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white gravel for the garden decoration tips and ideas

deco exterior white gravel sand garden

Solid and yet mild enough - these are the two apparently contradictory qualities white gravel. Durable enough to cover gardens, garden paths and patios, gravel is a more flexible change in other types of paving.

It seems more organic than the cobblestones and bricks and is an excellent way of decoration for your garden or modern outdoor space.

Modern garden with white gravel

white gravel sand Zen garden deco

There are several ways to use white gravel in your garden. A lot of people avoid the material in the garden yet, if you know how to use, gravel becomes a very versatile and useful material. So how to create a beautiful garden or outdoor space with gravel? In this article you will find many ideas in pictures and some helpful tips.

Garden decorated with white gravel

deco white gravel garden Japanese design

The gravel can be used for garden paths or various outdoor spaces. It is an alternative much cheaper and convenient than the green lawn, for example. If you decide to use it instead of the lawn or pavement, you need to think carefully how to arrange not to create too simple or boring decor. By incorporating a variety of different plants and gravel sizes, your home will become immediately more elegant and original.

garden decor idea with gravel geometric shapes

Japanese Garden Layouts white gravel

If you plan to use gravel to decorate a space with high foot traffic, it is recommended that there also incorporate larger stone or other type of paving, to facilitate the transition. Sunlight is also very important. If it is a shaded area, then it is possible that white gravel discolors and becomes green very quickly.

Cactus garden decorated with gravel - beautiful and original idea

gravel white deco idea

The key to successful decorating with gravel is the size of it. If you walk on the small gravel is more comfortable, but it will also end up often in your shoes. And if you just want to arrange a decorative gravel garden with plants, then the gravel 20mm mixed with larger stones is a great idea.

Deco contemporary exterior space with gravel

Contemporary white gravel garden

To make your garden decoration with even more interesting and original gravel, then you can make a mixture of gravel with sizes of river pebbles. This will completely transform the look of the space you want to decorate. Gravel type varies from one region to another and this is what allows him to create a natural marriage with the surroundings.

Modern outdoor area with gravel

garden contemporary design white gravel

Gravel gardens have also become very popular in recent years. This is a concept where the gravel is dominant, but it also includes vegetation as trees, shrubs, plants and flowers.

Original decoration Zen garden with gray and white gravel

gray deco idea white gravel

This type of garden features, apart from the gravel, other types of stones of various sizes and textures and decorative elements. This concept is often used in Mediterranean gardens and Japanese gardens.

Cactus garden with gravel - an exotic outdoor space while beauty

white gravel garden cactus

For your driveway, one of the most economical methods is to dress in white gravel. White gravel has the advantage of evacuating rain water and avoid walking into the mud.

Deco interesting garden with gravel and vegetationwhite gravel garden deco idea

As we mentioned above, the white gravel garden has the ability to drain water naturally. To ask your gravel, you have to focus on the driveway area. This is to avoid to put in the ground, because it may sink.

Japanese rock garden with gravel that will inspire you

white gravel Zen Japanese garden

To do this, set out your driveway in the bypassing using a rope or what you find at hand. Then, grab a spade and dig a hole about ten centimeters, to prepare the location of the stones.

Modern outdoor space decorated with gravelgravel white deco modern outdoor space

The surface should remain smooth, so if there are stones or roots protruding, remove them. Then a geotextile felt squares to prevent that gravel mix with the ground below. Everything must be well spaced, especially when it comes to earth and mud.

Deco back yard with gravel for your outdoor relaxation

deco white gravel garden arrier

Let the geotextile spread on the sides to fully limit the white gravel. Finally, cover it with your gravel for a stable thickness of at least five centimeters.

Deco idea of ​​Zen garden made of white gravel and exotic plants

Japanese garden deco white gravel

Warning: If your space is sloping or if cars pass there must be provided instantly. For this, you must install dimpled plates honeycomb. This will avoid that your gravel sink on one side or in the ground.

Surrounding garden plants with white gravel allows them to highlight themgravel white modern garden

White is the symbol of purity and freshness, making the white gravel is ideal for outdoor areas. Its natural look comes to your garden and your plants values. Except for the driveway, you can put around your plants, in pots. You can also scatter in your dining area.

Small road wood and gravel driveway with ease

allee wood gravel garden

The gravel can easily penetrate and get lost in the earth. You can also avoid this by putting wooden planks to form a path where you can walk without fear.

deco zen gravel garden

Some prefer to bet on the white gravel for a whole entire space. Besides, you can intermingle with other colors and textures to form a harmonious and personalized landscape.

gravel-white decoration Garden

Gravel comes in several colors and sizes, so it's up to you to find what is best for your outdoor space. Follow our tips and the result will meet your expectations.

white gravel driveway garden idea

allee deco exotic garden

allee gravel garden idea

landscaped driveway gravel garden

gravel garden deco allee

deco gravel garden idea

deco Japanese Zen garden gravel

modern deco gravel garden

deco garden English style

gravel garden decoration idea

modern decoration gravel garden

white gravel driveway garden

white deco original gravel garden

white gravel large garden

white gravel garden design idea

white gravel garden modern design

gravel white Japanese garden

gravel white deco Japanese garden

white gravel landscaped garden

white rock gravel garden

deco exterior gravel idea

deco gravel garden idea

interior deco gravel garden

gravel garden deco idea

Japanese garden deco gravel

rockery garden gravel deco

white gravel Zen deco exterior design

Garden Japanese style white gravel

white gravel deco design

deco white gravel garden

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