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Halloween table decoration in 30 minutes

Halloween table decoration idea DIY twig

There are only a few days before the arrival of Halloween. If you are not as prepared as the Americans and the Irish to celebrate this holiday, you still have not decorated your house and you need to invent something there at the last minute, this article is for you!

Here's how to make a pretty Halloween table decoration for a successful and personalized centerpiece ...

Halloween table decoration easy to achieve


To create a successful design, you only need very few materials. You can use all kinds of objects to produce an original and modern decoration for your home interior. You probably have old white sheets: turn them into ghosts! Do you have trees around your home or building? Take a walk and pick up dead leaves and pine cones, then you can use it to create garlands, and other accessories. Discover an original DIY idea to decorate your Halloween table. This idea is very easy to perform and is also suitable for other occasions. Then we selected other centerpiece decorating ideas with twigs and pumpkins ...

Halloween table decoration with twigs DIY Halloween table decoration

In the following lines, we will show you how to make a centerpiece decoration for the Halloween party in almost 30 minutes without leaving home. Here is what you need to get started:

  • Two twigs (small and large)
  • Small twigs in your garden (with leaves preferably)
  • Wild flowers
  • black spray paint


Prepare scissors and twine rollhalloween idea twig original DIY table decoration

  • Step 1

table decoration twig easy DIY idea

Step 2: laying the paint Halloween table decoration twig black paint spray sheet

Almost colored twigHalloween table decoration idea twig silver timber design

Black Twig!

table decoration twig black brainchild manual activity

Decoration black centerpiece and elegant white

Halloween table decoration black and white twig DIY

Harmony Halloween black and white

Deco centerpiece idea twig halloween original black and white

And here are other decorating ideas centerpiece in the spirit of autumn and Halloween:

halloween deco table twig center Deco table Halloween pumpkin flowers idea halloween decoration table flowers idea twigs flower vaseTable deco halloween flowers twig flowers table decoration white pumpkin design center table candles DIY Halloween candle decoration idea decoration-of-table-halloween-twig-halloween-fall halloween decoration centerpiece idea twig DIY Halloween Pumpkin Deco table twig halloween pumpkin original idea black flowers

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