Wedding decor ideas do it yourself to an exceptional event –

Wedding decor ideas do it yourself to an exceptional event

Deco wedding do it yourself music bouquet bride-score-music

Marriage is one of the biggest events in your life. This is a special day and you want to show and share your love to the people who are closest to you.

To this date even more wonderful, we must think of the decor. If you have a small budget or you simply want to make your wedding unique and personal, choose a Deco wedding do it yourself.

flowers and fruit table centerpiece for a wedding decoration do it yourself

Deco wedding do it yourself table center-table-pink-white-apples

table centers for your wedding give freshness while adding volume and accentuating the theme colors and accents of your reception. Choosing the right flower arrangement can be overwhelming, especially when your favorite flowers are proving to be too expensive. If the budget plays an important role in your wedding planning, consider reducing costs with our deco wedding tips do it yourself.

Deco idea of ​​marriage to do so even with the recovered bottles

Deco wedding do it yourself table-flower-vases-display-trunk

The centers of flower tables are as simple as beautiful. You can use old pots jams, empty bottles and other pot that is adapted to put flowers. It is for you to decide which flowers best match your wedding theme. Focus on seasonal flowers because they are cooler but also less expensive.

Small pots of beans for a simple and quaint decor

Deco wedding do it yourself center-table-bean-flowers

To finalize your centerpiece you can add ribbons, lace and also the jute twine for rustic and country weddings. For an even more personal and original notes do not forget the fruits and vegetables. Beans and pebbles give a very interesting note at the bottom of a vase.

Deco wedding do it yourself bouquet-flowers-newsprint

For decoration wedding do it yourself, the paper offers a large selection of craft ideas and is also very affordable. It is easy to add paper touches on everything - paper lamps, flowers, boxes, buttons and many more. There are so many ideas for paper creations for your wedding that you're spoiled for choice. Your options are endless with paper of different textures, colors and lots of cutting machines that go with it.

A paper for each look

Deco marriage to oneself idea-number-of-table-paper

The themes rustic weddings, for example, are up to using lots of natural papers. You can use paper to create your own invitations and place cards your own. Mix textures and shades of browns, creams and even green to stay in the natural and rustic.

From the beautiful and decor in jam jars

Deco wedding do it yourself-jam-jars-lace flowers

These fun little flower pots are simply made from jam jars. Ask relatives to collect all the pots they keep. Adorn them with jute twine, lace, ribbons or fabric and with a touch of love you get the result you want. Just add some simple flowers to get the perfect result. You can use these pots for your centerpieces or to hang as decoration using wire.

Centerpiece of recycled materials to wow your guests


Here is an original idea with which you will impress many. If you want a natural decor you can use recycled materials, such as toilet paper rolls for vases with dried flowers laid at the center. You can also add wood and cardboard items for door names and small details that will entertain your guests.

Bottles dry flowers impress

deco-marriage-is-how-it-yourself-idee-bottle flowers

Sheet music and flowers form a nice duo for a wedding theme music

deco-marriage-is-how-it-yourself-music-sheet-music-paper yellow

Wrap the flowers as the theme of your wedding is a good idea to adopt. In this case, the scores were used to form small bunches floral decor for cheap wedding. To not use your music books, remember to print.

paper flower bouquet recycled decor do it yourself


Make your own flowers! Cut or fold the paper into shapes and floral decoration for a low budget but beautiful is very original. With a little practice, you can make floral arrangements that are absolutely stunning. You can also add paper flowers outside cheap paper lanterns suspended for a simple decor. Drill partitions or pages from old books in forms of hearts to make confetti for the tables at the reception or to the couple at the end of ceremony. Have you also thought of making a floral wall paper?

Reuse your old wooden frames for a rustic atmosphere

deco-marriage-is-how-it-yourself ideas Framework-green

We all have unused home executives. Then if we do not, we can go through a flea market quickly and get them. You can make your wooden frames of the decor very nice little budget around a green wall or use them to your table numbers.

Deco idea wedding do it yourself with wooden ladder

deco-marriage-is-how-it-yourself-scale retro-rustic

Get out your scale your attic and turn it into something original. In the posing next to a wall and by depositing the decoration that you want you will get a romantic and amazing effect.

To say thank you personally

deco-marriage-is-how-it-yourself gift-message-bottle

One of the best ways to show your friends and family how much you appreciate them is to offer them remember something they absolutely love it. If you want to say thank you after a wedding or event, or if you want to create homemade gifts, here's a nice idea and mignone, which again, is simple to perform. Simply fill a few bottles of a decor that will remind your wedding theme and add a sweet little word there.

Small boxes do it yourself

deco-marriage-is-how-it-yourself gift-prompts

A small sign of love for each guest in memory of a special evening

deco-marriage-is-how-it-yourself-grandchildren souvenir hearts

Wooden sub-plates for simple, natural decor

deco-marriage-is-how-it-yourself-placecard-wood trunks

Wood is one of the simplest materials and at the same time most convenient to use. There are hundreds of wedding decoration ideas to do it yourself with wood. Raw wood can be simply used for sub-plates or for removals are vases or even alliances bride and groom for a rustic atmosphere or country.

Signs of eternal love laid on the timeless wood


Composition of candles and wood for a romantic

deco-marriage-is-how-it-yourself Candle-wood

Deco idea wedding do it yourself for a theme inspired by the journey


Depending on your wedding theme you can fit the decor to match. Use a globe, postcards and any object recalling a trip to personnalisr any wedding table center dedicated to exploring new countries.

Personalize your chairs with a simple ribbon for a glamorous effect

deco-marriage-is-how-it-yourself-chairs, draperies flying-knot-butterfly

Want to turn your chairs into something beautiful and original? You can do this by inserting ribbons, lace or simple cloth tied knot. You can choose between different materials and colors and add your own personal touch.

Turn your chair in a beautiful spring plant


Tables for appetizers on wooden wheels recovered


At your cutlery!

deco-marriage-is-how-it-yourself-rustic-covered original

When organizing this great event every detail is important. Covered have a main square on the table. Create small pockets for covered and your guests will not remain indifferent.

Deco cheap do it yourself recalling spring


If you do not have a lot of time and a large budget, wrap your cutlery simple white towels and add a personal touch, such as small yellow flowers in the photo-cons and tie them with a jute twine .

Deco wedding do it yourself lavender theme

deco-marriage-is-how-it-yourself-table-country-chic lavender-gift guests

Marriage is a time of joy

deco-marriage-is-how-it-yourself-original-balloons confetti

Marriage is one of the happiest days of our lives. This is the event we want to share with the people closest to us and celebrate the joy is love. That is why we must never forget the fun note. The balloon is too mundane. We see everywhere. That's why we offer you an original idea to make your more interesting balloons. Just simply to insert a bit of confetti before inflating. Want to see the result? Try to complete this project right away and you will be impressed.

Bunch of edible flowers and surprising

deco-marriage-is-how-it-yourself center-of-table-yellow candy

Mmm ... who does not love candy! For large and small that idea deco wedding do it yourself will salivate more one. At the same time beautiful, the decor will not go wasted because it certainly not end up in a trash can. Your guests can contemplate and especially eat to have a few forces during their rest time between each dance.

Marriage is there!


Deco idea of ​​marriage cheap dried flowers

deco-marriage-is-how-it-yourself-flowers-yellow hydrangea-yellow towel
Buttonholes to oneself

deco-marriage-is-how-it-yourself-boutonnieres rustic-flowers
Why spend so much money to the florist for buttonholes, while you can do it in no time? Call your bridesmaids and come together to create these beautiful buttonholes using simple small flowers and jute twine. Obviously it's up to you what deco add to make them consistent with your wedding theme. It is for you now to prepare your special day!

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