biofilm plants – 10 plants that improve indoor –

biofilm plants – 10 plants that improve indoor

biofilm plant interior Chrysalidocarpus

One of the Feng Shui advice is always to keep the indoor air fresh while trying to improve it constantly. This is something very important for our health and wellbeing.

Scientific research shows that pollution is much stronger inside and out. The biofilm plant is one way to clean the air in your rooms. In this article we will present 10 plants among the dépolluantes according to NASA with which to decorate your interior.

interior decoration with the plant depolluting Chrysalidocarpus

palnte biofilm inside Chrysalidocarpus

First things Chrysalidocarpus. It is a perfect plant for interior decoration that removes all toxins from indoor air. The Chrysalidocarpus is a very popular plant is very easy to maintain. The leaves of this plant will soften the energy in your home or work office.

The Chrysalidocarpus plant is one of the best plants depolluting

biofilm plant deco Chrysalidocarpus

The Rhapis is another very good option. It helps to remove most indoor pollutants. This is one of the best plants for air quality. It is also very easy to maintain. The Chamedorea is another plant that will remove the toxic components of indoor air and create an exotic feel to your decor.

The plant Rhapis

biofilm plant deco Rhapis

The Ficus is also a great indoor plant that removes most of the pollutants and especially formaldehyde. This plant can survive even at low temperatures and without much light. Another beautiful plant and does not need much light to live is the plant deremensis Dracaena "Janet Craig". To clean your indoor air, you can also choose ivy plants, the Phoenix Roebelenii, Ficus Alii maclellandii the Boston Fern and Spathiphyllum. The following images:

The Rhapis - a Feng Shui plant

idea plant deco Rhapis

Interior decorating with Rhapis

plant interior deco Rhapis

The Chamedorea is a plant that purifies the air

idea depulluantes plants Chamedorea

The plant Chamedorea indoor flower pot

dépolluantes Chamedorea idea indoor plants

The Chamedorea in an original pot

idee air depolluting plants Chamedorea

The beautiful plant Dracaena deremensis "Janet Craig"

Dracaena Janet Craig inside deremensis

Dracaena Janet Craig deremensis plant

Ficus Alii maclellandii interior deco

ficus plant Feng Shui

ficus plants inside dépolluantes

ficus flower pot design

Boston fern plant

Boston fern indoor plant

ivy domestic plant depolluting

ivy plants depolluting idea

Phoenix Roebelenii biofilm plant

Phoenix Roebelenii indoor plant

Spathiphyllum deco biofilm plant

Spathiphyllum interior deco plant

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