Decorate its modern garden: 55 ideas for small spaces –

Decorate its modern garden: 55 ideas for small spaces

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Discover the secrets of professionals for the development of small outdoor spaces and learn how to decorate your modern garden with our tips! The modern gardens are characterized by their sleek look.

They are open and airy spaces, which borrow motifs minimalist design. In the following text, we will reveal some professional designers Tips to achieve such a space at home.

Decorate its modern garden: what priority materials?

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The modern exterior design is characterized by clean lines and this rule applies in particular to the flooring. The most common materials used for coating these areas are wood, tile, concrete and stone. The large tiles, with the ability to make small spaces visually more spacious, are a good choice for mini gardens. It is for the same reason as tiles, concrete and stones neutral tones dominate modern design decoration. The wooden flooring and in particular the decking, are commonly used to delineate the various zones of the space (eg, a mini terrace).

Decorate her garden: how to combine different materials?

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In many modern gardens, tile, concrete and stone are also accompanied by decorative elements of metal. The atmosphere a little cold they establish can be easily softened by wood surfaces. If you do not want to use the latter material for flooring, try to introduce it in another way: on railings, fences, fences or even on a garden gate.

Decorate its modern garden: idea for small space with potted plants and vertical garden

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modern gardens are decorated with simple plants that provide a relaxing atmosphere without requiring a lot of maintenance efforts. A plant of this type is the bamboo which fits easily into all the spaces and nicely accompanies those having aisles gravel or other décor with pebbles. Vertical gardens are another great solution for very small surfaces, so consider the possibility to develop a home. A third modern solution are potted plants. For a successful decor with potted plants, looking at does not clutter your garden but simply to introduce friendly green keys.

Decorate its modern garden: design idea by Robin Key Landscape Architecture

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Even if they are small, modern gardens usually have a garden, a dining corner and a relaxation area. These spaces are to be fitted with modern furniture and minimalist design that echoes the rest of the garden design. They can be accompanied by one or two interesting objects, such as a fireplace, a garden home or a wall fountain. Find all the illustrations of these designers tips for small modern garden here:

How to decorate his garden with plants and modern furniture

idee modern plant small gardens

Plan small outside garden modern style

garden deco modern map

Photo small garden outside and modern style

Layouts small modern garden outside

Development of small outdoor garden with modern decor

small garden deco modern outdoor space

Decorate small garden: modern exterior with gravel

small deco modern design gardens

Deco idea of ​​small Zen garden style

idee decoration small Zen garden

Decorate the garden: small house with modern outdoor space

decoration small modern gardens

Modern decor exterior garden house

idee small modern deco garden

mini garden terrace and modern decor with tile

deco modern mini garden terraces

Mini garden decoration with stones and bamboo

mini house modern garden

Decorate the outdoor garden in modern style

Outside modern mini gardens

Modern garden design with small stones

deco modern design mini garden

modern decoration small area garden

garden plants modern decoration

Idea to decorate their outdoor garden in modern style with gravel

external decoration modern home

Garden Image of small space with modern design

small space idea modern design

landscape gardens small area

garden design modern deco

Outside modern terrace house

modern small garden ideas

decorating idea its modern garden furniture

garden deco small spaces

decoration modern gardens

small garden decor modern design

decoration and modern exterior design

small outside space modern design

modern decoration small gardens

furniture decorate small garden

how to decorate her garden modern terraces

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decorate his garden small spaces

decorate its exterior garden

decorate his garden modern furniture

decorate its modern exterior garden

decorate small garden modern home

modern decoration small terrace

idee modern decoration small outside

Modern design small garden decoration

pot plant small garden

outdoor decoration modern design

garden ideas payagiste modern deco

how to decorate mini garden

modern decor garden furniture

Photo small garden modern style

how amenager its modern exterior garden

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