architecture moucharabieh

The mesh can find a place inside the building while serving as a barrier corridors, natural ventilation system or just decoration.

white latticework inside a large modern building

moucharabieh white large modern building

To reduce glare from the luminescent light in the office, you can choose a protective metal latticework with ornaments. In this way, the practice will marry the exotic.

moucharabieh modern black metal in offices

metal modern offices moucharabieh

A grid - recalling the latticework far and near the Norwegian expressionist Munch - brings a lot of style and modernity inside the room design.

Modern black metal inside an apartment

modern black metal latticework inside apartment

Moucharabiehs more modern and ordinary wood can do the trick to separate while embellishing the transition between adjoining rooms.

Modern moucharabieh separating the entrance and inside

moucharabieh separating modern interior entry

If your interior design is more traditional, even classical oriental, or the opposite - very contemporary European art, from traditional moucharabiehs can go well with the interior decoration.

Ventilation in room: a minimalist interior but very arty

moucharabieh ventilation arty minimalist interior room

You to decorate your home or your restaurant, this attractive and practical oriental touch can always have a place somewhere. Here, for example, in this little Oriental restaurant in the colors of the Levant, the wooden screen is very appropriate.

yellow wooden screen in a contemporary restaurant by Allure&Wood trellises creator on-mesure¹

Contemporary Restaurant yellow wooden latticework

As protective windows on sliding doors in wood and glass, moucharabieh style device allows you in addition to regularly take a look at the little ones. At the same time, it ensures the privacy and security of your children in the space reserved for them. Finally, it provides an excellent solution to interior design challenges facing.

Moucharabieh wood sliding doors and marble floor

moucharabieh wooden sliding doors marble floor

You will see that type of latticework screens that we will present as examples not only bring an originality and a touch of art. They also impart dynamism to the interior decoration which may be necessary for a sterile modern décor.

moucharabiehs elements: screens in white rooms

elements latticework screens white lounges

So a wooden screen, triangular mesh, diamond-shaped and wooden trapezoids, embellishes and shakes the rigidity of place. In addition, it is modern and cheerful despite the cold, dark color.

modern, gray Design screen in a minimalist style lounge

moucharabieh wooden living room modern design screen

In the following example, the joyous screen only contributes to the dynamism of the place decorated in various materials and otiginaux. A stone fireplace ornamented, dominated by an ancient mirror, alongside a Japanese style furniture. A glass wall thousand modern facet and a screen mesh type moucharabieh reflect and reflect the incoming light. A table style of Edouard Léon Cortès presenting rainy Parisian boulevards brings with silk cushions, impressive color key.

white living room and wood and screen moucharabieh

white wooden living latticework screen

Another wooden screen and glass that boosts domestic mainly white.

modern white wooden screen separating the lounge from the kitchen

Modern white wood latticework separating living area

This kitchen in navy blue and white has a discrete and modern screen kind of latticework. This cleverly conceals the meal preparation process for those who have already settled in the dining room.

Modern blue screen in contemporary cuisine

blue modern contemporary cuisine moucharabieh

Modernity can register easily in traditional Oriental decor and even switch the mundane look. The tradition may have a new vision through modern moucharabiehs details.

moucharabiehs modern elements: color glass and wooden screens

Modern wood latticework elements colors glass screens

We shall show happy with that glass screen to bathroom moucharabiehs modern elements.

Modern bathroom and glass latticework

room moucharabieh modern glass bathroom

It was our collection of screens. Let's return to the examples of traditional latticework type or modern ornaments embellishing the interior of our homes or bringing style to objects and furniture they accompany.

Woodwork dominant white headboard: a real work of art

moucharabieh white woodwork dominant headboard

Without the woodwork for headboard, it's nothing fancy. With master - work that dominates, the bed has a royal appearance. As for the photo of the bathroom, tiles imitating moucharabieh the modernized. What remains comparable in both pictures is the look classy places.

moucharabieh traditional elements in a bedroom and a bathroom

traditional latticework elements bathroom room

You may well add a latticework at the windows but the inside. In this way, you will not need curtains. No need blackout curtains that make whole dam to light. simple, fine and discreet curtains just to dress the part with ornaments, often present in the drawing, go in most cases perfectly with figures carved into the woodwork.

Gateway to a blank area and wooden oriental ornaments by Allure&Wood trellises creator on-mesure²

moucharabieh white wooden door entrance lounge

Here is a doubled door of a modern ornate device. It is true that the ornaments are so modern it is difficult to draw a parallel with the latticework. However, the representation of tree branches tangled over each other are similar to those already known. They remind somehow Oriental beauty and so draw geometric shapes

moucharabieh as modern choice for the front door by Allure&Wood trellises creator on-mesure³

Modern door entry moucharabieh

The modern moucharabieh can serve as railings.

Modern Railing white wood

moucharabieh white wood railings

Bannister and white railings and wood

moucharabieh white wood railing banister

Finally, it can be used as ceiling. In this case, we are dealing with a very modern moucharabieh since carved forms are, for the first time, circles. But even the traditional and modern latticework, is characterized by geometric shapes with at least three angles. The silhouette of the eastern arch is always slightly broken.

White metal ceiling in a modern office

moucharabieh white metal office ceiling




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