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Zen Lounge: an ancient culture in modern design

Zen lounge modern fireplace neutral color paint

The Zen lounge in your home with a minimalist and uncluttered inspiration, and with a natural and soothing style. Why not ? A society based on work dreams of rest.

A zen room is a great place not only to dream, but also to rest.

Zen Lounge - a design that recalls the silhouette of a Japanese pagoda with a slightly elevated seating

design reminds figure Japanese pagoda

The purpose of Zen is to make pure and bring us to a state of harmony, a return to equilibrium. Keep this in mind when choosing the ideal furniture for your Zen lounge, opt for low furniture. The choice of the sofa, which will also be very low, and the rest of the furniture that will extend horizontally rather than vertically.

Design chairs with hanging lamps and a coffee table

chairs suspended luminaires Design coffee table

As choice of materials, it is best to promote light wood and paint matt tones. For fabrics, use clear tissue that give a feeling of freshness and lightness, be sure to also promote soft fleece material. The suspensions should provide a diffuse and soft light, but it should encourage the entry of natural light. Avoid overloading the room, favoring a more minimalist decor, which emphasizes the quality of these. rice paper partitions are very important in Japanese culture, and traditional design has a side decidedly modern and contemporary. Some are sliding, and serve as doors, and privacy is guaranteed by their non-transparent appearance.

Solid wood table matches the minimalist style in the Zen lounge

Solid wood table zen minimalist lounge

A zen home show Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

Zen house lounge Shinichi Ogawa Associates

The architect Edward Suzuki offers a sophisticated Zen lounge

architect Edward Suzuki Zen lounge

Takuro Yamamoto Architects, design and Zen philosophy

Takuro Yamamoto Architects Zen design

Zen interior living room

cushions soil around coffee table oriental room

Zen and contemporary living room decor

Japanese Zen design living room furniture contemporary deco house

Furniture and design accessories Zen style living

Zen lounge table after design sofa

Idea Zen style living room decorative Asian inspired

Zen Asian decoration idea lounge living room

Zen and contemporary home furniture deco atmosphere

Zen modern house idea kind deco lounge

Rurikou a temple in Kyoto

Rurikou Kyoto temple

The Ruriko temple is buried in nature

Nature Ruriko buried temple

Serenity and sweetness that recalls the voice of Sayuri Ishakawa

Japanese Zen garden view lounge

Studio Mumbai plays with light with this zen


Zoom Japanese coffee table cushions

zoom zen room bathroom glass sink

wide zoom window wooden bed

Japanese zen table top view

view dining table wooden garden

view fase Japanese living

view bedroom wood bedroom

Zen Japanese dining table

wood dining table separates corner

original wooden coffee table chairs

terrace view living Zen Japanese style

Japanese dining room coffee table

dining room chair garden view

bampou garden view room bath

Japanese bamboo bathing room style glass

White bamboo bath room decoration bangniore
small garden alpine zan

small corner coffee table round

Japanese wood outside jacuzzi

Japanese big wooden lounge

wooden double bed pool view room bed

detail room sleeping alcove the

Zen spacious wooden kitchen

kitchen island green white table

Japanese style kitchen island

Japanese minimalist wood kitchen

white minimalist kitchen tree

Japanese cuisine green wooden table

kitchen bamboo decoration

clear decoration green kitchen

sitting area low wooden table green view

Japanese style dining area fire

bed bedroom double bed minimalistic original library

bed room bed decoration Japanese bonsai

Japanese bonsai bed room bed

Room comfortable bed
arches sunset big blue bed
bangniore beautiful Japanese bonsai decoration

Zen garden decoration living room

Zen bamboo decoration living room feng shui

Zen decoration modern living room design

Zen Japanese decoration modern living

deco Japanese Zen style living room

solid wood table decoration zen

shuji sliding door partition beech rice paper

East Japanese-inspired accessories punctuated stay

room table decor inspired Japanese tradition

contemporary lounge zen minimalist design

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