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Dress wedding guest – our heart blows for the spring-summer season

dress wedding guest-model-trend spring-summer

The months of spring and summer are traditionally chosen by many couples for their wedding ceremonies. If you have friends who organize such an event this year, you would need an outfit for spring wedding or summer.

At the beginning of the season, so we decided to go round the shops to explore the wedding guest dress ideas. We present below our selection, with some basic principles for choosing an outfit for a wedding and missteps to avoid.

invited dress-blue pastel-short-sleeved wedding

One of your best friends is organizing his wedding this summer and you just got the invitation for this happy event? Now is the choice of a wedding guest dress! But then, before embarking on shopping, he would have to know some principles for choosing the perfect wedding guest outfit.

What color for a wedding guest dress for spring and summer?

dress wedding invitation red mid-length Strapless anthropology

If there is a wedding guest dress color that is almost completely banish, it is white. The pristine color is reserved for holding the wedding, especially one should avoid steal the star role in selecting a dress for marriage in this color!

dress wedding guest-sleeved lace sun-short-nordstrom

Enhance your look with a little dress in pastel colors and lace by Nordstrom

Good to know: this principle knows one small exception. It applies to cases where the bride chose another color for his robe or party. In this case, you have the opportunity to bet on white. We still recommend to share your idea with the bride and ask her opinion.

How to wear light colors at a party in the spring or summer

invited dress-short light pink wedding-zara

Pink is ideal for a wedding guest outfit spring and summer, adopt this dress with sleeves halfway lanyards Zara

Yes, but spring and summer are the seasons where you usually wear light colors. How to avoid white while remaining in a palette of spring or summer shades?


bright colors and floral pattern for a party full of laughter with a signed outfit Dolce & Gabbana

Two solutions are possible to solve this problem. The first would be to bet on an invited dress light colored wedding with floral pattern. Whether printed or light or bright colors, you will have the right look for the season and perfect for a party.

dress-invitee-marriage-light blue-short-model-h & m

Chic and stylish this short dress sleeveless H metallic tones&M!

The second option would be to select an outfit for wedding invitation pastel shades. It would be a nice way to stay in the color palette of the season and follow the latest trends held wedding ceremony.

Can you wear a black dress at a ceremony or a wedding reception?

dress-invitee-wedding-sleeved, short-color-black

The little black dress cocktail style, an ideal option for a formal party idea by Michelle Mason

You do not have time to go shopping right now and you rely on your little black dress? No problem ! Short or long, the black dress is no longer proscribed parties and wedding ceremony. It makes you more feminine and elegant silhouette, and it puts you at ease! What is better for the special day of your best friend?

dress-invitee-wedding-short-black-lace Straps

Give a feminine and poetic touch in her short dress with lace pattern by Zara

If you decide to bet on an outfit in black, feel free to add some touches of light or bright colors. In short, enjoy the accessories you have in your wardrobe to give a little more pep to your outfit!

dress-invitee-wedding-black-lace long-wife

A black lace dress for a poetic look and dared both by Urban Outfitters

The various black dress models are suitable for different situations. Thus, a romantic theme wedding is the perfect setting for a dark dress with lace.


The black dress risque version for a glamorous wedding by Topshop

In an official celebration, rather it would build on outfits in dark colors and sleek silhouettes.

Can you wear a wedding dress Woman bright color?

dress-invitee-wedding-red short-asymmetric-3-Swiss

The asymmetrical bright red dress is perfect for a romantic wedding, model 3 Suisses

Speaking of bright colors, say a few words about the outfits for wedding in shades of red, green, yellow and blue. Unless specifically requested by the married (that should be on your card), these colors are a good choice for your wedding dress invited.

dress-invitee-marriage-half-long yellow-chic

Like the bright yellow? Choose a dress with feminine strapless version Victoria Beckham

Short or long, the dress in bright shades will make you shine throughout the day. And long after, on the wedding pictures!

Which dress invitation vintage themed wedding?

dress-invitee-wedding-flower-print-long spring-summer

The elegant dress is perfect for any figure! For a spring wedding, we love a model by Cushnie Et Ochs

Your friend has chosen a theme for the organization and for the decoration of her special day. It therefore asks you to wear an outfit that matches the theme. In this case, should be to find a way to bend to its demands!

dress-invitee-wedding-woman lace-pink-pastel-nordstrom

For a vintage wedding, opt for a wedding dress invited mid-length by Nordstrom

Themed weddings are fun because they offer us a bit of the atmosphere of a theme costume to party. Yes, if the bride decided to focus her special day around the vintage theme, you'll probably have to choose a retro dress.

dress-invitee-wedding-color-pastel-pink medium long-asos

light colors and chic silhouette for a retro wedding with this model Asos

Therefore choose a figure and a length adapted to the chosen period. Complete your look with a hairstyle and appropriate accessories.

What wedding dress asked for a chic romantic or bohemian party?

dress-invitee-wedding-pastel-pink bustier straps-fine-anthropology
A dress for guest unique bohemian chic wedding by Anthropologie

For a wedding in bohemian chic theme, adopt a hippie style look! The long dress in light colors is ideal for the occasion. Remember to imagine a complete thematic hair, possibly a flower-shaped accessory.

dress-invitee-wedding-pink floral pattern-long-anthropology

floral pattern and satin for a long pattern romantic style by Anthropologie

Another popular theme for spring and summer: the romantic wedding. This occasion invites you to find a feminine and chic dress at once. Again, go for bright, floral prints colors to associate with poetic hair with braids or bun.

How to choose a dress for wedding invitation in pastel?

dress-invitee-wedding-pleated-long blue-h & m

feminine lace and pleated purposes for a pastel blue dress by H&M

Pastel wedding is a great option for a summer party and spring since these colors are synonymous with those of nature. If you have to choose an outfit for a pastel theme party, do not hesitate to inform you what the color chosen by the bride and bridesmaids.

dress-invitee-marriage-half-long pale pink-lace-asos

The models strapless seduce us for a summer wedding, idea by Asos

Armed with this critical information, try to find a pastel shade that will make your dress too close to those of the bride in terms of colors. In short, follow the principle that the bride is the star of the day!

What outfits for country themed wedding or sea?


The floral prints even seduce us when in cool tones, as this model by J. Crew Collection

The country wedding usually takes place in a rustic, relaxed setting. Organized in the country, this festival provides the opportunity to put a dress with floral prints.

dress-invitee-marriage-long-style-bohemian-chic wrap-around

For a party at the seaside, we offer a dress hiding heart marine shades by Tory Burch

As the name suggests, the classic seaside themed wedding is celebrated near the sea and even on the beach. In some cases, it could take place on a terrace and a swimming pool. This framework invites us to romantic wear and casual outfits that take over the natural landscape patterns.

dress-invitee-wedding-Lace-Long-Light Blue

The lace dresses with thin straps are ideal for warm days Model Mango

If you want to stay within the theme of the wedding, so prefer an outfit color and marine motifs. You can never go wrong with shades of blue, gray and white.

dress-invitee-wedding-model-lace-sleeved, short-nordstrom

To avoid white, beige is chosen version Nordstrom

Beige is a complementary color to blue in many marine-style decor. So a good solution for those who would not wear cool colors!

Some tips to choose her dress wedding guest depending on location and season


In spring and summer, you want a color dress version Asos!

Choosing a wedding dress invited and included accessories will reflect the season. Spring is certainly associated with lightweight materials and chic silhouettes but April is still fresh.

dress-invitee-marriage-long-sleeves-floral-print-sun zara

Provide long sleeves for a celebration that takes place in April or May, idea by Zara

For this reason, you could wear a dress with long sleeves. Depending on the model chosen, do not forget to include a jacket or scarf for the evening.

Some tips for a chic and comfortable look in summer

dress-invitee-wedding-sleeved black-sun-flowers

In the spring, allows himself a short dress with long sleeves in dark tones by Madewell

The color of your dress does not only depend on the holding of the bride and the theme; also take into account the season. If you are going to attend a wedding in July and August, avoid black. It attracts the sun's rays and may be uncomfortable during the hottest days of the year.

dress-invitee-wedding-short tunic-floral-print

The lace is soft feminine figure on this original and sexy model by Style Bop

During warmer months, wearing a dress was sleeveless wedding invitation that will allow you to move more freely and enjoy the holiday despite the heat.

dress-invitee-wedding-slinky-dark-blue halter-h & m

The dark tones cocktail dress fits a woman invited wedding outfit, idea H&M

This principle is an exception: it applies to cases where the wedding party is in the evening, at sunset. Dark colors and in black and dark blue cocktail dresses are fully allowed for these cases.

dress-invitee-wedding-lace-pink-short blade

Blow of heart for this short dress with beige lace Sandro

In summer, wear colors and natural materials and light. The outfits made of artificial textile will stimulate sweating and may ruin your party.

Adapting the model of her wedding dress invited to part of the ceremony and celebration

dress-invitee-marriage-long blue-bright-model

You are invited to a marine marriage? Choose the color blue with a long dress model signed Alex Perry

Some themed weddings are organized in original and unusual places that match the decor of the party. Your announcement will inform you of all the details about where the ceremony and party will be held. This information will help you choose a silhouette and a length adapted to the occasion.

Some principles for choosing a wedding guest dress for a church ceremony

dress-invitee-wedding-yellow strapless short-idea-anthropology

For an outdoor party, we love this little yellow sleeveless dress from Anthropologie

Your friend plans a ceremony in the church? In this case, we should consider a few specific rules. The church celebrated ceremonies require more classic outfit, even somewhat rigorous.

dress-invitee-wedding-blue pastel light-mid-long model

For official ceremonies, it favors classic tones with a model by Brock Collection

Here, no dress too short or too tight-fitting silhouette. Also plan what you cover shoulders (a scarf, a shirt), if necessary.

dress-invitee-Wedding-green long-braces-3-Swiss

For official ceremonies and glamorous celebrations, we put on a star dress by 3 Suisses!

Given these constraints, the dresses for church wedding require some creativity. You would choose a suitable model for the official ceremony that you can quickly turn for the following holiday.

Which bag and shoes for a wedding guest dress in spring and summer?

dress-invitee-wedding-black-length floral-print it

To shine with a rock'n'roll look, the focus is on an asymmetrical dress by Topshop

As for accessories, we choose a pocket or purse, particularly suitable for casual parties with rustic theme or bohemian chic.


The floral prints in bright and light colors, an ideal option for spring and summer by Jill Stuart

If you have decided to wear a discreet outfit, go for a bag decorated with shiny sequins in bright colors or patterns.


The little black dress comes in bold version, and ultra feminine version of Rebecca Vallance

As for shoes for a wedding guest dress, you decide in advance if you are comfortable with heels. If so, we will opt for classic pumps in a color that complements her outfit.


The dark dress, chic and functional version, ideal for a casual wedding by Babaton

If not, we can always offer an even ballerinas trend and comfortable. It would be a great solution for those who do not like wearing heels or want to dance all night!

dress-invitee-wedding-short-beige light-without-sleeves-zara

Hot days invite us to wear a short wedding dress in soft tones Zara

Sandals are a possible choice for the months of July and August, provided the festival's theme allows. You can wear open sandals with a dress or romantic chic hippie style, especially if the party is held in a natural setting and outside the city.

How to choose jewelry for a wedding guest outfit woman
dress-invitee-wedding-khaki-short tunic-3-Swiss

Short dress perfect for summer khaki shade by 3 Suisses

Moreover, the jewelry is to select according to your desires and according to your outfit type. Prefer the simplest accessories to dress in bright colors or lace. Conversely, do you authorize original jewelery to complement a discreet outfit!


Keeping invited comfortable and cute wedding to dance the night by Urban Outfitters

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