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40 original ideas how to decorate your balcony to enjoy it

decorate your balcony sofa cushions idea

Despite the small space that represents the balcony, there is always a place where we love spending time to get some air if you live in the big city. But how decorate your balcony to make it even more comfortable and enjoyable?

In this article you will find 40 ideas of modern and creative decoration especially for balconies small spaces that will surely inspire you. Here more than 40 inspiring ideas:

40 ideas how to decorate your balcony

decorate his wooden balcony sofa cushions floor mats idea

Decorate balcony can be very easy with a little creativity and options are really many. You have a choice regarding the flooring but imitation grass is often preferred because it creates a garden effect. Once the floor covering, you will start thinking about upholstery.

Idea vertical garden for the balconydeco balcony small space decorating idea

The furniture on the small balcony should take a minimum of space but also have a modern and interesting design. If the balcony is really small, then two beautiful chairs will suffice. But take them in bright colors to create a cheerful, contemporary décor. Cushions and ottomans are also excellent choices for decorating balconies and especially if you want to arrange a relaxation area and relaxation.

Decorate balcony with flowers

flowers decorate her balcony floor mat cushions idea

With the arrival of good weather, we all want to take care of our outdoor space to enjoy. Transforming her balcony in a living can be a real art.

balcony decoration in happy colors how to decorate your balcony

Most balconies are arranged in length. It is fairly simple to develop them and turn them into a friendly and pleasant place. Arrange your balcony with a small table and chairs to enjoy your breakfast outdoors.

Four modern exteriordecorate contemporary balcony

How to decorate your balcony for the place of your dreams? Before you get started you must first know what you want to do. You want to rest? Lunch ? Or just take care of your flowers. Everything is possible !

elegant balcony decoration

decorate her balcony Layouts

Bet on warm, natural colors. These rajouteront more brightness and freshness to your outdoor space. Know that small objects are important. Customize your balcony is also what is most important. Your balcony should talk to you, while remaining consistent with your inner space.

Small modern balcony

decorate its modern balcony

No need to buy expensive furniture too. Now you can find anything that's helpful in department stores. A small table is a few plants can make your space into a true green paradise.

Zen balcony design

decorate its Zen deco balcony

If you want to turn your balcony into a Zen area, do not hesitate to install a small water fountain. This will bring the freshness and serenity to all. To complete this Japanese style balcony, do not forget to decorate small stones. Moreover, natural materials are preferred when creating a zen balcony.

Small balcony with modern sofa

decorate his example balcony

If your main goal is rest, so opt for soft sofa. This way you can fully enjoy your favorite book. The decor around it is just as important. Rely on the dim light and fresh green plants.

Balcony with green decor

green balcony Layouts

If you run out of room on your balcony, we recommend that you buy chairs and a folding table. So you can store at any time to avoid clutter. You can also create your own little table. You can make a table from a small dresser recovered wood pallets or wooden chest.

Balcony climbers

December -verdoyante balcony small space

If you want to turn your balcony into a true paradise to, it's time to get started. Hint: you can surround your outdoor space for climbers to avoid the glances of neighbors.

balcony decorated with green wall

deco balcony interesting plants

When one has a small balcony, all can take up too much space - even plants. To avoid clutter, you can grow plants on the wall. This green wall is a real treat for the eyes. Prefer aromatic and fragrant plants to enjoy it fully.

Bring magic with preferring the dim light

Modern design small balcony

To illuminate your balcony, choose the dim light. It will highlight the cozy ambience you want to convey. Garlands, candles and phosphors are options equally ideal as each other.

idee deco balcony Scandinavian style

For a small space, such as the balcony, it is better not to mix too many colors and materials. Concentrate on one or two basic colors. Choose furniture made of natural materials and warm colors bet on accessories.

Another Japanese inspired balcony

Layouts small Zen balcony

brightly colored balcony Decoration

deco balcony bright colors

Balcony with contemporary decor

modern deco balcony

Decoration modern balcony with wooden sun loungers

deco balcony long wooden chairs

Balcony decorated with green plants

deco balcony relax area

Deco floral balcony

deco balcony flowers

Deco balcony cozy

deco balcony Scandinavian style

Decorate balcony full color

colorfully deco balcony small space

pure colors for a small balcony

contemporary deco small balcony

Enjoy the views in a great atmosphere, it's possible

deco creative small balcony

deco elegant small balcony

deco interesting small balcony

deco terrace interessante

deco merry little balcony

deco small balcony succulents

Zen-inspired decoration balcony

decoration small cozy balcony

decoration balcony plants

decorate their balcony-dee

decorate her balcony creative idea

small balcony Layouts idea

contemporary deco idea balcony

original idea deco balcony

interesting idea decoration balcony

idee decoration small balcony

idee decoration rooftop terrace small space

romantic idea deco small blacon

deco balcony modern elegant

small balcony deco elegant

small modern deco balcony

small balcony wood furniture

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