Modern outdoor fireplace: 42 models trend –

Modern outdoor fireplace: 42 models trend

fireplace'extérieur terrasse deco style moderne

The terrace and garden decoration with an outdoor fireplace is a key trend this season, we will present 42 modern models. bioethanol fireplaces, gas, wood or electricity, and sizes of classic and original shapes, large or small ... here a rich selection of products to choose one that would best suit your home:

Outdoor Fireplace modern design Llar by Gandia Blasco

fireplace'extérieur style moderne foyer ouvertSponsored links

Given the popularity of fireplaces for outdoor areas, it is not surprising to learn that these products are now sold by several manufacturers who specialize in the creation of outdoor furniture or working in the field of realization fireplaces for indoor and outdoor use. This allows those who wish to install such a product in their garden to buy a ready to use template.

Outdoor Fireplace versatile Giza by Robeys for terrace or garden

fireplace'extérieur idee design moderne decoration jardin

Robeys is one of the brands that offer several models for such situations. His Giza model is a compact, modern solution made of corten steel - a material used by outdoor spaces decorators lately. Giza is a versatile item that can be used as a fireplace, featuring wood storage space, and as a barbecue. The name and form of the model is inspired by the famous pyramid in Egypt.

Outdoor Fireplace bioethanol modern style Zero by Falper

fireplace'extérieur decoration terrasse de luxe

Falper The manufacturer offers a collection of outdoor fireplaces and for homes that are characterized by clean lines and minimalist shapes. These products are suitable for both open and closed spaces. So they will be a very good choice for those with a veranda or other transitional space between inside and outside.

Outdoor Fireplace in modern style bioethanol Falper

biothenol outside fireplace modern deco

Falper The fireplaces are made of metal with epoxy treatment and are available in many colors. In addition to the models ready to be installed, Falper also offers custom manufacturing based on the draft of its models - an idea that will appeal to owners terraces just traditional forms.

white exterior fireplace Idea: Zero collection by Falper

fireplace'extérieur petit espace terrasse moderne

For ease of design with these products Falper also sells a series of flower pots which take their shapes and colors. Modern and developed, the collection of the Italian brand will be an ideal complement to the relaxing outdoor areas for poolside terraces.

Outdoor fireplace modern design by Pharos Robeys

fireplace'extérieur deplacable jardin deco

Pharos is a product of Robeys brand. This is a fireplace and grill for patio and garden that can run according to its preference and move without difficulty of the outside area to another. The model is designed to impress and, therefore, it will quickly become a focal point of any outdoor terrace.

Outdoor Fireplace Spot by Robeys for a touch of Scandinavian decor in your garden

deco fireplace garden terraces modern idea

Spot - an outdoor fireplace with wood storage space of Nordic inspiration. This horny model takes the look of conventional stoves giving it a modern look and compact. With these features, Spotlight integrates seamlessly into any size space.

Outdoor Advertising fireplace modern design for terrace and balcony Gyrofocus by Focus

fireplace'extérieur design moderne idee decoration terrasse

Gyrofocus is another compact but impressive product. Creation of the French company Focus, this modern fireplace is part of the series of suspended fireplaces that can be used inside the home and outdoors. Designed to be used spécaliement open, fireplaces in this series are extremely durable.

Small modern outdoor fireplaces Babele by Antonio Lupi Design

home fire garden terrace deco modern style

The Babele bioethanol fireplaces are a creation of Mario Ferrarini for Antonio Lupi Design. Made of steel, they have a simple shape based on the geometry and their upper part is protected by plates tempered glass. Designed to be used inside and outside, they have a storage area where you can place glasses and a bottle of wine to enjoy on a modern style terrace.

Idea of ​​Modern Deco terrace with outdoor fireplaces Babele

external terrace homes Layouts

The collection of fireplaces Babele is available in white, black and with a steel corten finishing touch.

Outdoor Fireplace Design Stardust low terrace by Robeys

fireplace models'extérieur jardin design robeys

If you like the Babele collection but prefer a low size for your outdoor fireplace, you have the opportunity to acquire Stardust Robeys by combining a very modern look to a little greedy shaped space.

compact outdoor fireplace and ready for use by Twin Italy Dream Design

Modern design outdoor fireplaces decoration

Outdoor Fireplace for small space by Italy Dream Design

mini fireplace'extérieur terrasse petit espace

Twin is another type of compact fireplace that runs on bioethanol. It was invented by Massimo Botti and is distributed by the brand Italy Dream Design. The exterior lights of this range are intended for decoration sophisticated terraces where every detail counts.

Zen Deco modern terrace with fireplace, modern exterior by Italy Dream Design

fireplace'extérieur amenagement terrasse et jardin contemporain

Twin series products are made of electro-galvanized metal and tempered glass. Their goal is to bring you a feeling of relaxation and a natural Zen atmosphere.

Outdoor Fireplace for small garden or terrace modern Mosquito by Altro Fuoco

fireplace'extérieur amenagement terrasse jardin moderne

Mosquito is an outdoor fireplace and friendly practice developed by Domenico Lo Giudice and made in Italy. With this product, Altro Fuoco's objective is to enable everyone to enjoy a fireplace, without installation work of long and sometimes very expensive.

compact and modern fireplace garden Mosquito by Altro Fuoco

fireplace'extérieur bioéthanol jardin moderne

It is for this reason that Mosquito was designed to be movable and ecological outdoor fireplace that runs on bioethanol and therefore eliminates the need to store wood or build chimneys. Additional advantage of this model: it is equipped with a small box in which you can place a mosquito repellent to protect against insects evening.

Idea installation of outdoor-inspired vintage fireplace Girse Duo Exclusiv by Robeys

fireplace installation outside terrace garden design

Lovers of vintage decoration will probably seduced by the garden fireplace and terrace Girse Duo Exclusiv by Robeys. Made by hand, it will work as well as a fireplace that as a barbecue. As it is made of stainless steel, this product will not be damaged by rain and moisture, even if it remains outside throughout the year.

Outdoor Fireplace Cube Robeys: a nice accessory for smaller spaces

small fireplace garden modern outdoor Robeys Layouts

The mini outdoor fireplace Cube is a creation of Robeys which is intended to owners of small gardens and tenants of homes with terraces that do not wish to invest in the installation of a large chimney. Like most other Robeys of products included in our collection, Cube is versatile and easily used as an outdoor fire and as a grill. This charming garden decor accessory is made of corten and stainless steel.

Large terrace of 400 Linea fireplace by British Fires

fireplace ideas'extérieur deco terrasse moderne sol bois

Idea of ​​fireplace design furnishings terrace: Linea 400 ritish Fires

fireplace'extérieur terrasse piscine design moderne

The fireplace Linea 400 British Fires is an impressive exterior model that runs on gas. Protected by a glass surface on all sides, Linea 400 is long 4 meters, making it a memorable and original decorative accent. The product is also available in remotely through a web application for smartphones.

Electric fireplace insert for garden and terrace: Panorama collection by Deep Amantii

exterior wall fireplace hearth Layouts

Deco conservatory with fireplace wall for indoor and outdoor Panorama Deep by Amantii

deco verabda electric fireplace insert terrace

The collection of modern fireplaces Panorama Amantii includes a series of models that run on electricity and can be used in all types of outdoor spaces and safely. The chimneys of the Panorama range are available in different colors (from yellow to blue and purple).

Outdoor fireplace model for the electricity for terrace deco Panorama Deep by Amantii

Electric fireplaces outside ideas Layouts

These grades are changeable by means of a simple press on the remote control supplied with the products.

Outdoor Fireplace insert and modern terrace furnishings by CVO Fire

modern fireplace design poses terraces and gardens

The fireplace by CVO Fire gas works and aims to bring you a pleasant atmosphere that is truly comparable to that produced by traditional wood stoves. Installation is quick and easy: just connect the gas line to the fireplace and chimney is ready for use.

multifunctional outdoor garden fireplace Morsø *

outdoor fireplace design idea Modern BBQ

Terrace fireplace and oven by Morso

fireplace'extérieur four amenagement barbecue morso

The chimney to terrace by Morso has developed as a multifunctional object aesthetic and practical. It is not only a heating solution for outdoor but also an oven and grill. Not to mention her very elegant design could be a reason in itself to fall for this!

Fireplace and BBQ modern outdoor space by Morso

morso fireplace grill outdoor wood design

design outdoor fireplace model by Morso Deck

fireplace wood oven grill design exterior morso

In addition to the fireplace and garden terrace already seen the Morsø brand also offers a fireplace model that takes the forms of an ancient amphora and is suitable for outdoor use.

Outdoor fireplace convenient and movable Morso

outdoor wood fireplace model deco design terrace

Finally, do not forget the smallest member of the family Morso products: a compact exterior fireplace and simple to use and carry everywhere you want!

Modern Fireplace for terrace or garden Shiloh by Ruby Fires

Design fireplace Design bioethanol terrace home

Silo is a fireplace and chic trend carried on project by Hans Daalder Ruby Fires. Equipped with wheels, it is easy to carry to decorate every corner of your exterior.

design outdoor fire Sunfocus by Focus

of small fireplaces'exterieur amenagement coin repas

This small outdoor fire you will give your patio, outdoor kitchen or outdoor dining area of ​​a touch very original and very natural.

Deco idea of ​​modern garden with outdoor fireplace design wood Isoker

wood fireplace decoration design modern exterior design

The decoration with open fireplace wood working is a great way to give the outdoor space a peaceful atmosphere. This type of product is available in classic fireplaces manufacturers inside.

fireplace for outdoor spaces

Gas fireplace-insert modern outdoor terrace design

terrace image with contemporary outdoor fireplace by Glo Twilight

modern fireplace insert external terrace

Decorate your patio with a fireplace is sometimes also a clever way to make the inside of his house brighter. This is the case particularly when employing double sided fireplaces, as the Heat model Glo Twilight.

Outdoor fire with open fireplace for Deco design terrace by Identity Construction

poses outdoor terrace modern fireplace

Design house design photo with patio fireplace

outdoor fireplace open deco garden terrace

Despite the fact that modern outdoor fireplaces are now within reach of everyone, many people prefer to build their own patio fireplace. This is a decision that allows those who wish to further customize their space outside by a decorative object made to measure.

outdoor fireplace built: idea of ​​modern terrace by Identity Construction

build an outdoor fireplace terrace modern design

People who opt for it and enjoy participating in the realization of landscaping projects sometimes engage in the construction of fireplaces themselves inspired design models. Others, however, prefer to hire a professional decorator gardens and terraces.

Idea to develop an outdoor fireplace on a modern terrace by Connect1 Design

build a fireplace outside modern garden

Development of modern terrace with fireplace and outdoor fireplace by SKG Design

amenager its fire outside patio fireplace design

If you are considering the first option, know that it gives you a lot of freedom and complete control over the look of your fireplace. But it is also more demanding time perspective you need to devote to your project and information that you should master for successful work. The second option is preferable if you have a clear idea of ​​the finished look of your outdoors that you would like done without performing the construction work yourself.

terrace and contemporary deco design chimney by Town Country

build a contemporary fireplace design outdoor

Idea wood fireplace for outdoor terrace Valiant IHP Astria

fireplace wood patio design idea Contemporary

* Outdoor fireplace Photo design by Morso

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