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Deco surfboard 24 original ideas

Deco surfboard front garden house pictures

Like creative decoration and water sports? Express your passions with a deco original board surfing! Whether you have to decorate a house on the ocean, in the countryside or in the heart of the city, take a look at these creative ideas to explore a variety of ways to transform a surfboard in an intriguing decor item!

Deco surfboard and idea of ​​wall decoration for inside

Deco surfboard kitchen marine white style

You have a blank space on one wall of your kitchen, your living room or your dining room? Try our first idea of ​​Deco surfboard and turn your surfing a wall ornament! To do this, look for a wooden board: its neutral and rustic appearance will agree more easily with the front of your kitchen with the colors in your living room or your dining room.

Decorative wooden board surfing and white kitchen Ashley Gillbreath Interior

Wall decoration design idea surfboard

This is an example of this idea of ​​decoration in which a complete surfboard the look of a kitchen wall painted white. The shades of white and wood go so well together! This image will be an inspiration for those who love the decor and rustic-style seafront and, why not, the bohemian chic atmosphere!

Deco idea of ​​surfboard for the area of ​​social life Surfside Projects

surf board decoration original DIY Wall

Of course, you can also opt for a colored surfboard. In this case, make sure that the chosen shade would suit the range of tones of the furniture in the room!

Idea contemporary interior and surfboard elegant decor

Deco surfboard contemporary dining ideas

This is a picture that shows exactly how to use similar color keys to highlight the surfboard.

The surfboard is an ideal decorative accessory for empty corners inside

deco style seaside surf board

With our second original suggestion, the decor surfboard adopts vertical driection! You would have understood: it is to put the surfboard vertically in an unused corner of your home.

Sea and decorative edge atmosphere with surfboard by Andrew Howard Interior Design

surfboards original decoration living room friendly beach

To succeed a decoration like this, think about how the board would be in the room. Bet on one or two accents likely to echo this sport accessory.

No need to adopt the nautical style to expose your surfboard! *

Deco idea surfboard wall eclectic design

It can be objects of the same color or manufactured with the same materials that the board or small marine-style details.

Decoration with red brick wall, wooden furniture and surfboard

surf board home decoration recup

You will thus create an overall atmosphere in your interior space and indicate the presence of surfing there is a desired effect.

Contemporary kitchen and dining room with wooden board surfing

surf boards object deco dining room

Photo of nautical inspired living room with rattan furniture and surfboards by Andrew Howard Interior

surf boards deco living marine furniture braids

A major advantage of the decor surfboard is that it is not strictly related to parts inside: you can use this item everywhere in the house, according to your preferences.

Deco idea of ​​teen room with nautical accessories and coffee table surfboard by PB Teen

Original coffee table decoration surfing teen

In addition to the kitchen and social space in the house, the teenager's bedroom is a room typically adorned with a surfboard.

original wall decoration children's room with surfboard by Studio Munroe

Deco surfboard wall room children's games

Kids love water sports! According to professionals in the introduction to surfing, girls and boys can start aprentissage of the sport from the age of 6 or 7 years.

The color surfboard is a beautiful wall decoration accessory

surf boards decoration ornament idea wall

If your child is passionate about marine life and water sports, make him a nice surprise and decorate his room a surfing!

seaside style décor with surfing, wall poster and original floor mat Melanie Roy Design

decorative object surfboard inside waterfront home

The decor board brightly colored surf is probably the best option for children's rooms and teens, boys and girls.

The decor surfboard is invited in a contemporary design bathroom with design by Pal Smith

surf boards contemporary deco object bathroom

All parts of the house are likely to welcome an original board surfing, even the bathroom and the garage!

Deco idea garage with wooden surf boards by Cactus Rack

Garage wood surfboard Layouts

Wooden coffee table and decorative surfboard for contemporary living room

ideas board surfing has decorative wooden coffee table

Our third idea deco original surfboard will please since yourselfers is to create a coffee table with this sport Accessory!

surfboard table by Obi Furniture and decorating idea on the nautical theme

board-surfing Wood DIY deco coffee table

If this idea seems to you interesting but that manual activity project does not appeal to you more than that, why not buy a coffee table like this?

How to enhance the decor and surfboard style seaside Megan Trachtman

surfboard original idea decoration room

Small accessories that take the form of surfing in one way or another will be appreciated by those who want to emphasize the seaside atmosphere in their home.

How to make an original headboard surfboards B G Design

deco adult room wall surfboard

Windsurfing can also be used to make an interesting headboard or simply the wall decoration of the space behind a crib or adult.

Beautiful decoration bedroom rustic with small wooden surfboards by Beach Chic Design

Deco surfboard seaside ambience room

It's also a nice way to customize a guest room in a house located near the sea or ocean.

contemporary Home Interior idea and interior deco staircase with surfboards by HHH Architects

diy tutorial decoration marine surfboard

nautical atmosphere decorative blue room by Michael Ross Kersting Architecture

decoration board surfing house contemporary design

Design and Photo by Oliver Simon Design

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