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Fall Wedding Theme: 5 decoration ideas for your party

theme wedding ideas Fall flowers

The fall season offers plenty of opportunities for original decoration of a wedding party. The richness of colors, abundant fruits of the earth and interesting events, all this provides a beautiful setting for the selection of a fall wedding theme.

To interpret and customize at will the five wedding themes we have selected are precisely for a festival to be held from September to November.

Wedding Theme Fall fun: back to school *

fall wedding theme ideas original decoration

Since our childhood we associate September with the period of the school year. And this does not really change whether you count a family and have children! As well, the return is a theme that naturally invites in wedding decorations for this time of year.

original cake in black and white wedding theme party fall retraction *

Fall wedding theme decorations school

Nostalgic and charming, this theme reminds us of the beginning: the first days at school, away from his family, but also for many of us, the first love. And it is good because the wedding brand itself a new beginning: the family that you base your darling!

Accessories for a Fall Wedding Deco in September *

fall wedding theme theme re-entry

What decorative accessories for the fall wedding theme centered around the home? Well, in most pencils, binders, blackboard and chalk, think about everything that reminds you of your childhood.

Small objects of decoration or table autumnal wedding hall *

fall wedding theme re-entry school

The apples we often had in his bag for snack time, paper airplanes, kits, games playground ... Not to mention the graffiti in chalk which often exhibited emotions at the time!

Classic Fall Wedding Theme: the leaves *

Photos autumn theme wedding decoration

Dead leaves are naturally associated with the autumn period and, therefore, they are also a very popular fall wedding theme.

How to customize a classic theme wedding decoration

Fall deco theme wedding gold

If you decide to bet on this topic, try to customize your home as possible to have a truly unique and unforgettable.

DIY wedding decor inspired by nature in autumn

September wedding idea deco fall

For this you can use fallen leaves soaked in a little gold paint, objects of natural wood and paper and wooden sticks decorations.

Small gifts and theme party decorations dead leaves

Deco Nature marriages'automne

If you are under the spell of conventional leaves, make a natural runner or, more simply, place branches with leaves in a vase of water in the center of your table.

fall wedding theme for a party in October: Halloween

fall theme wedding pictures

After September we start to think about the Thanksgiving holiday and Halloween. This very characteristic festival is also a source of inspiration for our wedding next fall theme.

Idea Halloween themed wedding cake

wedding cake original themes halloween

The classic accessories holiday from October 31 would accompany many a Halloween themed wedding. Side color, choose black, red and purple combined with orange accents.

wedding table decoration in black, red and white for a Fall Wedding

fall wedding idea original theme

Example glasses for a Halloween-inspired wedding or gothic

Wedding themes table autumn colors

Or, go for accessories and Victorian Gothic: silver cutlery and crockery or black tablecloth in dark tones and floral arrangements with roses and other red flowers!

Theme wedding chic autumn dense and intense colors

Fall deco arty wedding

Our fall wedding theme is centered around intense colors. In autumn, natural landscapes begin to lose their fresh colors and announce the arrival of winter. A decoration with dense shades of red, blue, purple and green is a great way to give more personality to your party!

wedding table picture decorated with fruits and flowers in colors

deco wedding table autumnal theme

The glasses in one of these colors are a very simple way of raffraîchir the mood of a wedding table. The fruits and flowers of these tones will appeal to those who dream of marrying kind Deco.

Deco idea and autumn wedding accessories in blue and intense green

deco original theme wedding idea

This theme also focuses on accessories like the peacock feathers. You can see on the picture above, a variety of clothing accessories and decor for a wedding of this type.

Fall wedding table for the period of Indian summer

outdoor fall wedding decoration

An example of wedding table for the period of Indian summer. It shows typical decorative items summer (driftwood and setting near the sea in particular) but also touches of dense colors.

Fall Wedding Theme for amoreux of nature: harvesting

of marriage'autmne decoration theme recolte

Last fall themed wedding, harvest and harvest. Like the rest of the ideas that we have shared in this text, it is simple to customize.

Wedding table that celebrates the richness of nature in an elegant way

Fall wedding table decoration pumpkin

Choose contrasting colors and a typical fruit or vegetable of the season, such as pumpkins, is only one option among many.

Fall Wedding chic decor with pumpkins for the wedding plan

Photos autumn theme wedding table

This is an example of chic accessory for a wedding with small pumpkins. Nice idea for your fall wedding table plan!

How to decorate a fall wedding table for outdoor party

Photos pumpkin table wedding themes

A radiant table full of delicious colors also symbolizes the richness of nature. It is perfect for this wedding theme, especially if you plan to celebrate the outdoor event!

Natural Deco idea for a fall festival with straw

Outside wedding theme autumn decoration

Last symbol of wealth fall, straw allows you to create original decorations for a wedding or rustic bohemian chic.

wedding table decoration detail autumn theme harvest and harvest

any fall wedding table decor

Wedding photo autumn outdoor and pretty bouquet with seasonal flowers

deco theme wedding dress autumn festival

* Photo by HRM and Photography Ruffled Blog

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