Modern Landscaping: 75 inspiring ideas –

Modern Landscaping: 75 inspiring ideas

Design terrace Outside pools

With this large file on landscaping in modern style, we present 80 photographs of modern houses with unique exterior design. What are the key points to consider for the successful development of outer space and the facade of a modern home?

See our tips on five important points in the exterior design and get inspired pictures of modern houses with elegant exterior.

Landscaping of a modern home: practical advice

modern terraced landscaping pergola

In designing the organization of outdoor space, balance and symmetry play a major role. To have a pleasant appearance, the facade of the house and the space around it need a symmetrical and balanced air, which can be explained psychologically by the need of the human brain organize information structured way and find geometric shapes in everything that surrounds it. This aspect can be achieved in many ways, such as using exposed symmetrical shapes or less obvious techniques for non-specialists. Architects know all these techniques and it is through their design work outside a home can achieve a harmonious and aesthetic appearance. The owners of each house can accentuate this aspect already obtained during the design stage and construction by building, for example, a garden whose symmetry is consistent with that of the house.

Idea for landscaping a house architect with terrace and pool

houses outdoor garden layout design

The second important point to get a modern and aesthetic exterior is thinking about the function of the space. Think about how you will use your modern house. Consider well all your family's needs and arrange the space according to their needs. Rest assured, this is not difficult. For example, if your modern home is designed to accommodate your family and friends during periods of summer vacation, you can design an outdoor space with a large terrace out to gather your loved ones. If it is a house where you want to spend your weekends, you can think of creating a terrace with pergola for periods when it is less beautiful or veranda that can accommodate easily to changes climate.

Idea for outdoor furnishings and designer house with terrace: Kings residence by H3K Design

modern houses and ideas'aménagement de terrasse extérieur

The exterior design of a house can also be regarded as an extension of its interior decoration. This is especially true in modern homes which often have large windows. You can get ideas for the exterior design of your home watching your garden from inside the house. Imagine that you are facing a blank table and think about what you would see through these windows every time you look outside.

Landscaping with modern terrace

Designers terraces residence

Regarding the choice of materials for the exterior design of your home, it is best to consider both their aesthetic appearance and durability. The choice of materials nowadays is huge and one can easily get the impression of being overwhelmed with ideas. Our advice in this regard is as follows: for the aesthetic side, let your personality speak. Then consult an architect with ideas materials that you already have to choose the best option and acquire the famous balance between beauty and functionality. In terms of the financial aspect of this step, you can make your choice by asking about the prices of different types of materials thanks to the many IT tools that marketers have made available on the internet.

Exterior Design Idea with modern wooden terrace and pool

development of terraces'extérieur maisons modernes

Turning to another important moment - the choice of colors. How to decide what is the best color for the design of the front of your house or the floor of a terrace? Here's a tip specialists exterior design: For a harmonious look and pleasing to the eye, choose two or three shades of the same color for different outdoor spaces. Once that choice is made, you can select another color that goes well with these nuances: it can be used to focus on one element of the architecture of your modern home.

Outdoor furnishings and modern wooden terrace

ideas for houses with outside decks

Finally, remember to think of landscaping that is an essential part of the modern exterior design. There are many options to choose garden plants or decorative terrace. A good idea is to learn about the type of soil in the garden of your modern home. Consider also the possibility to decorate your garden with local plants that will likely be well acclimated to the temperatures in your area. You may also check with traders at local nurseries: they can tell you which plants are best suited to the local climate or even assist you in planning your garden with their practical advice.

Outdoor Design with terrace at a ranch

Terrace chimneys idea for development of'extérieur

If you like a particular type of garden decoration you can, of course, design the exterior design of your home by taking account of this type of decoration. Again, we advise you to inform you well on the plants you intend to use to avoid unpleasant surprises. Some climates may welcome inspired gardens in other regions of the world is an example of this type of exterior design in the gallery below with a Zen garden set in a modern house in Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary. Plan ahead landscaping your outdoor garden and transform the design of the exterior design of your home into a pleasant experience!

Exterior Design Example with covered terrace of the house Wahroonga

development of'extérieur jardins

Garden Landscaping with terrace and beige tile in the house Wahroonga

tiled terrace garden design

Swimming and modern terrace for outdoor decoration in Casa Xixim

ideas for modern terrace furnishings pools

Idea for outdoor living with small terrace and sculpture in Montecito

Planning outdoor terraces small space ideas

modern exterior design with pool and terrace: the Can Pep residence of his Guaita in Ibiza

idea for pools and development of'extérieur de terrasses

Exterior Design Ideas for modern home with pool

Deco outside pools

modern lighting and landscaping design in a house with pool and terrace

decoration ideas for outdoor pools with terrace

Design Home and garden design with pool

Deco pool of modern houses'extérieur

Idea for outdoor installation of a modern house with terrace

Design houses roof terraces decorating ideas

Exterior design of a modern house with wooden terrace and large swimming pool

houses contemporary exterior decorating ideas

Exterior design of a modern home with small terrace

decorating ideas outside modern houses

Landscaping design of a modern house with pretty terrace

Designers gardens homes

Exterior design of a modern house in wood and concrete

design wooden houses with modern furnishings'extérieur

Construction of exterior of a modern wooden house with large terrace Txai

vacation home furnishings and garden terrace

Idea for outdoor installation of a modern wooden house with terrace

how to decorate outdoor terrace house modern ideas

Terrace and outdoor decoration for modern house with swimming pool Txai

Planning outdoor wooden terraces pool

of exterior design for modern white house with terrace

modern houses built outside idea

Landscaping design of a house with terrace

Design houses modern building ideas gardens

Exterior Design Idea with pergola

decoration'extérieur pergolas jardins

of exterior design of a modern house with terrace in Malibu

pool modern houses US

Landscaping design house with pool and terrace: Redcliffs House

exterior home decoration furnishings pools

of exterior design of modern house with pool in Malibu

houses modern ideas'aménagement de piscine extérieur

terrace houses stone landscaping design

design idea pool construction houses with terrace

Contemporary design of houses'extérieur

Ideas for modern home furnishings of'extérieur piscine

pergolas ideas for home garden outside land

decoration'extérieur maisons avec piscines

development of'extérieur terrasses modernes avec piscines

pool ideas'aménagement extérieur modernes

houses with outdoor pools and terrace deco idea

garden decoration modern exterior home ideas

houses'architectes décoration extérieur

Contemporary home idea'aménagement extérieur

Designers ideas terraces

contemporary exterior design houses pool

Designers architect wooden houses terraced

ideas for planning home garden with pool

ideas for'aménagement de jardin extérieurs avec piscine

modern furnishings gardens'extérieurs

garden design and modern terrace houses

outdoor decoration and modern garden design ideas

design houses with pools of'extérieur et déco

design of'extérieur aménagement maison avec jardins modernes

design of modern houses with swimming pools

design garden furniture ideas for development of'extérieurs

exterior modern garden design house pictures

houses with interior gardens of Deco'extérieur

Layouts-outdoor-garden-design-pool-terraces Wahroonga

luxury homes Designers gardens

beautiful house design Garden Designers

Ideas for modern outdoor patio furnishings

ideas for terraces and balconies houses modern design

ideas for building modern terrace furnishings

Contemporary furnishings and design of houses'extérieur

decoration'extérieur maison de vacance moderne et terrasse

houses modern design ideas'aménagement extérieur

layout design outside deco houses

large terraces houses modern design ideas

ideas for terrace pool landscaping design

Designers modern houses terraces pictures

holiday ideas'aménagement extérieur et déco de terrasses

outside terrace modern furnishings decoration

design of'extérieur moderne idées pour aménagement de terrasse

modern houses exterior design and ideas'aménagement

development of modern Zen garden terraces

design of gardens'extérieur maisonDesigners idea wood outdoor kitchen tablelighting outdoor patio ideaDesigners wicker garden furniture basin'eau déco extérieur idée small kitchen design idea pool

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