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The interior design with large houseplants

beautiful plant in front of the fireplace

Nature lovers and interior decoration, this article is for you. If you do not have a garden but still dream of having the green home, consider design your large houseplants home.

Interior decoration with convenient timber adorned with a large plant

decoration'intérieur avec belle plante tombante sur commode

Small plants are easy to integrate into the scenery; they can be placed all over the house. For what is of large plants, however, the options are not as many. So how do you find the perfect location for your large plants?

An elegant bedroom where two large plants stand decor

corner room has a large plant

Let's start with the living room. The most common place to place a large plant is, of course, the corner of a room. If a window is close, as is the case in the example above, your plants will do well under natural light. You can opt for a beautiful palm tree that will give your home an unparalleled exotic side!

Great reading area dominated by a large plant behind the chair

corner reading large plant

A fern is also a good choice for the area of ​​plants that seem to stand out in a room without dominating it. Consider also the space behind the chair when it comes, for example, a reading corner.

Beautiful interior overflowing pep and plants of all kinds

decoration of'interieur tout en verdure

If you are looking to fill space on a shelf or bookcase, some plants would be a good solution. Why not opt ​​for a beautiful moon flower for a little sweetness?

Indoor plants stand out from the white decor

decoration of'interieur ultra moderne blanc

If you like interior design arty, do not hesitate to venture to hang plants from the ceiling of your bedroom. You can admire them once slept and this method allows you to add greenery to your interior without losing space.

Beautiful bookcase dotted with plants of all sizes

large plant on bookcase

It is also possible to opt for glass terrariums that can enliven your decor. Arrange ahead of landless plants such as Tillandsia that does not require a lot of care but which gives the room a bohemian air.

This bathroom is animated by a great houseplant placed on a stool

plant of'intérieur dans salle de bain

The bathroom is another place not to be overlooked. As you can see in the example above, all you need is a stool and a plant of your choice. You can do a part two hit and put your plant on a table that also serve for storage.

bohemian interior dotted with greenery here and there

plants suspended ceiling track

If you have high ceilings, enjoy this advantage. Beyond the hanging plants, you can also invest in Pothos or in a climbing plant that will roll along your wall.

Stylish interior where a beautiful houseplant is out

great-great-vase-point of-sight

Whatever plants you choose, think the flowerpot. Notice the flower pot in the example above. He brings, if not more character to the room, at least as far as the plant itself. The choice is therefore required - the container is as important as what it contains.

Superb green corner near the window

beautiful plant near the window

To summarize, your interior design can benefit enormously large houseplants.

Despite their large size, they can be found in every room of the house. And if you lack the space, do not forget your ceilings!

Interior decoration of modern and baroque

beautiful decoration'intérieur style baroque

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