Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

cheap garden bench wood manufacture idea planters

Making your own garden furniture is trendy, eco-friendly and convenient. It is perhaps all fell on a design bench that makes us really want, but unfortunately the price is very high for our budget.

Having cheap garden furniture and design look is possible thanks to the many online DIY tutorials. We have selected some of the best to give you inspiration.

Bench cheap to make yourself

garden bench cheap wooden garden bench diy ideas

Ideas garden bench by cheap to make yourself

Most DIY garden bench projects require the bare minimum of basic DIY tools: boards or wooden brackets, saw, electric drill, hammer, screws, nails. The number and size of wooden planks depend on your own desires and outdoor space where you want your garden bench. Finally, it is possible to create different garden bench models - with or without backsplash, with or without storage space, with or without integrated planters.

We will present four DIY projects cheap garden bench: rustic garden bench, garden bench pallet and two garden bench models woven with storage space underneath.

Discover how to make them and choose one that best fits your outdoor design and your personal taste.

Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

Here is one of our favorite garden bench projects. The rustic look is very warm. It is perfect for outdoors as well as indoors. Indeed, its creator designed it to be able to settle into her bedroom and put his collection. We find it also will integrate very well in the garden, balcony or terrace. Discover the steps in pictures of manufacture really easy!

Bench cheap wooden garden with storage space easy to manufacture *

To achieve this, you'll need the following materials:

  • two wooden planks rustic 150 long and 8 cm thick and 40 cm wide
  • two sheets of 40 cm long
  • 8 large L brackets
  • 32 screws
  • Electric drill

Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

  1. Start by placing your wooden base.
  2. Place the first leg on the same basis and ensure that it is at the edge of the edge. The picture below shows how.Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in picturesBench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures
  3. Place your carrier L on base and align it to where you want to attach to the leg.Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures
  4. Remove the leg and fix the support L to the base.Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in picturesBench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures
  5. Place the leg on the base and screw the bracket L in the leg.
  6. Screw the second support L to your base and your leg to the back of the base.
  7. Place your second leg on the base and position it flush.
  8. Repeat steps 3 to 6.Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures
  9. Place the seat of your bench on top of the base, making at both legs.
  10. Screw the legs at the top by fixing your L brackets directly above the lower set of media L.
  11. Repeat and repeat for the other side.

Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

This garden bench rustic look and manufacture within hours. It is solid. Thanks to its storage space, placed in your garden, on your terrace or balcony, it will allow you to place potted plants, pillows, garden tools or accessories, or whatever you want done.

Admire your work and enjoy your beautiful wooden bench!Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

Garden bench Cheap pallet wood: a breeze!

It is possible to make a cheap garden bench wooden pallets in several ways. It all depends on your desire and space available. Disassembly or cutting a wooden pallet to make a garden bench is not a necessary step in itself. The standard size of a pallet is between 80 and 100 cm to 120 cm. If the size you want, then there is no need to cut it out. Note however that shoed quite a bench!

pallet-size-DIY pallet-sofa lounge garden

If you have the tools and desire, here is a project Cheap DIY garden bench pallets. It will ask you a few hours to realize it. If you are already experienced handyman, you can even get to make it for less than two hours!

Making a garden bench Cheap pallet wood

The final dimensions of the wooden garden bench below are 90 cm for the seat and 120 cm for backsplash.

Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

The first step is to cut the paddles to the seat. The creators of this garden bench, we kept the length of the range of 1.20 m and opted for a width of 40 cm. The palette which they used was 90 cm wide. Divided in two, we obtain two pieces per pallet. It takes 4 in all for a garden bench 45 cm high.

The back and armrests are optional effect

For the backsplash, it takes a whole palette. Here, no need to cut! The backsplash is actually optional, depending on whether you wish to have one or not.

Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

For the seat, if you want to create a more comfortable seat, you can do this:

Reset slats of the last tray of the seat. Then cut the panel to a more comfortable seat length 1.20 cm and width 50 cm. The width is greater to obtain a sloping back.

Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

The armrests, too, are optional. To make them, you will use the pieces of pallets to throw. measured and cutting the armrests. For a garden bench these dimensions, wide armrests will be needed of 75 cm and height 65 cm. To avoid holes due to the cut, the slats are removed on the pieces to throw and added to the sides of the armrests!

bench garden-no-price-rangeBench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

Garden bench woven wood: elegant and very original

Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

You probably know well the garden bench in wood pallets and wood garden bench Recycling DIY. Here is a woven bench project different and original that will change traditional garden bench DIY projects.

Making cheap woven garden bench with a wooden base

For its manufacturing Brittany Blog THIS HACK used the redwood. Sequoia wood is known for its resistance to insects and fungi. It is perfect for the garden furniture knowing that it is often at risk of being damaged quickly. Sequoia wood is very soft and therefore easy to work. You can find and buy on the site of ftfi or site Presto-wood. Finally, you can of course opt for another resistant wood species: pine, teak, Douglas and others. If you buy a specialty store, please seek the advice of a counselor.

You can choose to cut or not to cut the cleats of wood. Basically, Brittany has decided to use his saw and miter saw for this. Here are the dimensions that it has obtained:

  • Two wooden brackets 115 cm (50 × 50)
  • 4 wooden brackets 47cm (50 × 50)
  • Two wooden brackets 36 cm (50 × 50)
  • 2 packet clothesline (every 60 m) over a cord spool

Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

Know that the dimensions can vary according to your desires. To assemble all the cleats and foot of your bed, use a Kreg Jigs. The Kreg Jigs is a DIY assembly system that allows to carry out DIY projects quickly and easily. Easy to use even for beginners, once you buy it, your DIY projects will become a child's play!

Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

The final stages of the implementation of woven wooden bench

Here are the results that you will get after assembly of all wood battens:

Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

Next, apply a wood conditioner. This is necessary to protect your furniture. Once your dried wood construction, it is time to put the clothes.

Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

The weaving is important to get a solid foundation. Do not hesitate to pull hard! Here's how it:

Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

As you'll see Brittany decided to use this garden bench as a coffee table. You can do the same if you do not have one. This elegant bench will fit well in your living room or garden. You decide where it will go better!

Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

Second woven bench model DIY cheap

The latest DIY project at present and also at the base thought to serve as input bench. However, it can integrate very well to your outdoor garden or terrace. Simply place it in a shady corner: on your patio or under a pergola. Its manufacture is simple. Its sleek design is easy to match any style. His creative Caitlin was made to install it in its entry and use as shoe cabinet.

To create this woven bench she used jute instead of the clothesline.

Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

Here is the equipment and tools necessary for its implementation:

  • three wooden brackets
  • four table legs (or same cleats)
  • pencil
  • saw
  • Sandpaper
  • drill
  • screw
  • two of jute rollers
  • cotton rope (optional)
  • hammer
  • fixing nails

In short, you can proceed in the same way to Brittany and the wood base of your bench with cleats or recycled wood. The key is to accurately measure the dimensions to obtain a bench for your outdoor. The big difference this woven the previous bench is that here we have a storage space underneath. To create it you will need five additional cleats.

The steps to achieve this garden bench cheap and chic

To create exactly the same bench in the picture, you will need 2 wooden battens 127 cm, 30.5 cm 2 cleats, cleats 3 of 98 cm and 29 cm 2 cleats. It is quite possible to vary the size according to your desires.

Use your drill to make holes the same size screw you. Drill at the end of each of the two battens of 127 cm. These holes serve to attach the pieces 30.5 cm to those of 127 cm. After these steps, you will have your bed made basic.

Proceed to the next step, the weaving. Attach the string with fixing nails as was done in the photo below. Do not hesitate to pull hard to get a solid foundation. You will need at least two jute rope rolls. As you will see in the photo, cotton rope used for purely aesthetic purposes.

Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

To attach the foot of your bed, you will make holes above the 127 cm wooden battens. You can see how the image above.

garden bench-no-price-idea-ideas

And the last step: admire your beautiful creation!
bench-woven-wood-design-manufacture Bench cheap DIY garden: four tutorials in pictures

Discover now some other models

DIY garden benches elegant and easy to perform.

bench garden-diy-elegant wood-making-it-yourself

The great advantage of the bench is that it is indeed a multi cabinet functions. Located in the garden, it is a garden bench with or without storage space comfortable. The summer ended, you can make it fit in and use as a shoe cabinet, for example. There are also models that can be transformed into low coffee table.

bench Garden-wood-furniture-garden produce

Below you will find an elegant bench model, made of wood and with gold feet. It is designed primarily to serve as shoes cabinet with additional storage space. However, we see well install a modern outdoor terrace.

furniture-shoe-bed garden-diy

The banns is easy to place thanks to its simple structure. In most cases, it is only with a base to base and feet. After the coffee table is arguably the second most easy to manufacture furniture.
diy-bed garden-wood-furniture-diy bench garden-rustic

Bench made of against-plated

Below you find a rustic garden bench model. It was made from old wooden furniture.
bench garden-diy-wood vintage rustic

Wood and faux leather marries below to form a bench (garden) very stylish. We love the macramé wall decoration!

bench garden-wood-modern-ideas

Bench idea all made of woodbench garden-wood-diy ideasdiy-bed garden-furniture-idea-diy


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