Deco gray and white living room: 28 elegant models –

Deco gray and white living room: 28 elegant models

Deco lounge gray and white kitchen

Due to its neutral color palette, a living room decorated in gray and white is a versatile piece that is likely to take several functions. It can serve as a space to accommodate your guests or a relaxing corner for the entire family.

Choose which features you want to give your living room with these ideas deco gray and white room!

Deco idea of ​​gray and white show: create a bright interior in light colors

gray deco furniture and bright white interior design

The decor gray and white living room does not follow specific rules. These two colors can be combined in a thousand different ways: by painting the walls of the room, with furniture, with accessories and fabrics of the two colors ... Not to mention the fact that these two neutral colors s' well together with many other more vivid shades!

Deco idea of ​​gray and white living room with bright color accents

Deco lounge gray and white interior fittings

Most people tend to opt for either a too neutral living room decor or for a room that is full of different colors. Try to maintain balance and position yourself in balance. Combine the decor gray and white living room with color accents that do not overload your home!

How to associate pastel colors in its decor gray and white living room

deco salon-gray and white-pastel tones accessories

If you are looking for ideas to mix colors to complement your decor gray and white living room, think pastels. These shades are subtle and pleasing to the eye. They offer you the opportunity to add some fresh touches to your decor without attracting too much attention.

Deco idea of ​​gray and white living room with contemporary touches wood *

Deco gray and white contemporary living room interior

You have decided to paint the room in neutral colors such as gray and white? In this case, think about ways to diversify your decor with furniture. The sofa, one or two chairs, stools and ottomans ... All these types of furniture could make an interesting nuance of these neutral colors. The same also applies to textiles such as curtains, carpets, cushions.

Contemporary design living room decor and gray and white living room with wall in dark tones

Deco lounge gray and white modern supply

The small living room accessories are important because they make the room more comfortable. In addition, they complement the decor of the living room. And this is a particularly important aspect of decorating with neutral colors that could create a somewhat monotonous atmosphere. Provide brightly colored buttons to make using accessories. Flowers and decorative paintings are also a good idea in this direction.

gray and white decor room with metal buttons and white textiles

Deco lounge gray and white carpet ground-accents-gild

The colors and metallic accessories, trendy right now, are another option for those who want to vary the mood in their stays. You only need a few elements of this type to transform the overall look of the room.

contemporary, bright interior with white paint and gray cushions

cozy living room gray and white colors

This is an idea deco gray and white living room with light colored furniture and a few shades of gray cushions. At the back of the room, dressing the fireplace uses the colors of accessories. On the ground, a light gray carpets complete this harmonious interior.

gray and white decoration of elegant living room with baroque furniture

Deco gray and white living room furniture design

The grayscale living room can be a living space more or less formal, where we welcome friends and other guests in his home.

Color Palette show: perfect marriage of gray, white and taupe

Deco lounge gray and white baroque

Some stays like this are decorated with Baroque-inspired furniture while others are dominated by a more modern feel. In fact, the color palette of gray and white living room decor various solutions, both vintage and contemporary.

Idea cozy atmosphere of living room with color gray paint and white keys

modern gray living room furniture

Thus, this type of holiday can be arranged as a centerpiece of the home where we have fun and where we look at all his favorite movies.

salon interior with gray walls and white ceiling suspended

Image gray room design living

Another possible version of the gray living room decor and white: the living room with wall paint in gray and flooring and white ceilings.

Contemporary Deco furniture in neutral colors and wall art wall in black and white

Deco light gray living room furniture design

In these interiors with ground white, the carpet is often used as a decorative accent. Imposing, sometimes introduces an additional shade of gray or white.

neutral colors in living room area with accent wall in gray and white furniture

decoration white gray living room and modern furniture

Moreover, it is used to echo an accent wall painted in shades of gray. The rest of the room is dominated by a pristine and peaceful atmosphere.

How to develop a dark gray and white interior: ideas graphite colored furniture

deco salon white paint

In this room in gray and white, are the curtains and one or two small items that introduce some color chips. Golden accents and glass buttons on lights make the brighter and more welcoming space.

Furniture suspended wooden decor and gray and white contemporary living room

Photos white lounge furniture idea wood

The wood goes well with gray and white deco lounge. Furniture wooden hanging in this room gives this room a modern feel and very friendly.

How to harmonize pale colors to arrange a bright living room

Photo deco lounge contemporary style

Moreover, the palette of gray and white blends perfectly with an interior whose floor is covered with wood parquet. All shades of that fit well with these tones.

Scandinavian design exhibition in white, gray and black

Scandinavian living deco gray and white

There is a lot of Scandinavian-style rooms with the color palette, complemented by touches of black. The carpet in black and white, a change in checkered coat, strengthens the Nordic look of the room.

salon color palette and modern Scandinavian atmosphere

Deco gray and white living room design-Scandinavian-idee

As in all areas of this style, natural materials are important. A simple and effective way to draw attention to such materials would be to use wood surfaces.

Sample blank gray area and with low furniture and wood surfaces

deco modern lounge taupe white

In addition to coatings, wood can also be introduced using some modern furniture. A small stool, a console, a low table top ... Here are some examples of wood furniture to incorporate into his living room for a more natural ambiance.

Scandinavian Living room with ceiling painted in gray and large rectangular wall mirror

Deco gray and white living room fireplace-paint ceiling

Another interpretation of Scandinavian design, this interior introduces the gray through a paint color for the wooden planks on the ceiling. They are reflected in the surface of the wall mirror mounted above the fireplace so as to make the present more gray.

Home Interior and colors together with gray, white and blue

eg paint color blue room

We often underestimate the beauty of the scenery which result from marriage gray, white and blue. Such a living will appeal to those who like interiors cool colors and the style seaside Our Deco tip for this type of stay. Add a few touches of wood or rattan accessories to soften the color palette.

seaside style decor for living room in white and gray

white living room painting idea

Another fine example of a gray living room, blue and white, the interior space interprets the seaside style decor in a contemporary way, by opening up to influences from all over the world. We are seduced by the cabinet console with storage along the wall of this room. It is a piece of furniture by Ikea BJURSTA makeover which was covered with wallpaper and faux wood which gives it a vintage look feature.

contemporary design interior in taupe gray and white

Deco lounge gray taupe and white paint

Combine light gray, white and taupe, Volia an idea for a home of contemporary decor in town, classy and refined. An example of the above image is part of an apartment in the city of Kansas City, in the state of Missouri, in the United States. It shows a design screen by Arteriors and cushions signed Jayson Home.

Idea home decorating show in town in dark gray and white

decoration white gray living room furniture

In town, you can bet on darker shades of gray, especially if one is fortunate to benefit from impressive size of windows, as in the living room on the image above. This color combination will give the interior a decidedly dynamic, urban atmosphere.

How to decorate a living room in a house at the seaside with light gray and white

deco white navy and gray living room

The taupe has soft and light shades that rhyme well with white and with a marine decor. The pale blue accents undoubtedly reinforce the seaside atmosphere of this chic living. A similar effect can be achieved by the use of pastel shades of green and yellow. The lounge on the photo below is well decorated with tones of white and taupe. A wallpaper of gémoétrique inspiration emphasizes these colors. These are times by the cozy cushions scattered on the corner sofa.

Decor white and taupe living room with large corner sofa

salon color taupe wood furniture

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