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A garden without maintenance or almost: tips and ideas

bordering garden maintenance

Mowing, pruning, weeding, watering ... You do not have time to care for your garden and yet you dream of a garden that makes envy the neighbor. Do not panic !

You can still create a pleasant and conducive to relaxation garden without spending your weekend in exhaust on your garden. Here's a handy guide to achieve your dream: a garden maintenance… Or almost.

Garden maintenance: a gravel floor and cacti

Exotic cactus garden gravel

The lawn is a garden elements that requires more maintenance: it needs to be watered and mowed regularly, plus scarification, fertilization, etc. Therefore, if you want a maintenance-free garden, you can replace your lawn with ground cover plants like sedum or dwarf chamomile.

Garden landscape with tiles that draw a path through the gravel

garden landscape tiles

To prevent the proliferation of weeds, you can create a garden landscape dotted with stone tiles or slates. For what is massive, consider the decorative grass as angel hair or blue fescue, two plants that do not require much watering and will house insects will devour chips and pests.

Garden Gravel: Zen attitude

landscape garden maintenance

Perennial ground covers are a great solution because you will save both weeding, as watering and planting seasonal flowers. After all, time is precious and the result is as stunning! You can also install an automatic watering and watering schedule at the beginning or end of the day, when the sun does not claps.

ultra-contemporary landscape garden

Zen garden landscape

Why not turn some of your vegetable garden without a lot of maintenance? There are varieties of vegetables that can be ressemés, like tomato cherry, oak leaf lettuce, spinach-strawberry or land cress. In a jiffy, you just created a garden into a two.

Gravel and stones are built around a green lawn

garden maintenance

The gravel garden is another effective technique to reduce maintenance. We have already devoted an entire publication, but call you back us most. Perfect for fans who do not have the time to maintain their garden, the gravel will replace your lawn and give the space a natural look as aesthetic.

stone slabs and living bonsai trees lit ground

garden maintenance bonsai trees

If you like potted plants, the abélia confetti is an aesthetic and elegant choice. trees beside the Catalpa tree of life and the Bonsai are an excellent solution.

Small garden with concrete furniture and fire pit

Garden maintenance with brazier

If you have a fence, why not adorn honeysuckle, climbing plants such as hydrangea or charcoal creeping dwarf?

Garden maintenance with minimalist concrete slabs

Garden maintenance with cobblestones

To limit the frequency of watering, think about mulching your plants. To do this, go for pine bark, wood chips or dead leaves. This step is important as it will also promote microbial life.

Beautiful garden with artificial turf

garden without artificial grass maintenance

Besides the gravel garden, permaculture is another highly recognized technique. Permaculture, what is it? Inspired by nature, the concept seeks to limit the use of chemical fertilizers without which the forest grows easily.

Garden with wooden terrace and flower boxes

garden without wood deck maintenance

Indeed, the forest floor is home to animals, bacteria and fungi that promote soil fertility without chemical components. You can be inspired by this concept in your own garden and do well working nature to you.

Garden Ireland feels more like a refuge in Provence

Mediterranean style garden

If it's not gravel or grass, it will often be a floor covering such as slate tile or stone. Opt for slabs of different formats and create a graphic and interesting textured effect.

Garden gravel and stone slabs along

garden gravel

You can also dress your soil pavers or exterior wood cladding maintenance as solid wood, plywood panels or terraces floors.

Gravel Garden and stone slabs along

garden gravel stones as a border

Use the wood to give relief to your garden and make a few planters or simply create a garden path.

Garden maintenance with gravel

gravel garden on wooden terrace

To satisfy your olfactory sense, choose herbs such as bay leaves, rosemary, sage, thyme, mint or chives, all plants that do not need to be renewed. Please note, basil and tarragon will struggle to withstand low temperatures.

Garden terrace with swimming pool and hut thatched

Wooden garden terrace with swimming pool

As we said above, the grass requires a lot of maintenance. But if you want at all costs to have one, prefer the low maintenance turf. Instead of sowing, you can also opt for sod to ask in the first 24 hours of your purchase.

A green garden is built around a gravel courtyard

green garden around'une cour gravier

For what is borders, choose a brick flat edge.

The floor covering defines several areas of this terrace easy to maintain

Zen garden floor coating various

For a maintenance free garden that thrills get inspired by the picture above where different floor coverings do not leave indifferent.

Set up a mini zen garden under the stairs

mini indoor Zen garden

Requiring little maintenance, driveway slabs will need a high-pressure cleaning in the spring. To avoid profilération weed through the gravel driveways, décaissez earth then stir in the sand to improve drainage.

Garden easy to maintain gravel

small garden on gravel

A maintenance garden also means maintenance free garden furniture. Opt for wooden furniture rot, PEFC or FSC certified and therefore from a reasonably managed forest.

Garden Path akin to a staircase

idea garden maintenance

Forget metal furniture that needs to be maintained and repainted regularly. Do not either of plastic furniture which is not very aesthetic.

Garden maintenance inspired by Japanese minimalism

small garden zen gravel

Finally and most importantly, prepare your garden for winter. Pick healthy leaves and put them on the compost and burn fallen leaves sick. Cups dead branches, protect fragile shrubs, lubricate mower, store the hose and be ready when spring will come back ...

Floor tiles, punctuated by flowerbeds borderless

modern terrace flat strip

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