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What to do with pallets? Over 38 original creations

what to do with pallets wooden coffee table diy

What to do with pallets ? Become fashionable lately, wooden pallets are invited in our inner and our outer to make our comfortable and modern space.

An inexpensive solution, the pallets are the perfect way to manufacture furniture without investing too many resources and time. If you like good DIY and you ended with pallets at home and you still have no idea how to use them, we invite you to discover our special selection of over 38 original creations made with wooden pallets .

What to do with pallets? A new couch for the living room!

What to do with the idea pallets lounge sofa furniture range

The shape of pallets makes them easy to handle and therefore several projects can be made with. From furniture to landscape the garden and terrace or to arrange the living room, dining room, bedroom and even the bathroom, everything is possible. In this case, we selected the best DIY ideas with the famous wooden pallets.

A side table for input or a bar: the choice is yours

What to do with wooden pallets DIY idea entrance furniture range

Have you pallets and unsure what to do with? We can classify DIY projects with pallets into two categories: with or without disassembly. The pallet manufacturing chair also requires the use of a screwdriver. While the living room couch or coffee table does not even require special tools, then it depends on the model chosen.

Making a coffee table pallet

For a small coffee table, a wooden pallet is largely sufficient. To make a pallet coffee table you will need:

  • a wooden pallet
  • four swivel wheels (optional)
  • a screw gun drill
  • fixing screws.
  • a brush
  • paint.

Any DIY project with range starts with cleaning. the palette is pumice with a large grain and the same operation is repeated with a fine grain to obtain a smooth surface. Some people clean the pallets using a brush and soap. If you want to clean it that way, leave to dry in the sun. Attention is never disassembled a wet pallet!

A table with or without wheels, depending on your desires. If you want to easily move your coffee table, then install clockwork. To fix, get a screwdriver and screws. Watch the video below to see how to make a coffee table simple pallet:

Library in wooden pallets with asymmetrical shelves

You've made a table or sofa pallets and want to do another project brico interesting? Then try to create a library in wood pallets. For its implementation, you will need:

  • two pallets
  • a meter
  • gap carpenter
  • a pencil
  • a saw
  • sander
  • Sandpaper
  • a hammer
  • nails
  • a screwdriver
  • wood screws

Start by cleaning and sanding the palette. Then remove it. There are four methods of removal which the simplest is without tools. Watch the video to see how to succeed disassembly without damaging the pallet. Once your pallet removed, cut in strips about 24 pieces of about 20 cm. Indeed, the size of pallets vary. You are free to determine the size of your library shelves depending on the range available and depending on where you want to install. Below you can watch the production of an original bookcase step by step. You can vary the size, the size and number of shelves according to your needs. It is also possible to paint it if you want.

Library simple pallet to achieve without dismantling and tools

Making a small library for the tool-free disassembly and lounge is quite possible. The library model below is very easy. For the manufacture you will only need:

  • six small pallets
  • paint
  • of wood glue

The first step is to paint palettes in a color of your choice. For this library, handymen have used three shades of blue. Once your painted pallets, let them dry. The last step is to bring together with wood glue. And behold, your small paddles library is ready to use! Store your books and magazines and find it a worthy place in your home.

Small library and cabinet for living roomWhat to do with furniture pallet storage rack original idea diy

What to do with pallets outside

Most often we see the wooden pallets in the form of furniture for the garden. Lacquered and treated with a suitable product, it does not fear the rain or sun too fort.Réaliser a pallet garden furniture is one of the simplest projects to achieve. There is no need to disassemble or saw. For a low sofa, it does not install a wooden pallet and a top couch, two pallets to be placed on the other that can be optionally set with wood glue.

Garden furniture in wood pallets: sofa, armchair, coffee table and a stool with wheels

What to do with garden furniture pallet coffee table furniture range

If you have enough space in your garden, it is even possible to achieve a sofa / bed. For tight spaces, it is advisable to make furniture with multiple functions.

Garden furniture in wood pallets painted white

What idea wooden pallet with outdoor seating pallets

A coffee table can easily be transformed into stool with a cushion, sofa - dining table. Be creative and think of practical solutions.

Pallet furniture suspended: shelf and hanging garden bench

what to do with shelf wood pallets garden bench

The coffee table pallets is one of the most frequent illustrations of art to recover.

Garden furniture made of colored wooden pallets

wooden pallets recycled idea recup Outdoor Decor cushions pallets

furniture ideas for outdoor: sofa on wheels and outdoor shower

arrange outside diy pallet furniture

Develop and customize your bar or outside with modern stools made of pallets:

Stools for the bar or for landscaping

stool wood pallet diy furniture idea

Use the palette to make a swing or suspended bed

It is also possible to make a bench or a sofa suspended. The kids will love it because it will, in addition, the role of a swing, but a safer idea.

A bench or a sofa suspended for the terrace or garden

suspended garden furniture pallet bench idea furniture trend

The range - ideal for creating a vertical garden

Two practical solutions for storing flower pots

Plants store idea ferry flowers diy wood manufacture

Furniture for colored vertical garden and ideal for storing flower pots

recycle wooden pallets idea diy develop outside deco flower pots

DIY Tips for Beginners

For beginners, start with the realization of a simple piece of furniture: coffee table, stool, shelf and others. Disassembly is not a difficult process in itself, but it is usually followed by the use of a saw. If you do not have the habit of chopping wood, it is better to ask for help to a handyman friend to show you how to do it.

Table original garden to make with wood pallets

wood pallet coffee table garden diy idea

Both stools are easy to make and suitable for outdoors as indoors.

Stools bottom pallets painted white and with cushionswhat to do with wooden pallets DIY brainchild Recycling

Making a sofa / bed is quite easy. The number of palettes that you will need depends on the size and the available space in your living room.

A sofa to arrange the living room and candle holders to decoratediy idea couch pallets recup candle ideas

Making a sofa in wooden pallets is convenient because it can always be used outdoors as well as inside. Furniture, two solutions! To move with ease, turn smoothly.

Garden sofa with wheels

wooden pallets DIY furniture sofa original garden idea

Arrange for children with pallets

If the child's room needs new furniture, pallets are ideal for this. For a personalized decorative effect, consider the color in different shades.

Furniture wooden pallets for the children's room

nursery furniture cushions decorating idea

The pallets are not hard to find. Used to transport goods, department stores often leave next to the trash cans.

Rolling chair for the living room or bedroom

wooden pallets DIY idea cushions chair castors

Ideas for dressing

Take a tour of the shops close to you, and be sure that you will find free pallets!

From furniture to accommodate the dressing room: cabinet and pallet changing room

diy furniture dressing locker manufacture wood pallet

The pallets are ideal for the development of dressing. Can be made: a wardrobe, a cloakroom, a coat rack, a screen and others.

Coat and screen making pallets

coat rack DIY wooden pallets do with that idea screen diy

The palette is invited in the kitchen

Missing space ? Here are two ways to store your belongings:

Storage cabinet: a shelf with wheels and a trunk

diy furniture storage idea wood pallets recycle

Pallet kitchen island is handy

If you also want to participate in this process of extensive recycling, there is no need to be a great handyman to carry a sofa or a single table.

Table for the dining room or dining area

manufacture wood pallets idea furniture low stool dining table

Sometimes all it takes to process the pallets with a suitable product to remove dirt, and put them on each other.

kitchen island made of wooden pallets with storage space

kitchen island diy wood pallet suspension luminaire ideas brico deco

Bar for the kitchen or the patio

what to do with DIY wooden pallets bar stools

Fancy a new all original luminaire? Take a wooden pallet and carry one of these ideas:

original suspended luminaires

diy wooden pallets idea recup decorative design suspension luminaire

Useless at first glance, the pallets can be transformed into furniture design and modern or beautiful original wall decoration. In addition, they are susceptible to different kinds of processing, coloring, decorating, engraving.

single input unit and easy to performpallets idea recup furniture wooden pallet diy original idea

Tinkering his own furniture is ideal for those who never find in stores, furniture that match their expectations. With creativity and imagination enough, it is possible to reach remarkable and very satisfactory results. It is also an act that affirms our respect for the environment. Respect nature is important.

Bench range of wooden garden painted white for landscaping

DIY garden bench wood pallets Deco idea

Conduct a pool of wooden pallet, it is possible!

diy idea pallet pool make yourself

Lack of inspiration or craft ideas is no longer any problem. There are lots of sources on the Internet that can guide you in your DIY furniture or decoration wooden pallets.

Garden furniture and wall decoration for the dining room

decorate dining idea diy wall sofa castors coffee table garden furniture

In France, for 20 years, packaging waste holders must ensure the recycling of pallets. Yet there are only 10% of the pallets that are valued annually.

Making a work plan for bathroom or bed head for the bedroom

recup pallet wood bathroom headboard worktop manufacture

Fortunately, in recent years, some individuals involved in the recycling of pallets by dismantling them to make the original furniture.

Solutions to the terrace: large sofa / bed to the terrace and round coffee table

manufacture wood pallets white coffee table living room sofa garden idea

Sometimes all it takes to process the pallets with a suitable product to remove dirt, and put them on each other. It is then possible to color or decorate them to make them match your interior style.

Table for the dining room or cabinet for input

dining room table diy idea entrance furniture wooden pallets

Arrange his home office with paddle

Do you have a home office? The furniture for its development is often expensive and it takes at least 200 euros. With wooden pallets, you can arrange for free or at a mini price.

Design the home office with furniture made of wooden pallets

what to do with recup pallet wood chair diy

Moreover, it is possible to opt for an unusual form that ideally adapts to the size and dimensions of your room.

Realize furniture to furnish your home office

diy idea wood pallets office furniture manufacture

The range is easily adapted to small spaces

Wooden pallets are ideal for small apartments because they can have different functions as needed. Below shows an example of tinkering with conventional pallets. This large sofa can, at any time, be transformed into bed Ideal if you have unexpected guests!

Large sofa wooden pallets easy to achieve

diy furniture sofa wooden pallets idea coffee table

Hopefully our great record of more than 38 ideas to make with pallets helpful to you, we wish you a good handyman ... adventure!

Sofa, coffee table and bed very easy to make

living room sofa bed coffee table concept design develop space

At their origin, wooden pallets are an object for the transport of goods and storage. Collect and tinker became trendy for several reasons. Being the creator of its own furniture - it's modern.

Sliding door barn style to do with pallets or wood recovery

recycle pallets sliding door diy wood

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