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15 ideas for art wall decoration for your home

Deco artistic DIY painted spoons

Want to brighten your white walls and boring because you are fed up. You thought to wallpaper but it is too much work and it's permanent. Want something less engaging, rather than decorative work.

Here are some ideas wall decor art by which you will find your happiness. There are several ways to look inside the wall decor - either as an exhibition space objects, paintings, creations that you own, or as a place of creation be, that invites to draw, make collages and unique compositions. For example, you like rustic or old style. You kept old kitchen utensils your great grandmother or you have purchased from the antiquarian. If they usually remains in the basement or in the corner of the room exposed by land, why not develop the more and the hanging wall?

The wall decoration DIY

Wall deco retro kitchen ustensils

Choosing wall decor not lacking: the retro signs of flea market tables and frames creations péronnelles Version arty, posters Films, kilims and textiles, graphic designs and printed wall stickers of all shapes and colors ... And yes, everything is possible. Look at the examples below and get inspired.

A contrasting silhouettes gallery by Martha StewartDeco interior silhouettes frames
The wooden frames have multiple functions

wall decor vintage swimsuit frameworkcreative Deco framed clothespins

Deco DIY creative frames with machine clampsDecorative DIY metal on panel

Metal Deco DIYPaint your own abstract painting

DIY decor abstract paintingThe vintage style flea markets

Wall deco retro style flea market Sticker flower tree on a dark gray background flowering tree sticker wall decorationPencils arranged in color gradientDeco wall color pencilsPretty tissue boxesDeco wall tissue boxes wall decor vintage burlap frame

Deco beaded curtain inside

Deco artistic walls to kitchen

Decorative wall panel printed fabrics

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