Christmas decoration to manufacture 53 fun ideas to inspire you –

Christmas decoration to manufacture 53 fun ideas to inspire you

Christmas decor making simple idea paper easy to achieve

Christmas is a warm family celebration. See you around the fireplace with family and friends to share good times, eat cake and drink mulled wine.

It is also the perfect time to spend time with your children doing fun activities and practices at once. If you want an original and personalized Christmas decoration, get inspired by our gallery of 53 original ideas for yourself and realize them with your children, your family and friends. The Christmas decoration making is the best way to have fun and beautify his home at Christmas time without investing a lot of resources. It's also a way to recycle old objects and give them a second life.

Christmas decoration making paper or recycled cardboard

Deco idea christmas paper tree decoration original design cheap

Decorate the inside and out for Christmas is not that expensive or complicated as you think. Still, it must reflect the colors and style that best accord with the design of your interior. What are the colors of Christmas? They are red, green, white and gold. Red symbolizes warmth and friendliness. He is the embodiment of the suit of Santa Claus. Green, meanwhile, is reminiscent of the tree. It is easy to represent the home by putting a little greenery. It is a color that will add freshness to your home. It is well that it is present. The white represents the snow. It is also the color of innocence and purity. The gold is the color of the star we put on top of the tree. Do you know that she symbolizes? The Christmas star symbolizes the Eastern Star. It's light and hope. You can of course opt for other colors that you like: pink, blue, purple. It all depends on your tastes and your preference.

Christmas decoration making spoons with wooden coffee
Christmas decor making brainchild design wooden angel

Once the dominant colors for your chosen decoration, prepare the necessary materials. To make a Christmas decoration, you can use any paper, plastic, fabric, pine cones, tree branches, flowers and even teaspoons wood! The easiest material to handle this paper. It can also become the most embarrassing. Do you know the art of folding paper known worldwide as origami? Everyone, in his childhood, had a day have the opportunity to fold an airplane, a boat, a giraffe or a bird paper. This activity is more than fun for children. Indeed, the art of folding paper comes from a long tradition of authentic Chinese and Japanese. Why not find out and practice this art with your children? You can also perform other original ideas for crafts with paper. The tools needed are scissors, glue or tape and string for hanging. If you only have a white paper at home and you want color, then color your figures with crayons, markers or acrylic paint. Kids love coloring, is not it?

Christmas decoration making paperchristmas decor easy to manufacture cheap original deco suspension fir idea

If you like to sew and work with fabrics, it is possible to realize figurines made of wool or cotton. It is an activity that will certainly please your children. Finally, the seam is an interesting job. This will be helpful to make your children discover.

Idea Christmas decoration making with wool ballschristmas decor do it yourself original idea christmas ball

Original Christmas wreath to make yourself

Christmas decoration to make yourself original idea suspension garland

There are lots of Christmas decor garland ideas to manufacture. In the example above, for example, just choose some simple balls and paint them and decorate their surface. These snowmen will carry you into a winter and festive spirit. Hang them with a wire along your wall or directly on your Christmas tree.

Decoration achieve with paper

deco christmas cheap idea to make oneself cheap christmas decoration original

For fans of origami idea might inspire you. Just bring along various colors of paper and perform the Christmas decoration that you want to do. Cutting and something very fun, especially if you make it with the help of your children. Take your paper, your glue and scissors and your spears yourself in this fabulous project.

Christmas decoration hanging in Boho chic style

Christmas tree decoration to make boho chic style original idea

Use the rope Deco really will not cost you much for your Christmas decoration. Just diversify colors and suspend son to form garlands.

Decoration suspended chic boho style Christmas decoration making itself boho chic style idea

Hang them with a string and a stick from end to your wreath is stable. For this you need with a simple pair of scissors.

Snowman snow fun, idea Molly Moo Crafts
Christmas decor making christmas ball manufacturing christmas decor

Christmas balls in perfect paper for decorating the tree Christmas decor making christmas ball in cheap paper idea

Yet dan spirit of origami, you can make Christmas ball in papier.Il just alternate few layers of paper in two colors of different sizes. Finally, decorate the while creating elegant patterns. Above all, choose a beefier paper such as cardboard.

fir wood hangingChristmas decoration making oneself idea original fir wood

Here are some really interesting Christmas trees. You can make them from single pieces of wood painted according to your wishes or from a carton. Rotate them along the length of the strips and paste them on an ice stick. Finally, using a wire you can hang them on your tree or any place that inspires you.

Original idea to achieve with wine corksdeco christmas manufacturing idea original cork wine manufacturing fir

Like wine? Do not forget to keep the caps. This can serve you in several Christmas decoration ideas to manufacture, as in the example above. Just provide yourself with a good glue, paint and patience. Mount them fir shape on a trunk-shaped end grain and the effect will be surprising.

Cerf woolChristmas decor making deer wool Deco original suspension fir idea

If you love spending time sewing, these wool deer can be a wonderful accessory for your tree.

Christmas decor making sock wool original idea

Also, if you have talents in sewing you can create your own decor with this Christmas stocking for your small gifts.

Christmas decor making brainchild heart DIY original Christmas wool

paper crown DIY original idea christmas paper hearts

This paper crown is absolutely fabulous and easy to do. Take your paper remaining gifts; glue and scissors and make it in no time.

Christmas decoration in manufacturing paper crown snowflakes

We all made snowflakes when we were little. It's time to remember how were manufactured from paper and use them as decorative element.

Christmas decor making itself brainchild fir suspension

With the help of a simple fabric you can make elegant forms of decoration with motifs that inspire you.

christmas paper crown original idea DIY easy cheap christmas

This Christmas decoration paper is absolutely fabulous and easy to do. Please have a good pair of scissors and go to cutting.

Christmas decoration idea to manufacture blue christmas ball

Tired of the classic Christmas colors? Take your paint and color your balls color you want. Your can also incorporate interesting patterns.

Original paper ball decoration christmas tree decoration idea suspension

In the spirit a bit oriental, you can make these balls from simple strips of white paper you will draw right after.

Christmas decor making idea branch Christmas tree ball garland

Every fear element fit into your home decor for the holidays. All you need is a little imagination.

paper flowers deco DIY manual activity christmas decoration idea cheap

Christmas decor to make your own original idea deco christmas tree ball

christmas decoration to make original paper star suspended Deco fir

Deco Christmas is make yourself wool Christmas bell

Christmas decor in manufacturing paper brainchild paper angel christmas decoration manufacturing paper snowflake idea

deco-de-noel-a-star-making paper-easy-not-dear

Christmas decoration manufacturing cardboard original idea Christmas tree

Elegant Christmas decoration idea suspension Deco cheap paper tree

christmas decoration paper origami original idea brico child

Deco Christmas paper to make itself even cheap original idea

Christmas decor making deer wool Deco suspended tree idea

Deco paper manufacturing christmas decoration idea christmas cheap

deco christmas manufacturing suspension crown fir original elegant idea

deco christmas manufacturing flower ball easy sewing material

Deco original Christmas paper modern suspension deco DIY cheap paper decoration white ball cardboard original idea

Christmas tree decoration minimalist idea christmas ball cardboard

manufacturing christmas tree card suspension design idea

Christmas decoration making paper original idea suspension Deco cheap

deco original paperboard manufacture christmas tree itself cardboard

Original female christmas decoration deco making home brainchild

Christmas decor snowman idea wool scarf

christmas paper cardboard cheap modern suspension design decoration idea

christmas paper manufacturing brainchild deco design DIY Christmas child

Christmas decoration making itself cardboard

Christmas decoration idea to make easy carry

Christmas decoration idea to manufacture tissue original suspension garland

Christmas decor making original idea

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