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Children’s birthday: Deco ideas birthday girl

small idea birthday girl childEach party tochild birthday is unique, but well organized and decorated party will be unforgettable in the eyes of your child. We will devote this article to decorate the birthday party for a little girl.

If you have decided to organize a child birthday, know that the decor and the little girl birthday cake may be the most important things in the eyes of the smallest. Have fun with themed decor birthday, invent games and find appropriate decorative accessories for the event. There really is a huge choice regarding the birthday theme you choose for your little girl - princess, fairy tale, explorers, vampires, etc. Take the time to organize things to please your daughter and her guests.

Children's birthday with pink and blue decor

deco blue pink child birthday

There are many things you need to think in order to organize thechild birthday perfect. In addition to creating the perfect backdrop, you also find the other elements that go with such as birthday cake, candy bags, gifts for guests and games. These elements do not have to be chosen based on the overall theme, but start by choosing the theme will help you with everything else. Here are some suggestions of themes that will probably appeal to your daughter:

Baby swimming vintage style

birthday child deco vintage style

If your daughter likes the idea of ​​being a princess, she will definitely love the birthday decor inspired by the story of Princess Sofia. In this case, you need to decorate your shiny golden indoors to keep up with the dress of the princess your daughter will. Buy him also a tiara to complete her look. The birthday cake can also be decorated with the same type of tiara as your daughter or shaped princess dress. These are only two original ideas how to incorporate the Princess Sofia character in the cake. There are of course many others. As gifts for the guests you can choose plastic wands for girls and swords for the boys.

Deco idea birthday girl at the beach

birthday party child at the beachDora the Explorer is another popular animated designs in smaller and it's always a great option for the little girl birthday decor. By choosing this theme, it's very easy to find the necessary accessories. The animated drawings includes several characters which allow you to create a very varied scenery. Find Dora figure to put on top of the cake and table runners in red, yellow, white or purple. As a final touch, you can make candy bags for children with stickers, crayons or other items inspired by this lively drawings.

Birthday Cake girl with a princess crown

child birthday cake idea daughter

These are just two examples of deco themes for the birthday of your daughter, but the choices are endless. You can get inspiration from everything she loves to create the festive dreams - fairy tales, cartoons, animals, etc. The most important thing for the little girl's birthday party is to create a happy atmosphere for children to play together. Remember in any case also make birthday invitations to indicate the date, time and address of where your daughter will celebrate her birthday. Here are a few ideas anniversary in pictures:

Original decoration for birthday girl

child birthday girl pink princess

Birthday table decoration in pink and blue

deco birthday blue pink girl child table

Birthday girl floral decoration

Birthday girl child

Deco birthday girl a year

deco birthday girl child

very original birthday cake for girl

cake birthday girl interesting

Gifts for guests of a birthday girl

birthday cake child daughter

Girl Birthday Decor a year

deco birthday blue purple child

Idea for little girl's birthday

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Table decoration for the little girl's birthday party

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colored muffins for girl birthday

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Dora birthday cake Explorer

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Birthday girl invitation 1 year

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