The garden furniture pallet in over 110 original ideas –

The garden furniture pallet in over 110 original ideas

Garden furniture pallet diy idea

Wondering how to make a garden furniture pallet ? We offer the answer in over 110 original ideas for tables, sofas and armchairs! In recent years, the range furniture have become very popular.

They already adorn different parts of our homes and we love them for their next vintage, chic and customizable. But when it comes to making a garden furniture pallet, it seems that still lacks ideas.


Garden furniture pallet: how?

pallet garden furniture sofas tables terraces

What projects will work best? Should we paint our pallet furniture or leave them in color "wood"? How to decorate our sofas and tables once they are ready? The answer is in the pictures below that offer original ideas and let you decide which design and color will work best for your garden furniture pallet.

Garden furniture pallet: coffee table in white by Matt Troy Plain Pallets

garden furniture pallet white wood tables

The old wooden pallets become chic lounges in our gardens and on our terraces. The trend is not new and it becomes more and more present as it is also in our desire to respect nature and recycle. Consequently, more and more people adopt the pallet furniture for creating small cozy corners outside.

chic wooden pallets Garden furniture and modern

white exterior wood furniture

It also rejects the wisdom that the garden furniture is a solution only for those with a limited budget. The garden furniture pallet is especially highlight your personality and creativity.

What color for garden furniture pallet wood?

table garden furniture range

Therefore, today there is a thousand and one ideas for creating garden furniture pallet. A good solution is asymmetric table white color palette which is enhanced by an attractive green plant (above, creation Matt Troy).

Sofas pallet with cushions

couch deck decoration pallets

Those who love the idea, discover proposals to realize a pallet garden furniture in white or black in our gallery. If you prefer outdoor furniture with more colors, you can always choose to make a table or sofa pallet in white or black.

Sofa palette for garden furniture pallet

terrace wooden sofas

Then you can add decorative accessories as desired. This solution is very successful, as you can see from the images below. Another possibility is to paint your garden furniture pallet in varied colors to give it a boho chic look.

How to create friendly corners with sofas pallet

terrace and garden decoration wooden furniture

It is ideal for gardens and we love its friendly appearance on our terraces! If you want to give a vintage look to your garden or terrace, you can do very well with a sofa pallet. Leave it in the natural color palettes and decorate a few cushions in neutral shades.

Ideas to make a chair or sofa in vintage look palette

fairs garden chairs wood sofaFor those who enjoy a good time in the sun, here's another suggestion: you can shape the type sofas garden bed, pallets, you can decorate with several pillows or even a mattress.

Ideas for making coffee tables range

pallet garden furniture patio furniture decor

In bright or neutral colors, the furniture will allow you to create a user-friendly area outside to spend the afternoon or evening with friends.

Ideas for garden furniture pallet: create a friendly space to spend time with friends

Deco salons for garden terraces

And here's a tip for small space gardens and terraces: Install wheels on your table or sofa pallet. You could move your furniture palette when you want it!

What furniture manufacture for garden furniture pallet wood

garden furniture pallet how

After these explanations about the possibilities of creating a garden furniture pallet wood, now see what furniture to provide for successful development of such a zone. In the following section we discuss Popular Furniture DIY projects for the terrace and the garden.

Our ideas of making wooden sofa for outdoor living

terrace furniture how ideas

Let's start with the couch. essential furniture for garden furniture pallet, the sofa is often the center of a relaxing outdoor area.

Great garden sofa pallet wood

retro furnishings furniture outside ideas

As for the realization of this type of furniture, you have very many options. In fact, the pallets allow the manufacturing of a wide variety of high couches, shape and varied design.

Ideas for garden furniture furniture range: angular sofa

Furniture garden terrace sofa ideas

The height of your sofa will mainly depend on the number of pallets that you want to build to carry the furniture seat. Generally, pallet sofas are made from one, two or three two pallets stacked on top of each other.

Detail of wooden sofas with cushions

garden furniture pallet sofasIn the first case, the lower part of the pallet is used as furniture feet. In the remaining cases, can rotate the pallet serving as a cabinet base upside down. This little trick might contribute to the strength of your couch.

Large pallets garden furniture wood painted black

wood pallet garden furniture design idea pallet black paint

We advise you to apply this particular method if you want to create a long couch from three or four pallets side by side with each other.

Customize your sofa DIY deco terrace

garden furniture pallet sofa-door plant

This simple and easy approach undergoing multiple changes. Those who are more gifted for DIY could therefore decide to refine the design of their couch DIY deco terrace. They then have the option to undo the pallets collected for use as base material, then there adding touches of their choice.

Garden furniture palette: decorative ideas in black and beige

pallet furniture garden furniture

For example, they can add extra support behind the back of the couch that also functions as furniture feet. Otherwise, there is also the possibility of using planks rows horizontally to create a solid foundation for the seat of the sofa. Both ideas are illustrated in the pictures above.

Deco idea pallets garden furniture

outdoor furniture wood deck loungesRegarding the garden room of furniture back to yourself, options are also very rich. The possibility simplest and most convenient would be to ask a pallet vertically behind the seat of the sofa.

garden for color pallet

Furniture outdoor patio decorationBut you can also proceed as above: unpack pallets and give the folder a custom look. Not to mention the fact that you may well serve as a wall or deck railing as a file!

Making his garden lounge sofa pallet to make yourself more comfortable

outdoor lounge furniture making pallets

See you garden furniture furniture pallet wood more comfortable adapting the sofa to the shape of your outdoor space. To accommodate more people, consider a corner sofa.

Wooden sofa on wheels

sofa range-of-wood-lounge garden-outside

Or, facilitate moving furniture by installing rollers over their feet. You will thus be able to move your sofa based on how you want to organize your terrace. This trick also allows you to clean your deck more easily.

Example Deco bench or timber couch with cushions

Deco furniture terrace pallet

Pallets are gross and pretty rough material. Embellish it with cushions!

Garden furniture pallet: vintage look

terrace vintage decor ideas

Place them on the seat of the sofa for a more stylish and more enjoyable atmosphere. Depending on the chosen model sofa, you can also use them as comfortable folders.

Garden furniture pallet: elegant look at poolside

sofa furniture palette of white garden

Video tutorial to make a sofa garden furniture wooden pallet

Want to achieve such a sofa for your garden furniture pallet? Give yourself a few minutes to watch the tutorial up! It will show you how to do step by step for the successful realization of such a DIY furniture.

Making chairs and additional seating for the garden furniture pallet wood

Garden furniture wood chairs

Besides this simple and practical furniture, there are also a lot of seating options and additional seats to tinker.

Furniture and decor palette with cushions

table pallet wood garden chairs

Some are simple to make. It would be enough to combine two pallets which serve as a seat and the other cabinet folder. Others require more advances in DIY skills. Those who would like to achieve elaborate chairs and will need to deconstruct the pallets to use the individual boards then.

Garden furniture pallet: idea to create a small table and chairs terrace

chairs outdoor decoration pallet

The result of all these efforts? Solid chairs with comfortable seating and even armrests! Impressive, is not it?

Deco idea garden furniture wooden pallet

Deco terrace garden sofas pallet

So an idea of ​​DIY furniture for pallet garden furniture to necessarily try if you have wood in large quantities. Locate a model and get started again!

Wooden chairs and paddle

Deco chairs wooden terraces

Making wooden garden benches for its DIY exterior decoration

model-furniture pallet lounge garden-a-do

The sofas and armchairs are an attractive option for the corners of outdoor relaxation. But there is also another management solution pallet garden. These are wooden benches.

Wooden table and benches terrace

bench-range-of-wood-exterior terrace decoration

The wooden benches are typically a seat long with feet. They are easier to do than the chairs and chairs, especially because you have the ability to take such pallets and they incorporate them into your project without the nails out.

DIY rectangular benches and wooden table

rooms for wood garden ideas

Like the rest of the Deco DIY seats, pallet benches can vary in height. It depends on the design you consider and salon look you want.

Idea to pad a DIY wood furniture

chair-wood-pallet storage terrace decoration

Feel free to customize benches palette with paint color, cushions and even storage space for your outdoor space!

DIY table pic nic Deck

table-picnic-wood DIY idea-lounge garden

Because of their shape, the benches are a preferred option in the case of the construction of a pallet garden furniture that is part of a corner outside dining.

Picnic table with benches pallets


Speaking of dining corner pallets, note that this material is also used for making picnic table and benches that accompany it. Compact, this set is ideal for the development of a small outdoor terrace.

Cheap furniture for wooden deck

living outside pallet-table-bench-picnic

This is because the banks are often fixed to the support of the table, so as to free the space around the corner meal.

Create stools convert a corner meal or lounge garden outdoor range

furniture lounge garden-wood-pallet-idee

Wooden pallets have a fairly bulky appearance. For this reason, many people think that furniture that are made will be heavy and occupy a lot of space on their terrace. But this idea is not always entirely accurate.

DIY wooden upholstered bar stool

Stool bar outside pallet-of-wood-modern

In fact, this material recycling craft can be used for the production of small pieces of furniture, such as stools.

DIY bar pallets and paint idea

bar in pallet de-model-wood stools

Decide on the size of your outdoor stools to do yourself based on the space you have. Imagine them to be able to put them under other furniture if necessary.

Seat and table

wooden pallet idea diy landscaping cushions

Or, confer them a versatile role. In the picture above, an example of a piece of furniture designed as a decorative object, stool but also small wooden table!

Den for terrace DIY version

sofa lounge garden-wood-pallet-DIY

In any case, think of ways to make your outdoor furniture for outdoor furniture even more comfortable range. And get yourself downy pillows in sufficient quantity!

The wooden table, an essential furniture for the garden furniture decorative ecological range

armchairs sofas wooden garden

The table wooden pallet is an essential piece of furniture for every living outside garden. Housed often the center of the space, it is available in alternative dining table or coffee table to join the better the design of your pallets furniture.

Garden furniture in cozy wooden pallet

make wood furniture terraced gardens

In principle, this unit is fairly simple to make and does not require much effort. The basic model can consist, quite simply, one or two pallets placed at the center of outside seating.

Idea of ​​DIY furniture for garden furniture pallet

furniture pallet tables for garden

furniture models DIY pallets garden furnituredecoration terrace garden furnitureTo replicate this model, you would not even have feet. The pallet support is fine fulfill this function!

Refining the design of its coffee table wooden pallets

table-low-to-do-it-yourself pallet-storage-deco-outside

While nothing requires you to set all the pallets serving as coffee table, you've got to do it if you fancy a more solid and functional furniture.

Ideas for garden furniture pallet with coffee table

Furniture idea pallet tables garden furniture

This will allow you to refine the shape of your furniture and assign him some additional features.

Table with casters

table wheeled wooden pallet plant chair diy idea

Piling two pallets thus proves an optimal option for those who dream of a coffee table with a small storage.

Outdoor wood furniture

outdoor wood chairs decorationBecause, as you guessed, the space between the plate and the table support can be used for storing various small objects.

exterior wood furniture

do sofa range low wooden tables

Idea of ​​outdoor wood furniture and DIY decor

tables garden furniture range

Furthermore, the coffee table to make yourself is to complete as wheels or a glass top. The first option facilitates its movement while the second makes it an even more chic furniture.

DIY coffee table and glass top

garden furniture pallet wood table-low-shelf glass

Of course, you are free to be inspired by these ideas and give them your own interpretation. And you can even apply all the options we have enumerated: painting, adding wheels and a glass top!

Table with wooden cupboards

garden furniture pallet-wood-low-white-table

In short, before embarking on a table DIY project for garden furniture, examine well the images in our gallery. They show multiple options for producing such an object and help you determine what features provide for your outdoor space!

DIY wood outdoor garden furniture

table-low-range-of-wooden-wheeled terrace

The coffee table in wood pallets becomes an external element of decoration

table lounge garden-wood-a-do-it-yourself

The coffee table is a simple piece of furniture to realize that she has inspired many interpretations for simply additional decorations for a living modern garden.

Pretty ideas for pallet garden furniture with table and small garden bed

bed pallet tables for garden

Thus, this kind of furniture can become a support for green plants or a small storage for pillows and throws.

Details coffee tables range in black and white

outdoor furniture pallet ideas

The arrangements of this kind are to be tailored to the style chosen for the entire outdoor area. For a rustic decor, opt for a plain wooden furniture. Conversely, for a thematic vintage look, choose a color deco.

Even more creative pallet table options

cabinet-exterior-pallet sofa-d-angle

The main advantage of the idea of ​​one's own garden furniture is that you can imagine furniture that meet our needs. The tables in this section are the perfect illustration of this advantage.

Original idea for outdoor coffee table with pallet

furniture garden tables pallets

The image above gives us an idea that will appeal yourselfers who welcomed a new member in their family. To spend more time outdoors with his children, they can now hang a hammock beneath their table!

Table Idea palette with open fire

garden furniture pallet table brazier-home

Fancy an outdoor fireplace on your patio? Make a DIY table with brazier and wood storage inspiring the template on the image above!

Wooden side table model to oneself

furniture pallet-wood lounge garden-table-of-extra

You do not necessarily need a garden made entirely of pallets. Yet a small side table never hurts!

Table Original design wooden palettegarden table wooden pallet diy idea

Video tutorial to make a DIY coffee table pallets

The idea for such a cabinet appealed to you? In this case, you only have to look up the tutorial on video to see all the details of such a DIY project!

wooden dining table and idea of ​​DIY Deco terrace

garden furniture pallet wood dinette-table rustic

We talked a lot about the coffee table but be aware that pallets are also a very practical option for achieving a dining table for a corner cookouts. Again, you have a choice of designs. One possibility is to use the legs of an old table and add a DIY set. Another idea would be to start from scratch and achieve all of your furniture yourself.

Create a den with furniture to make yourself


Create a relaxation corner in the garden with furniture range? It's entirely possible.

DIY deck chair Deck

chair-long pallet-wood-to-do-it-yourself

Because, yes, you can make any kind of furniture from this material, even a few lounge chairs for sunbathing!

Swing pallets to make yourself

garden furniture pallet swing-a-do-it-yourself-idee

And for the afternoons and quiet evenings Sunday, enjoy a swing of bohemian chic!

Bed suspended to oneself to the outside

garden furniture pallet make-a-swing-bed suspended

Hang it with string around your living room or under the crown of a tree. The kids will love it! And adults will love the idea of ​​this corner where he can read or sit with a friend to talk for hours.

Did you know that you can use pallets for manufacturing flooring or breeze view to the terrace?

make-a-chair-long pallet-deco terrace-decking

Your patio needs a makeover and you wonder what kind of coating complement the better your furniture in wood pallets? Find the answer below!

Sustainable wood planks and cheap for a natural decking

terrace pallet-of-wood-decking-idee

You may not know this but cheap and Recycling material 'can also be used for the manufacture of a floor covering to an outside terrace. The boards durable and resistant wood decking become ideal for an outdoor space!

Decking wood deck coating make yourself

coating terrace-decking wood pallets

On the worn look, with greyish or renovated and provided with a protective layer, these boards offer a cheap way to cover your terrace while enjoying an authentic look to its soil.

flooring idea for pallets pieces terraced

coating-floor terrace-wood-a-do-it-yourself

But that's not all. Why settle for a simple decking when you can make a flooring truly remarkable pallets? For example, one can use small pieces of wood to reproduce parquet effect outside. Or play with pebbles, between the boards to ask for an even better coating!

Dress pool outside wooden floor farbiquer

garden furniture pallet Layouts-pool-outdoor wood

And then we have a project for the more adventurous tinkerers: a skin for above ground pool with ... Boards Recycling ', of course! The model on the picture above says it all. To realize such a project, you would need lots of palettes. The exact number would depend on the size of the pool, steps from the terrace which surrounded and any additional elements (steps, decorations, brackets ...). For information, know that a medium size swimming pool and square can be dressed up with no less than 40 pallets.

Protect your garden furniture pallet from prying eyes

garden furniture pallet wood fence-exterieur-jardiniere

Planks of wood robust and easy to find also function as fences wooden garden. Nice option for a deck that is close to a street or facing the garden of a neighbor!

Make a wooden terrace for views breeze

garden furniture wooden pallet breeze-view-model-recup

To better define an outdoor space or to put out of sight, we started manufacturing of a natural breeze view wooden planks. Its design is to select according to your desires. Opt for a discrete version (such as breeze model view on the picture at the bottom) or leave spaces between the planks to glimpse the area behind (as in the picture above).

wooden garden fence model to oneself


Moreover, this type of view and breeze Closing combines beautifully with wood flooring. This proves once again the ability of wooden planks recycling craft to participate in all parts of the DIY decor!

Decorate the outside of a wood siding or natural pergola

fence garden-pallet-wood-deco-diy

The fences and views breezes of this kind are also carries a purely decorative function. If you like the appearance of wood, why not dress up a wall around your pallets garden furniture? For a more zen atmosphere and authentic, consider other natural elements that may accompany the timber. Stone, plants and waterfalls are very good options!

How to make a wooden pergola terrace


For a garden or shady terrace throughout the year, make a pallet pergola! In addition to pieces of wood Recycling ', also plan solid supports in the form of load-bearing beams. During the hottest days, consider hanging a tent curtains and light light-colored fabric. You will benefit from an even more effective protection!

What palette? Ideas for accessories and furniture to accompany your wooden garden furniture

lounge garden-pallet-wood sofa roundtable

After reviewing multiple options for creating a timber for DIY deco garden and terrace, now see what additional furniture and accessories to beautify achieve its exterior and to make it even more welcoming.

Decoration garden or terrace: sofa with cushions and pallet coffee table

armchair garden sofas pallets

Small or large, outdoor terrace still needs some green keys. Instead of buying planters and various media for your outdoor plants, arrange your green corner with pallets.

Decorating the garden furniture to make oneself with a planter pallet

furniture pallet-gardening-vertical-external-deco

Planters DIY release are presented in horizontal or vertical variant. The former are suitable for gardens and larger terrace. Some even are similar to "beds" suitable for the construction of a raised vegetable garden.

vertical planter and timber pallets furniture for terrace

jardiniere pallet-wood-decoration-balcony terrace

The vertical wooden planters, meanwhile, are a great solution for small spaces. We can lay the ground or hang on a wall, depending on the area that we would like to devote to them.

green wall concept with wooden door plant

idee-deco terrace-is-how-it-yourself-pallets

These small decorative accessories easy to make it easier to create a green space outside of all sizes. Some use them to hang in there mini planters and flower pots.

Planter suspended vertical garden pallets

jardiniere-in pallet-decoration-lounge garden-outside

Others prefer to create small beds for their plants inside the same palette. This option invisible containers gives a more natural look to the exterior space.

DIY decor palette with succulents


You are after a great DIY project and you find that still have pieces of wood not used? So, you can afford a small green wall to make a few pieces of wood and succulents, succulent or epiphytes.

Make yourself a vegetable wooden table


Easy to install, these three kinds of plants will help you beautify your exterior without much effort. And the result is truly remarkable!

Making a horizontal planter pallets

jardiniere pallet-wood decoration lounge garden

The horizontal planters on foot is another project idea of ​​quick and easy DIY to achieve. Fill a few boxes of the sort with flowers and place them around your living room or corner Outdoor dining!

Some projects of crafts and creations wood decor

deco-wall-wood terrace-diy-table-pallets

Making a garden furniture pallet is good but make their own decorative items is even better! Wall charts, mirrors, candlesticks, small items to be installed on the coffee table ... Here are some examples of accessories that everyone can do yourself to an ecological and creative decor.

DIY wooden wall decorations for outdoors

table-deco-wall terrace-pallets-wood-theme-marine

Make a chart of wall decoration pallets is much easier than it looks. For such a project, plan three or four wood boards should be set together. The adhesive is a possibility for this step. But we prefer stronger alternatives, like two small pieces of wood to get behind the boards and use as supports on which we will nailing boards. Once the support made it up to you to decorate your table as you wish. Use paint to change the color of the plates, add an interesting entry or paste in rope elements, for example.

mirror frame to make yourself into pieces of pallets

that-how-to-pallet of wood-frame mirror-deco garden

Imagine an original wall decoration with mirrors to the outside! The glossy surface of the mirrors will improve the brightness of your patio. For such an object of wall decoration in your home, it would suffice to find an old mirror and change its setting. Replace it with a few pieces of wood held by metallic elements glued to a support they share with the mirror itself.

DIY Outdoor Decor wood with chalkboard paint

furniture pallet-wood-table-black-slate-deco-outside

If you want to add a new accessory to your outdoor space but you lack the time to create a painting or a mirror frame, get started in a much simpler option. It consists of taking the palette unchanged and apply a coat of paint on his slate boards. Once the paint dries, you are free to write various messages on the makeshift blackboard!

Small organic accessories for DIY deco garden or terrace

diy-shelf-wall pallet-of-wood-candles

Who does not love candles? Token versatile lighting source and a pleasant atmosphere, candles are a mandatory component of the summer deco. Therefore, we propose to build a small wall shelf to store your candles. Install it near your relaxing area to watch in the evening.

Bird house making wooden
garden furniture pallet house-a-bird-a-do-it-yourself

Make a house or bird feeder is a beautiful way to invite nature in its exterior. This is a fairly simple project to make pallets or other type of wooden planks. For more models of this type of construction, please consult our special report on this subject!

pallet shelf idea for corner Outdoor dining

diy-deco terrace-idee-shelf pallet-to-wood

Our recycling craft and natural material would also serve to achieve a DIY wooden tray. In a similar form to the decor of paintings seen above, it also borrows the manufacturing steps. Start horizontally in assembling three or four boards to be secured together using pieces of wood placed vertically. When finished with the development of media, continue to step fun: Faceplate decoration!

Create practices pallets for its outdoor furniture

furniture terrace-balcony-a-pallet manufacturing

For a terrace, a balcony or a well organized garden, consider making cabinets practices. If you have a small outside, the best solution would be to incorporate this kind of furniture by leaning against a wall. Be smart and use the wall in question as the back of your cabinet. It's a way to save space, to finish your project more quickly and save materials!

Storage outside cheap: box pallets

diy-deco-outside terrace-storage-box pallet

Alternatively, for large balconies and terraces, one can easily imagine a boot. Use as versatile storage area (for throws and cushions, toys, gardening tools, objects ...), this small piece of furniture will be installed easily in a corner of your outdoor living area.

bike storage for wooden garden to make yourself


Also think of other ingenious inventions that will allow you to give your patio a neater appearance. For example, an outdoor bike storage is a good way to hold his bicycle away from the rain and have a more orderly patio.

How to make an outdoor wood shower

shower-outdoor-pallet wood idea-office automation terrace

Besides these furniture that meet the needs quite practical, there are also ingenious inventions that serve to make us happy. This is the case of outdoor showers that cool us in summer and contribute to our well-being. Today, anyone with a garden can benefit from such a shower. We will need three or four pallets (for the flooring and the wall), access to the pipe fittings and classic elements.

Make furniture for a summer kitchen on the terrace


If you have a little more room on the outside, why not arrange a summer kitchen there? This is a great idea for those who enjoy entertaining friends and for lovers of gastronomy.

Furniture for outdoor kitchen and patio storage idea

that-how-to-pallet-of-wood-storage terrace-idee

Of course, you can buy furniture for this corner of your patio. But if you still pallets, why not make the furniture for this area of ​​your outside?

Pallet Garden Bar

bar outdoor wood-make-a-example

Realize a bar with several pallets oriented vertically and a wooden board. Or, if you need a larger structure, build an area with a barbecue and a wooden desk dressed!

outside bar idea pallets of wood

kitchen-bar-terrace-making pallets

For small outdoor kitchens, consider a buffet option with open and closed storage.

Buffet vintage furniture make yourself


And feel free to add additional decorations and media backed by a wall of your terrace. Decorate them with plant pots and lanterns for open times more enjoyable!

Small wooden storage patio & garden

lounge garden-outside-deco-pallet storage

If you need more space, plan wall shelves. Store are your spices and seasonings and other kitchen accessory that you deem necessary.

Wall storage to oneself pallets


To celebrate the arrival of summer, imagine an original fridge for your refreshing drinks. For this, get yourself a cool bag and dress the wood!

fridge outside cladding wood

deco-outside-of-pallet-wood-furniture-bar fridge

Finally, complete the exterior decoration with a playground outdoor child. Browse photos of the bottom section and locate the ideas of various furniture and play structures to yourself!

Our ideas to make furniture for outdoor playground pallets

make-a-area-to-play-outside terrace-pallets

Modern playgrounds are designed to meet the shape and size of the outdoor space they accompany. If you have a small terrace, you can define a part to dedicate a play corner for children. To make this more fun and creative area, accompany the furniture and homemade decorations. Wooden pallets used to the realization of the classical shade flooring. As for those who want a little more color, they still have the ability to cover the paint. In addition, the wooden boards also will be useful to manufacture a mini sofa for your little one.

outdoor play area with pallet furniture


Install a creative zone in your child's playground! For this, still go once the DIY decor. Play a table and stools or wooden bins. Your daughter or son will use this part of outer space for its own crafts, to paint or to read.

playground Deco child to make yourself

makeover-furniture-painting pallet idea

Feel free to decorate this fun corner with a little paint. Think about the colors that please your little and try to introduce them into the background. And here is yet another fun idea: get inspired by the favorite activity of your small to decorate the table and chairs. It can be a sport, an animated series, a book, a video game ...

Natural play structures and protected for the corner of games next to your garden furniture pallet


Who said outside play area in the garden, also said a wooden maisonette, the swings, slide ... If you're like us, you would definitely give your child sets moments in a natural and safe atmosphere. For this, nothing better than to make its own structures of wooden games. On the image below an example of a sandbox that meets these requirements. Raised, it is protected animals when children do not play. And in addition, he has two benches, which allows small to sit comfortably around!

sandbox protected to pallets

Layouts-area-of-games-children terrace-furniture-a-manufacture
And do not forget that children's play areas also need additional constructions games. They vary seasonally and according to the ideas of the young. Instead of spending money for this kind of items that are not used very long, make-wood. lemonade stands, mini summer kitchens, doll houses, running tracks ... so many structures that can make yourself and which will blend perfectly with your garden furniture pallet!

Stand Lemonade child


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