Develop a DIY balcony or how to do it yourself –

Develop a DIY balcony or how to do it yourself

develop a balcony of city style

Develop a balcony may not be the simplest case, but certainly one of the most enjoyable things to do. Especially when is among the lucky ones who have such a space to accommodate and mind to appreciate it.

The question does not arise in large cities such as Paris where everyone worships such a luxury.

Develop a balcony in Paris: Beauty and trembling

Planning balcony beauty decor paris

Everyone dreams of having a balcony and knows how to enjoy it because the possession of such a space is an invaluable advantage. Develop a balcony imitating the environment is a possibility among others. How? If our balcony facing the street, overlooking half the trees that line, then just bury this corner in the same green as down home.

Develop a balcony guided by the desire to invite urban flora

arrange the balcony feeling alone in the street

Or, if there is a forest under her balcony, almost, you can just put some chairs, a small table and a couple of pots of flowers, the bare minimum for sitting and contemplating the gift the city of Paris, in this case, has decided to offer its users.

Arrange the balcony in the city of Paris

paris develop a city balcony

If the balcony width permits, trees and shrubs, organized with great taste, may be a natural result of the green plan of the city. It is there, in the city of New York.

balcony furnishings in a style of city streets

style furnishings balcony city streets

Depending on the space, furniture and type vary. What never changes or should never change, they are the plants in all their forms and possible aesthetic presentations. That the plants have survived in directly to the florist or they retain their purely natural look, the important thing is that they abound on the balcony.

balcony design - large green space

Planning balcony large green space

Develop a small balcony is very easy. To make this space a soft corner, cozy and nice, it is possible to put artificial turf. Cover the concrete with green artificial mat allows your balcony to change mine. The balcony landscaped small garden is the perfect solution for very small spaces. So the balcony changes not only in appearance but also function. Moreover, he suddenly look bigger than it is.

Landscaping balcony with artificial grass and decorative flower pots

artificial turf balcony deco design flower pots

Develop a more spacious balcony is not difficult either. Just want to turn it into the garden and get the garden furniture meets the style that you want to adopt.

balcony so cozy and beautiful furnishings

Layouts balcony so pretty cozy

The furnished balcony below is a real garden. He has his statue, flora diversity and the perfect garden furniture to spend his afternoon contemplating the landscape. These moments can share with his dog or cat, devote to reading or any other favorite activity.

Balcony Garden Teddy Bair Minneapolis Minnesota

develop a garden style balcony Teddy Bair Minneapolis

Sometimes the style you adopt when you work with your space imposed on you from outside. The style buildings all around you dictate the trend to follow. Each space, even the most narrow, can be arranged in accordance with the characteristics of the surrounding environment.

Arrange the balcony in accordance with the surrounding architecture

arrange the balcony accordance surrounding architecture

If the surrounding environment is gray and boring, more greenery is needed to offset the gloom. If the green and blue are already abundant in the face, a green island enough to accommodate even a large balcony.

Arrange the balcony depending on the view in front

adjust its function view balcony in front

Develop a wooden balcony is elementary since already the wooden frame easily transports the mind into the mountain. The furniture, whatever it is, will not change this feeling one can have.

Arrange the balcony in mountain style

arrange the balcony mountain style

The view that this balcony gives access can not be ignored. Two seats sit-stand, furniture reminiscent of a sofa and allowing to attend the show in the first row to the balcony, two drinks to warm up and share this special moment, what's the best thing?

Arrange the balcony so that New York remains at your feet

develop its new york style balcony

Sometimes what is better, it is the natural order. Being on the balcony planted in the middle of nature is something unique. The serenity and the scent of you reaching it are divine. You do not need to rely on plants but on the furniture in such a setting. The sharing of the divine is what will count for you.

Arrange the balcony depending on space and outdoor setting

arrange the balcony decorated function space

Another natural, wilder this time, offer more serenity, a mystical and nostalgic taste both. Nostalgia comes to distance, more pronounced here, the human species and its actions. The mystical, it seems, stalking you. But this is a confused feeling caused by the habit of being surrounded by people all the time.

Develop a very large balcony space

develop a very large balcony space

What matters in the big city is not to have the feeling of suffocation. It can often feel walled in concrete and steel. You can offset this impression by including a rich and varied flora in which it must spend more time alone or with others.

balcony furnishings: ideas for large spaces

planning large balcony space ideas

This large space perfect answer to the question how to manage a balcony in a friendly and well-being. With its beautiful and comfortable furniture, trees and flowers in vivid colors, this corner of paradise in the heart of New York will make you forget the noise and velocity futuristic city.

Develop a balcony in the city of New York

develop a city balcony new york

Sometimes all that matters to you is the layout itself, colors, objects to embellish. Often choosing the decor with the seasons. Most often, it's the bright color predominates.

Develop a balcony depending on season

develop a balcony depending on season

If you do not have enough space but the colors remain paramount to you, and then bet on the details. Accessories of all colors can also bring joy and comfort.

Develop a balcony with greenery presented in color

develop a green color plants balcony

A simple chair decorated with colorful cushions is sometimes the only object that you get to put in your small space. Develop a tiny balcony is not impossible mission when you know how.

Develop a small balcony with the essential

develop a small balcony with essential

The accessories shown in the following example are well chosen. Their colors depend of the general color that emerges from the outside and also inside the apartment. Consistency is important for designers.

Furnished balcony to the needs and comfort

furnished balcony comfort function needs

Develop a balcony depending on the color of the wall and in the finishing material - this is what you get: gray furniture metal or colored straw to a painted balcony and gray furniture and wooden accessories for paneled balcony.

Balcony furnished with appropriate style furniture

furnished balcony furniture appropriate style

But do not hesitate to arrange everything in white and gray when the outside allows. The perfect design for a chic urban style and ultra modern.

Develop a balcony without contrast with the architecture of the city

develop a city balcony contrast

Finally, but not in sin importance, the example where we have a soft spot - the kind that shows up at us after we invited her home. This is the great gift that we can borrow from him. Enjoy it and admire the result! After all, they say that life passes by the senses!

Develop a small wilderness balcony

develop a small wilderness balcony

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