Meeting room with 57 original design creative ideas –

Meeting room with 57 original design creative ideas

Fujitsu wood frame boardroom

The meeting room is not a favorite place of those who work in the same office if he is a relative situation. Create a pleasant meeting environment and decoration of work space with a comfortable atmosphere depends a lot on how a business meeting is held and how it is perceived.

Some companies have decided to give a cheerful touch to this particular location and the designs they have created some of the most inspiring that ever existed.

The interesting meeting room u2i

conference room chairs u2i design

So the Red Bull employees Mexico City meet in a room with an informal decor. Their conference room has swings, comfortable cushions and a carpet of fake grass. This is actually a very interesting place, connected to the rest of workspaces that can also be used as a relaxation area. This beautiful place was designed by SPACE.

The meeting room with Red Bull swings

Red Bull boardroom

Some meeting rooms can seem very happy even without the need of any original element. Such is the case of Resignation Media conference room created by Chioco Design. Their company is located in Austin, Texas and after a complete renovation of the building, their meeting room is centered around a long table, surrounded by designer chairs in different colors.

The meeting room with chairs in different colors Resignation Media

modern design meeting room

The working office Zamness in Barcelona occupies a 300m² surface and is designed more as a bullpen. The glass facade lets in natural light throughout the space, creating a bright and pleasant working environment. Yellow was chosen to become the color of the decorative accent and it may be seen on some of the walls in the conference room where accentuated the lively nature of color. The design was created by Nook Architects.

The yellow boardroom Zamness

Zamness meeting room

When the architects were creating work Airbnb office in Dublin architect Henegan Peng chose to organize the space into several different parts. Individual parts that are used as meeting spaces have been designed to incorporate all kinds of interesting items from around the world. All corners are fitted with glass walls on one of their sides that connect to the rest of the space.

The separable meeting room Airbnb

Airbnb meeting room

The room separately

Airbnb meeting room design

Sustainability is very important for the company to Fairphone and headquartered in Amsterdam is a project Melinda Delst inerior design that definitely reflects this detail. Occupying an area of ​​1300 m2, headquartered offers beautiful views, has an open plan and includes a wide variety of environmentally friendly and recycled materials. Wood and glass recovered, for example, the shape of the cube of the conference room.

The meeting room with glass walls of Fairphone

Fairphone meeting room

An original design can sometimes be achieved by very simple strategies. The Autogasco head office by Nicolas Maino Gaete, located in Chile, incorporates a metal and glass conference room designed as a volume inside an open plan. The glazed walls are decorated with random geometric patterns created by interesting lines.

Decoration of the modern conference room Autogasco

Autogasco design meeting room

The main piece of furniture inside the conference room of Autodesk's Pier 9 Workshop in San Francisco, is a custom-made table with a metal frame that also incorporates six elegant chairs. The rounded base table allows its parts can also be used as a great swing. This creative idea was performed by Lundberg Design.

Design of modern Autodesk conference room

Autodesk design meeting room

Creating a comfortable work area appears to have been the main objective in the case of WeWork office in London, created by Oktra. The entire desktop, including the conference room has a very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. All wood used, the carpet design and use of vintage accents help create a general atmosphere very very warm.

Deco of WeWork conference room with an original accent wall

Design meeting room WeWork

The conference room is a space where creativity and inspiration must take over a space where new ideas are born and where ideas become reality. The design and Fifty Three Inc. office decor, New York, embody all that. The space is decorated with walnut wood, concrete and blackened steel - a very successful combination in this case. See also other original meeting rooms in pictures:

The box-shaped conference room Fifty Three Inc.

glass boardroom Fifty Three Inc.

The conference room decorated with wood D&B Cloud Innovation Center

wooden conference room D & B Cloud Innovation Center

coloree Skyscanner conference room

conference room colorfully elegant Skyscanner

conference room creative Hudson Red original design

conference room creative Hudson Red

conference room creative deco Hudson Red

Industrial deco conference room Heavybit Industries

conference room with wooden ceiling of the social Dropbox seat

conference room design Pinterest

VII design conference room

conference room design Zendesk

yellow blue conference room Microsft

Bergermann elegant conference room and Partner

design conference room interesting Dropbox

Dropbox design conference room

conference room wall brick Dropbox New York

lamp conference room Dentsu Design

conference room Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett conference room design

Leo Burnett head office conference room

Scope minimalist conference room

Scope wood furniture conference room

CDS round conference room

CDS modern conference room

round conference room CDS Design

Red Cross Blood modern conference room

white black conference room Gensler

orange conference room Walmart

original conference room Truly Madly

conference room red Conde Nast Entertainment

conference room red Conde Nast Entertainment Design

conference room table wood Decom

Truly Madly conference room deco

conference room glazed wooden loft

meeting room design Grupo CP

meeting room window Isis Office Design

elegant meeting room Grupo CP

futuristic meeting room Yandex

Grupo CP meeting room design

meeting room Jakarta Praise Community decoration

meeting room Jakarta Praise Community decoration idea

modern meeting room Dropbox

Dropbox modern meeting room design

Dropbox idea modern meeting room

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