Asian water garden: beauty and meditation

lake view Japanese bonsai garden

What makes all the attraction of a Asian water garden, it's crystal clear water that allows to see the pool bottom, fish or crustaceans visible, all dotted with lush vegetation.

Stemming from the Chinese and Japanese influence, the Asian water garden is designed for privacy and meditation.

An Asian water garden with a pond surrounded by rocks and plants

Asian water garden pond plants stones surrounds

An Asian water garden is not usually and necessarily large can be built even in a modest site. Before installing such a garden, consider ground and identify key areas of the tracks and plantations defined depending on the specifics of the garden. Among the features of the Japanese garden is its simplicity. But the Chinese style is generally more open and complex. The main players in the Asian water garden are stone and water are complementary.

A typical Japanese style water garden

typical Japanese style water garden

You can use the typical attributes of Asia, such as bamboo fences, a single stone or a group of them representing traditional figures, turtles, stone lanterns, benches and kiosks with pointed roofs. The site should be packed with gravel or stone floor tiles, complemented by the green foam in sunny locations.

A well ornate water garden with a shaped bridge Donkey

aquatic flower garden bridge back form ane

The different types of coatings combine with each other so as to look as natural as possible. The soil excavated in forming the "bed" of the reservoir can be used to create artificial hills, islands, cascading waterfalls. In the narrow sections of the basin have to put a bridge. Like all other elements in the Asian water garden.

A water garden with a beautiful waterfall

water garden beautiful cascading water

Among the features of the Eastern tradition, the path trails. With their help, we vary the pace and direction of the walk. The width of the path and the path may change the optical illusion to increase or decrease the area. The important thing is the material from which it is designed. In traditional gardens are preferred grasses and ferns. They surround the paved paths, fill slopes and frame the limits of the basins. It is important to safeguard the contemplative nature of the compositions are keeping the symmetry and regularity, all plants should sound more natural.

Zoom a red bridge and a view to an Asian garden

zoom red bridge for Asian garden

View of gold fish in a water garden

gold fish water garden view

View nucturne a water garden

nucturne view water garden

View of a green Japanese garden

Japanese green garden view

Top view of an Asian water garden

Top Asian water garden view

View of a decorative waterfall

decorative waterfall view

rustic wooden Japanese garden

Japanese garden wooden supports
beautiful Japanese garden view deck

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