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Zen Terrace: tips and planning boards

zen home decoration outdoor terrace

Want to create a space to relax in an exterior of your home? We have a suggestion for you: Try Zen terrace decoration! It is part of a whole garden with relaxing atmosphere or not, the Zen terrace aims to create a serene atmosphere allowing its owners to spend moments of meditation, reading or just happiness with their loved ones.

Such an atmosphere is obtained by the right combination of natural elements of water, earth, wind, wood and fire, used together or separately. This is the good organization of these elements, along with plants and decorative items, which is the key to a peaceful and quiet landscape.

Zen house with small terrace

Zen deco terrace house

The Zen patio has no default size. It can be fitted in a corner of your garden or part of a larger terrace. It can also occupy an entire outdoor space. Everything is really possible to this view then, which means that even small houses may have an area like this. What matters is to know exactly what is the size of the esapce you want to turn. Have a good knowledge of its dimensions will help you organize all the details of its decoration.

Little Zen terrace modern style

development of small garden zen decoration

We often associate the terrace and garden with outdoor influenced by Asian countries. In these settings, gravel and sand provide the feel of a good organization of the esapce, as pictured above. These elements are not essential for the creation of a Zen style terrace, but you can use them if they look please.

Zen terrace decoration with wooden flooring

Zen coating wood floor terrace

Wood is an important element for outdoor Zen: it has the ability to infuse us a sense of balance, strength and resistance. Of course, this material is present in almost all exterior through scenery of nature. But there are cases where it would further strengthen its presence: for example, when a terrace is in the city or when its owners are especially stressed and looking for ways to restore their physical and mental balance. In these situations, there are various smart solutions: introducing a wooden garden furniture, a slab flooring or a pergola made using this material.

Idea decoration Zen terrace with waterfall

Japanese design ideas terraces

Water is another element that contributes to relaxation and that is typical for outdoor Zen. If your house is located next to a swimming pool, a lake or a river, this element of the peaceful decor is already present in the landscape of your terrace. It would suffice to emphasize it to enjoy it. If this is not the case, but would like to introduce water on your deck, try installing a fountain, a small pool or, if you feel like it, a waterfall and a Jacuzzi.

Zen patio furnishings in town by Sojo Design

Zen house balcony design

Concerning the plants, depending on your personal choice: you do not have to be a lot if you do not want. After all, many of minimalist gardens are also landscaped Zen style! However, try to have a little green element in your outdoor area, if only because it is scientifically proven that color brings a sense of relaxation. Finally, the atmosphere of relaxation is complete, remember the other two elements, fire and wind, you can represent a fireplace, candles and lanterns for the first and wind chimes for the second . And now discover all our Zen terrace of images below:

Zen Terrace and rattan garden furniture

deco zen garden terrace rattan lounges

Zen Terrace and gravel garden

Layouts of pebbles Zen garden terrace

Zen terrace and relaxing lounge chairs

Zen decoration long relax chair Terrace

Terrace with original decoration Zen

Zen bathroom decoration on terrace

modern and zen Terrace

relaxed atmosphere modern design terrace

in modern Zen style terrace

Zen modern design terrace

Deck and Zen garden

decking deco zen garden

Terrace of modern design and decor zen

Zen modern decoration style terrace

Zen Japanese garden terrace

Japanese style garden

Little Zen Japanese-style terrace

Small Japanese terrace decoration

Small Japanese terrace decoration

Japanese small terrace deco idea

Small terrace with zen

Pictures of Zen design terrace

Lanterns for outdoor zen

outdoor zen lantern

Japanese zen garden style terraces

deco zen wood floor terrace gardens

Zen garden picture Japanese style terraces

garden Japanese Zen terrace design

Zen gardens decoration outside terrace

Layouts ideas terrace Zen gardens

deco idea relaxing Zen garden terraces

decoration terrace Zen design ideas

deco relaxing Zen Garden Terrace

fontainre outdoor zen style

garden fountain zen

Asian decoration terrace fountain

Fountain Terrace feng shui

Zen terrace modern style decoration

zen exterior wood floor terrace

Zen deco design terrace

Zen decoration outside balcony

balcony decoration zen

deco small Zen gardens

zen external deco ideas

deco Zen pebbles terrace style

Zen outdoor decoration design

Contemporary Zen terrace design

zen garden

Zen idea deco balconies

outdoor deco theme zen

Layouts Japanese garden

Zen style home exterior

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