The hanging gardens invite themselves into your home! –

The hanging gardens invite themselves into your home!

Hanging Gardens home deco ideas

The hanging gardens are a great way to introduce a natural decoration in your indoor or outdoor space, regardless of its size. Easy to create and grow, they can be fitted even in the smallest rooms in your home or on a mini terrace.

This large file offers a collection of decorative ideas with gardens of this type, supplemented by a series of tips on their manufacture and maintenance.

The Hanging Gardens: a decorative painting for your living room

hanging wall deco lounge gardens

As we know, the first vertical gardens were those of Babylon, the capital of the Babylonian Empire. Often attributed to Semiramis, they were probably made by order of King Nebuchadnezzar II in the seventh century. BC. AD for his wife, Queen Amytis. As indicated by the ancient authors of the following centuries, these gardens were considered a miracle of human genius and they were on the list of the Seven Wonders of the World, alongside the Pyramid of Cheops at Giza, the Lighthouse of Alexandria and colossus of Rhodes. Now extinct, these outdoor spaces contained, according to legend, trees, bushes, vines and looked like a large green mountain. Reserved in the past the king and queen of a great empire, the hanging gardens are now accessible to everyone. They can be made inside or outside and they will transform the look of any space successfully.

The Hanging Gardens: original way to decorate a small terrace

hanging gardens allee Garden Terrace

The easiest way to create a vertical garden is to use climbers. These plants are not expensive and they tend to grow quickly, which means you'll get results in no time. They are also easy to maintain and very resistant, making them ideal for the decoration of a wall in the home of a novice gardener. In addition, certain kinds of climbing plants tolerate well the lack of natural light and moisture. These are the kinds to be used for natural decoration of a corridor, an area that lacks large windows or a bathroom.

The design Hanging Gardens by Sundar Italia: a very good solution for the verandas of Deco

Garden Italian design idea

Another common way to create a wall garden is to use a medium that is used to attach the plants: trellises, pergolas, plant pots hanging on the wall or small furniture with integrated planters ... all these types of accessories are available in stores and ready to install in a corner of your home, on your balcony or terrace. Yourselfers also have the opportunity to make their own brackets for wall garden with cheap materials such as wooden pallets, for example.

The hanging gardens for small spaces, perfect for decorating a bathroom

hanging gardens deco interior bathroom

Vertical gardens adapt easily to many types of decoration: one with a balcony, a terrace or a facade, that of a garden or a kitchen, a bedroom, d a work area and even a hall! Whatever the wall you want to decorate, there are a few universal rules for your plants are still in good condition.

The hanging gardens outside: a nice addition to your terrace

hanging gardens outside home decoration idea

To start, think of your vertical garden as in any other area with flowers and plants: do not forget to water regularly and fertilize. Like the rest of the flowers, those that are part of a vertical garden need to be plucked to grow properly. Consider your garden wall as a decorative table which is composed of a group of plants that are part of a living system. The items in poor condition should be replaced and those that tend to spread faster to be multiplied.

The Hanging Gardens: a way to invite the natural decor in your interior and exterior

hanging gardens decoration idea terrace

On the other hand, due to the specific structure of hanging gardens, it is also necessary to ensure a few additional details. Specialists recommend to regularly observe and building your garden to ensure it remains fairly solid. Similarly, it is important to replace the soil that plants need a richer environment, eg, vegetables and fresh herbs.

The Hanging Gardens: a living decorative painting for your living room

Table deco idea indoor kind

The most common risks associated with the development of a garden wall affect soil moisture and walls that are behind the garden. They are caused due to excessive watering or too abundant. To remedy these problems, read the characteristics of the plants you want to grow and meet the watering instructions on the packaging. Also consider installing a plastic layer between the wall and your hanging garden to avoid mold problems.

The Hanging Gardens: a creative way to decorate a facade

Hanging deco frontage gardens

What plants you can grow in a garden of this kind? It all depends on your garden location and personal preferences. Among the most frequently used plants for decoration with a green wall include vines, succulents, flowers (to the outside) and fresh herbs (usually grown in pots or planter) nsaids that foams and all another tolerant type of vegetation moisture well. Now here is our great collection of images dedicated to the hanging gardens:

home decoration idea with succulents

deco modern vertical garden house

interior decoration with vertical garden

green garden deco modern interior

Garden terrace verticlal

modern decor climbing garden outside

Vertical garden in an inner courtyard

modern decoration garden terrace

Mini hanging garden in bedroom

garden deco bedroom wall

Terrace creeper for exterior decoration

terrace vines deco exterior

Hanging plants and lounge decor

hanging plants idee deco lounge

Suspended garden plants and interior decoration idea

hanging garden decoration plant

Modern Urban Garden by Urbano Paisajismo

Layouts modern urban gardens

Outside Wall Garden Photo

garden wall exterior design

Image of small gardens of modern design

Layouts design small gardens

Image of small gardens for wall decoration

idee deco wall small garden

Deco with small hanging garden for outdoor

small hanging gardens external

Idea of ​​small hanging garden design

design outdoor hanging garden

Development of small outdoor garden for wall

small garden deco exterior wall

Photo small outdoor garden with hanging plants

small garden outside hanging plant

Small hanging garden and kitchen interior

deco kitchen garden plant

outdoor decoration idea with vertical garden

picture pavilion modern urban garden wall

Small vertical garden and deco entrance

hanging garden home deco door entry

Mini hanging gardens and facade decoration

modern garden decoration idea frontage

Modern decoration with vertical garden

outdoor garden walls

Hanging gardens and landscaping

plant hanging green gardens

Photo of large vertical garden

modern interior hanging gardens

Modern interior with garden and plants

the Hanging Gardens lounge modern design

Idea corridor decor with wall garden

the Hanging Gardens Cabin Layouts

Interior decorating with garden wall and wood

Photo hanging gardens interiors modern design

How to make a hanging garden with green plants

the hanging gardens outside potted plant

Indoor garden for small spaces

hanging gardens inside original decoration

Small vertical garden for indoor or outdoor

the wall deco hanging gardens

Wall garden image for exterior decoration

the hanging gardens outside design

Idea deco exterior staircase with green plants

modern terraced hanging gardens

Deco facade of modern house with garden wall

home decoration wall hanging gardens

Landscaping with green garden wall

hanging wall deco home gardens

How to make a hanging garden

deco original Hanging Gardens

Mini vertical garden with succulents

Layouts hanging gardens green plants

Example of wall decoration with hanging gardens

Layouts terrace Hanging Gardens

deco terraces hanging gardens

dining room deco hanging gardens

the Hanging Gardens external façade Photo

Office Layouts hanging gardens

deco garden walls external

vertical plants for decoration ideas'exterieur

exterior vertical garden design

vertical garden deco modern interior design

Layouts terrace vertical garden

modern deco exterior vertical garden

Urban gardens decoration terraced buildings

ideas hanging garden succulents

hanging garden deco industrial design

garden decoration modern wall hanging

landscape hanging gardens interiors

picture hanging gardens terraces

terraces creeper decoration

External wall deco garden terraces

Wall gardens modern deco house

Photo Wall garden inside Italian design

garden wall modern interior design

garden wall interior home decoration

Wall gardens corner office interiors

landscape design garden wall

garden wall deco modern interior

Photo Wall garden modern facades

Layouts of'intérieur jardin minimaliste

Wall decoration minimalist garden

interior garden plant bathrooms

deco design interior garden

make a herb garden small spaces

amenager garden interior design

garden interior wall decoration


deco design garden wall

Nature deco interior kitchen

garden decoration idea climbers

decoration ideas terrace Hanging Gardens

deco exterior vertical garden

decoration gardens external walls

decorate his garden outside frontage

amenager minimalist gardens

Photo verandah wall garden

modern deco garden pool

wood pool terrace garden

Layouts terraces garden small space

decoration modern garden terrace

idee bathroom plants

deco garden fence

decoration modern interior hanging garden

Interior decoration hanging garden wall

modern climbers frontage Photo

deco garden terrace external walls

deco interior living wall gardens

how to hide a green plant wall

deco house roof garden

landscape garden staircase hanging plants

flower arrangement modern deco garden

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