Canisse pergola: 35 ideas for a natural shade to enjoy good

canisse decoration of modern design terrace pergola

Give your outdoor decor a touch of nature with a pergola canisse ! Here are 35 interesting ideas for a pleasant shade during the summer months.

The canisse pergola, such as those sold by African Reed, is an effective and cheap way to create a shade quite natural in the area protected by your pergola.

Canisse pergola and patio with shaded areas and pool

pool terrace pergola shading exterior canisse

Easy to find in the shops, the canisse exists in several variants. Some are sold from 2.50 and 3 euros per square meter (for example: canisse of split bamboo or straw paillon rod, bamboo, rye). Others require a somewhat larger but still reasonable investment; their prices ranging from 8 and up to 18 euros per square meter (in the canisse oiser or whole bamboo stems in particular).

Beautiful pool terrace with pergola canisse

pool terrace pergola shading canisse

This natural shade has the advantage of protecting you from the sun during the hottest days, while letting in a nice breeze. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to break into your outside decor an element of style to the decor of the islands, which suggests at once the holidays.

Deco idea islands canisse with pergola for your patio

canisse price bamboo pergola

Contrary to what one might think, the canisse pergola is no less durable than other similar products that are artificial. Some shading in canisse have a shelf life similar to those of plastic products. But unlike the latter, the reeds are objects quite natural, easy to recycle and do not pollute the environment.

wooden deck decoration with metal pergola and natural canisse

canisse pergola-wood-exterior-Layouts

Protection cheap and natural, the canisse pergola allows us to enjoy conditions similar to those offered by a bioclimatic pergola. In fact, the principle of operation of the latter based on the use of slats that allow the breeze to pass through the ceiling of the pergola. This takes advantage of the fresh air while remaining sheltered from the sun.

Idea light for lighting chains with pergola

wattle wood garland-light-idea-deco-outside pergola

In addition, the pergola canisse adapts easily to a variety of different structures. Modern or vintage, pergolas and arbors of metal and wood garden combine perfectly to complement our outward.

Canisse garden wrought iron arbor

canisse metal-arbor garden terrace pergola decoration

The reeds pergola, serving as the foliage ceiling for outdoor structures are known to have an ancient history. We think these are the ancient Egyptians who discovered this way to protect themselves from the sun.

Exterior decoration Mediterranean style and canisse for stone and wooden pergola

canisse pergola-deco outdoor lounge garden-mediterraneee

Indeed, pergola canisse is a solution that is most suitable for areas with dry and warm climate. Today, aesthetic qualities and practices are popular all over Europe. So, it is used even in wetter areas. Only in these cases, the wattle is used during the summer months; it remains stored inside the house during other seasons.

Atmosphere and holiday canisse pool terrace for bamboo

canisse pergola-deco swimming pool terrace-modern-idee

The arbor or pergola canisse garden gives a special look at the structure and contributes to the holiday atmosphere of the outdoor space. A terrace with such protection seduce those who love the natural decoration and favor authentic materials.

Landscaping with pergola canisse house with pool

Layouts pergola outside canisse

Typical outdoor villas and holiday homes, arbor or pergola to canisse often adorns the pool decks. And what better way to an area of ​​sea spirit?

Canisse natural pergola for modern decor

pergola terraces canisses

Economical, the wattle is however not restricted to modest external and pergolas and garden arbors improvised. It finds its place both on the terraces modern design and in the field with DIY decoration.

Arbor wooden garden with wattle rustic spirit

Layouts dining pergola canisse

And yes ! For terraces and gardens decorated with a bamboo or wattle oisier does not lack comfort. All the typical elements of a garden or outdoor dining area can exist perfectly under an arbor with such protection from the sun.

modern terrace with pergola canisse

canisse garden pergola shelters deco sun terrace modern

Natural reeds are seasonally protection options that stores inside the house during the cooler months. In this respect, it rank alongside the sails and sun screens. Just as durable, the reeds require less maintenance effort these textile elements.

Idea wooden pergola with natural canisse

roof pergola canisses

Not to mention that the wattle is usually simple enough to be installed on a pergola or arbor classic. And, if you have a particularly large terrace, you can earn two or more reeds. An advantage that is not always possible in the case of paintings and shade curtains!

Deco islands for a summer terrace

price canisse shading pergola

And if all these arguments were not enough to persuade you to offer you a canisse pergola, the bottom image will definitely do it!

Canisse pergola: Ideal for your pool deck

pergola terrace pool canisse

Landscaping corner meal outside covered canisse

canisse deco dining pergola

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Layouts garden canisse Pergolas

Small terrace with pergola canisse

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Deco islands and pergola with natural shade

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Canisse pergola and decorative nature to terrace

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canisse bamboo pergola terrace

pergola shading straw wattle

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