planning boards of your winter garden –

planning boards of your winter garden

garden'hiver idees deco d'interieur

But where do you put the plants during the cold months? In the winter Garden of course ! This is a space for rest and relaxation for us to forget the problems.

It is valuable not only because it protects our plants unfavorable weather conditions, but also because it offers us comfort and warmth. In the garden of winter or a glass veranda you can quietly read your book, listen to music or organize a nice dinner with your buddies. What matters ? Are convert your favorite plants with care and imagination.

functional Winter Garden Landscaping

garden'hiver veranda construction extension

The plants in your winter Garden need special care and individual approach. In general winter gardens to be landscaped with tropical or subtropical plants such as vines, palms, ficus, citrus, etc. The bit variable climate allows this plant to live year-round in receiving heat and light necessary.

Bring the romance in your winter garden

garden'hiver interieur deco romantique idees

As for furniture, choose pieces fine and not very impressive. Feel free to introduce different colors in your garden: this will create a cheerful and friendly atmosphere. The winter garden is the perfect space for a do it yourself decorating. So give free rein to your imagination!

Rustic Garden

garden'hiver interieur design rustique

glass garden with a red sofa

garden'hiver deco plantes verte

Home improvement house extension glass plants

garden'hiver maison plantes

Veranda and garden for winter with green plants

Winter garden rustic wood design

Deco expansion of glass and wood house

design garden'hiver canapé table

Veranda with green plants and glass ceiling

garden furniture'hiver contemporain

glass house extension: a home for your plants during the cooler months

garden'hiver banc coussins plantes

Landscaping chic covered garden

conservatory roof glass table

Corner of rest in a glass garden

winter garden covered red brick bench

glazed winter garden furniture

garden furnishings glass house

Furniture designed in metal and glass in winter garden

plants garden furniture'hiver cosy

richly decorated Winter Garden

evergreens winter garden house

large living room windows garden furniture

plant wall winter garden apartment

table chairs wooden garden'hiver

terrace of'hiver vitres bois table

A home in sunny Italy

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