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The outside mirror is like the little black dress in "dressing station" of the exterior design. This is an accessory that is always in fashion and that will help you create the perfect garden decor.

So if you need a way to "frame" your outside view, to visually expand your garden or patio or even give a unique perspective to your outdoor design, outside mirror is the perfect solution for you.

Beautiful decoration with exterior mirror

outside mirror modern deco terrace

You certainly have always thought that the mirrors were only for decoration of the bathroom, the hallway or the bedroom, but this is not entirely true. Using mirrors on the outside, you can completely transform the look of your garden at a small price. In this article you will find some ideas and tips how to choose your mirror to the outside.

outside mirror window shape for garden decoration

outside mirror original design

The exterior mirrors are made from glass or acrylic sheets mirrored. Glass is the traditional material for the manufacture of mirrors, but by choosing your mirror you must make sure that it was made to withstand the weather conditions outside. The mirrored acrylic sheets are lightweight and safe - they will not break like glass if the mirror fall of the wall, for example.

garden decor idea with mirror

outside mirror deco idea

It is very important to choose the size of the mirror to the outside. To know which mirror size you need, you have to look quite a mirror that can reflect the plants, statues or garden fountain. But do not go for too mirror because it will simply overload decorating your garden. The mirror is too small not a very good idea.

exterior decorations with mirror

outside mirror form design window

Another thing you need to think about when choosing your exterior mirror is the type of effect you want to achieve with this mirror. Will you use it to reflect your garden or visually enlarge your outdoor space? Want to reflect light to illuminate your garden? Or perhaps you are simply looking for an original way to decorate your exterior walls? Knowing how you want to use your mirror will help you to choose the type and the appropriate mirror design for you.

Decoration modern terrace wall mirrors

outside mirror interesting design

The exterior mirrors can be found in a variety of styles and designs. There are all simple and minimalist mirrors as mirrors of complex shapes and with ornate frames. There are mirrors to classic-style gardens, tranquil, tropical, elegant or modern. The type and style of your garden will help you find the mirror you need. If, for example, your garden is rustic style with lots of stone and wood, so opt for a mirror that fits this style. One type of mirror that goes with almost any type of garden is the one shaped window. By opting for such a mirror, you'll feel even have a window on the outside wall. here are some ideas how to decorate your outdoor space with a mirror:

Idea decorative outer pergola with mirrors

outside mirror deco pergola

Deco Modern garden with rectangular mirrors

outside mirror deco garden

contemporary garden design decoration with two mirrors

outside mirror modern garden decoration idea

Outdoor Decor interesting with mirror

outside mirror interesting form

Plants Garden decoration with large mirror

outside mirror garden idea

vintage garden deco mirror

outside mirror original idea

deco mirrors modern garden

garden decoration fountain miroire

decoration garden design mirrors

modern garden decoration mirrors

deco mirror modern terrace

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modern garden deco mirrors

mirror design garden wrought iron frame

outside mirror decoration garden

statue outside mirror design

mirror outside window form

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mirror outdoor garden plants

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